Stanley Gibbons - The James Podger Collection of Cayman Islands
24. September 2019

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Auktionstermin: 24. September 2019

Stanley Gibbons Auctions
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Die Käufer-Kommission beträgt  20% für jeden Artikel zuzüglich MwSt.

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1938-53 Waterlow bi-colour experiments; ¼d in orange and bright blue, 1½d in black and red-orange and 2½d in bright blue and orange The head colours cut out from other denominations and the 'new stamps' affixed to pieces of black album page. Also with 1d unmounted o.g. strip of three with imprint, and block of four from a different printing, each with the small Waterlow security punch, used as sample stamps The 'bi-colour stamps' were produced by Waterlow for use as a demonstration that they could make their current offerings more attractive to potential and existing postal authority clients. Seven combinations for Cayman Islands exist; a complete page with all seven was offered by Murray Payne in 2009, subsequently in the Graham Booth collection (Spink 2012). A copy of an article by Richard Lockyer accompanies this lot Estimate £400-£450 (Estimate GBP)

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