Lugdunum 104. Auktion
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Lugdunum 104. Auktion

Mittwoch 06.12.2017

Los von Los bis Anfangszeit CET
1 601 23:55 CET
MAIL AUCTION Ail bids in Euros. Orders must be delivered to us or submitted in writing. Each lot is awarded to the buyer having the highest bid, at the price of the immediatly lower bid, increased by 5%, but the never exceeding the highest bid. For example, if the two higher bids for a particular lot are 100 and 200 Euros, the lot will be sold at 105 Euros to the person who bid 200 Euros. ln the event of two identical top bids, the first bid received in our office will be prefered Any lot not being in conformity with the catalogue description can be returned within 3 days and will be immediatly refunded. Any dispute falls within the juridiction's of the Lyon's tribunals. ln case of Post Office strike, the closing date will be delayed Catalogue CERES 2003 and YVERT PLEASE NOTE: NO BID UNDER STARTING PRICE NO COMMISSION CHARGE ON YOUR BIDS AND VAT INCLUDED ×
Lugdunum 104. Auktion

Auktionstermin: 6. Dezember 2017

12, Place Xavier Ricard
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Keine Untergebote möglich.
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× Keine Untergebote möglich.
Es wird eine 15% (inkl. MwSt) Provision berechnet.

Los 33

Frankreich Cérès 1849


1849 1F VERMILLON (n°7) avec 4 grandes marges obl. grille + T.15 MARSEILLE sur lettre pour ANGOULEME. Le timbre a été décolé pour expertise . Exceptionnel dans cette qualité. Superbe.


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11550.00 EUR

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Mittwoch 06.12.2017, 23:55 CET

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