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  • About David Feldman S. A. Genf

    David Feldman SA, one of the world’s leading philatelic auction houses, and holder of world records such as the highest price ever achieved for a philatelic item and the highest price ever for a single stamp, opened offices in New York City in 2009 and has been conducting public auctions there under the name David Feldman USA. Now with the opening of offices in Hong Kong, David Feldman has grown into a global philatelic auction house.

    Collectors and professional philatelists can expect the Feldman firm’s unwavering commitment to obtaining the maximum possible results through its renowned friendly and flexible customer service, intelligent promotion and presentation, backed by reliable financial strength.

Terms and Conditions

David Feldman S. A. Genf

Conditions of Sale
The currency of the auction is the Euro (€)

Participation in any David Feldman S.A. auction means acceptance in full
of the following conditions as well as any rights and obligations arising
therefrom. These same conditions also apply to all transactions taking
place outside the realm of the auctions. DAVID FELDMAN S.A., organiser
of the auctions, acts as an agent only and is not liable in any way
whatsoever for any default(s) of purchaser(s) and/or vendor(s).

1. The auction lots are offered
1.1 As presented in the relative auction catalogue and/or through the
David Feldman S.A. website. Lots are meticulously described and
with the greatest care, however without responsibility. Photographs
count as part of the description with regard to the margins, perforation,
centering, postmarks and all other visible attributes. The descriptions
of the lots mention if the items are signed by recognised experts and/or
accompanied by expert certificates.
1.2 As viewed in person: before and during auction sales, persons or
their agents may examine lots at our offices or at the auction location,
and must confirm their auction invitation before viewing. Persons or their
agents attending a Live Room auction by invitation and/or who have
viewed lots before an auction are understood to have examined all lots
which they purchase and accept them as they are at the moment of the
knocking-down and not necessarily as described.

2. Auction bids
2.1 The auction bid steps for all auctions are as follows: (some auctions
may be in other currencies than Euros)

€ 50 - 100: € 5        
€ 100 - 200: € 10        
€ 200 - 500: € 20        
€ 500 - 1’000: € 50        
€ 1’000 - 2’000: € 100
€ 2’000 - 5’000: € 200
€ 5’000 - 10’000: € 500
€ 10’000 - 20’000: € 1’000
€ 20’000 - 50’000: € 2’000
€ 50’000 - 100’000: € 5’000

Bids between these steps will be adjusted accordingly to the next
highest bid step. The bidder is bound by his offer until a higher bid has
been validly accepted.

2.2 DAVID FELDMAN S.A. has full discretion to refuse any bidding, to
divide any lot or lots, to combine any two or more lots and to withdraw
any lot or lots from the sale without in any case giving any reason.
DAVID ­FELDMAN S.A. may also bid on behalf of vendors in cases where
reserve prices have been fixed. In these cases, the vendor is treated as
a buyer and the auctioneer shall bid on his behalf up to reserve prices.
If the reserve price fixed by the vendor is not reached, the auctioneer
passes to the next lot by a simple knock of the hammer.
2.3 Bid orders are only accepted from registered clients of DAVID
FELDMAN S.A. and/or its associated companies. Live Room bidders
must confirm their invitation prior to obtaining a bidding number.
2.4 Bid orders received by DAVID FELDMAN S.A. including via its
website before the relative auctions have priority over room bids in
the case of Live Room auctions. Clients giving bidding instructions to
DAVID FELDMAN S.A. may make alternative offers and/or limit the total
of their expenditure in advance. Bids marked «BUY» are considered as
up to ten times the quoted estimate price where such exists. Bids made
in other currencies than the advertised currency of the auction will be
converted into that c
­ urrency at the market rate of the day of receipt by
DAVID FELDMAN S.A. Bids are standing and hold good for at least 60
days from the auction period. DAVID FELDMAN S.A. reserves the right to
invoice bidders up to the end of the 60 day period, payment being due

3. The auction
3.1 Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the currency of the auction is
Euros. Attendance at the Live Room auction is reserved for invited clients
and/or their agents.
3.2 Prerogatives of David Feldman S.A.: DAVID FELDMAN S.A. may
withdraw, group differently, divide or refuse to knock down any lot.
DAVID FELDMAN S.A. reserves the right to refuse any bid orders and/
or for Live Room auctions, refuse admittance to the auction room, at
its discretion, to anybody whomsoever. DAVID FELDMAN S.A. cannot
be held responsible for any physical accident that may occur on the
premises where auctions take place. In the case a bone fide offer for the
entire collection presented in this catalog is received at least two weeks
before the auction date, and would be accepted by the vendor and the
auctioneer, it maybe withdrawn from sale and the auction offer cancelled.
3.3 Bidders’ representatives and auction agents: any person bidding for
the account of a third party is fully liable for any obligation arising from
such bidding. This responsibility is notably applicable for the verification
of the condition and for the payment of purchased lots.
3.4 Winning Bids: each lot is sold on behalf of the respective owner to
the highest bidder who becomes the buyer at one bid step over the next
highest bid step; this is the knock-down price. A buyer’s premium will
be added to the knock-down price per lot and is payable by the buyer
as part of the total purchase price. The buyer’s premium is 22% of the
knock-down price; cost of postage will be invoiced separately from the
buyer’s premium. On the knock of the hammer, liability for the lots passes
to the bidder whose bids have been accepted. The lots are delivered to
the buyer when the total sale price (knock-down price plus all fees) have
been paid in full.
VAT (Sales Tax) - Notes for guidance concerning auctions for which the
lots are located in Switzerland: buyers domiciled abroad are not liable
for this tax once the goods are duly exported from Switzerland. DAVID
FELDMAN S.A. are pleased to arrange this export; alternatively, clients
may make their own arrangements and furnish DAVID FELDMAN S.A. with
proof of export, stamped by Swiss customs. Any purchases by buyers
who wish to keep their purchases in Switzerland will be liable to VAT
at 7.7% of the purchase price. It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay any
relevant duties that may be incurred upon import to other jurisdictions; the
buyer shall be responsible for all costs of purchases that are returned to
DAVID FELDMAN S.A. should they refuse to pay import duty.
3.5 Payment: Sale price plus buyer’s premium and additional costs (if
any) are due for immediate payment as invoiced against delivery of the
lots. Payment in other currencies is accepted at the rates of exchange
of the day as quoted by a major Swiss bank. The bidders who are
successful with whom it has been expressly agreed that they pay after
the sale under special conditions, are due to pay the sale price, buyer’s
premium and any other costs according to those terms. In these cases,
DAVID FELDMAN S.A. keeps the relevant lots which are delivered to the
buyers on full settlement of their account. Delivery of the purchased lots
by post, courier or any other means if instructed by the buyer including
cost of normal transit insurance cover is at the expense of the buyer.
Title or ownership of the purchased lots, delivered or not, remains with
the auctioneer on behalf of the seller until payment has been made in full.
3.6 Special extended payment facility: DAVID FELDMAN S.A. may offer
a special extended payment facility for buyers. In these cases, the buyer
may choose to pay a minimum of 25% of the total invoice immediately,
and the balance over a maximum period of 6 months, paying an equal
instalment at the end of each month. Interest plus charges of 1% is
debited to the buyer’s account at the end of each month from the auction
date. When the special extended payment facility has been granted,
the buyer understands that any claims regarding his purchases must be
made within 30 days of the auction sale date, even though the lots may
be held by DAVID FELDMAN S.A. awaiting full settlement of the account.
Until delivery, all lots may be examined by their respective buyers at the
offices of DAVID FELDMAN S.A.
3.7 Pledge: until full settlement of the account, the buyer grants to
DAVID FELDMAN S.A. a pledge on any and all properties held by DAVID
FELDMAN S.A., acquired prior to, during and/or after any auction. This
pledge secures the repayment of any amount due in principals, interests,
commissions, costs and other possible fees. DAVID FELDMAN S.A.
is entitled, but not obliged, to realise freely the pledge assets without
further formalities and without previous notice if the buyer is in default
with the payment of his debts or with the fulfilment of any other obligation
hereunder. For this purpose, DAVID FELDMAN S.A. is not bound to
comply with the formalities of the Federal Law dealing with actions for
debt and bankruptcy proceedings; in addition, DAVID FELDMAN S.A.
may choose to institute or go on with the usual proceedings without
having beforehand sold the pledged goods and without having moreover
given them up.

4. Guarantee
4.1 Extent of the guarantee: subject to paragraph 4.3 below, the
authenticity of all philatelic items sold in the auction is guaranteed for
a period of 30 days from the auction date, with the express exclusion
of any other fault(s). Any reclamation regarding authenticity must come
to the notice of DAVID FELDMAN S.A. on the delivery of the lots but at
the latest within 30 days from that date. Before delivery, which may take
place after the 30 days period, the lots purchased may be examined
at the Geneva offices of DAVID FELDMAN S.A. The buyer whose
reclamation is made after 30 days from the auction date loses all rights
to the guarantee. Such reclamation will not be valid by DAVID FELDMAN
S.A.. If an extension of the ­period is required in order to substantiate
the claim with an expertise, a request for such extension must be
made to DAVID FELDMAN S.A. within 30 days of the auction date. No
request for extension will be considered beyond this 30 days period. An
extention will expire 3 months after the date of the auction; the results
of the expertise for which an extension was agreed must come to the
notice of DAVID FELDMAN S.A. within that period. No further extension
of the period will be considered without the express written agreement
of DAVID FELDMAN S.A. Only claims, ­expertise results or other details
which are made within the agreed periods will be valid.
4.2 Expertise and counter-expertise: should the authenticity of a lot be
questioned, the buyer is obliged to provide an expertise or counter-
expertise from a prominent expert in the field, justifying the claim. If a
stamp is found by a r ­ ecognised expert, t ­ aking financial responsibility for
errors, to have been forged, he may mark it accordingly. Consequently,
the marking «FALSCH» (forged) is not considered an alteration. In the
case of such reclamation, DAVID FELDMAN S.A. reserves the right
to request, at its own discretion, one or more further expertise(s). All
expertise and relative charges accrue to the vendor’s account in the case
of a justified claim, or to the buyer’s account if the claim is not justified.
In the case of a justified claim, the lot is taken back and the knock-
down price plus the commission are refunded to the buyer. In the case
of delayed payment due to expertise agreed by David Feldman S.A.,
interest is charged at 50% of the standard rate for all cleared lots. If David
Feldman S.A. has not agreed, then full interest is due.
4.3 Exclusions: lots described as collections, accumulations, selections,
groups and those containing duplicates cannot be the subject of any
claim. Claims concerning lots described as a set or groups of sets
containing more than one stamp, can only be considered under the
terms of paragraph 4.1 above if they relate to more than one third of the
total value of the lot. Lots which have been examined by the buyer or his
agent, lots described as having defects or faults cannot be subjected to a
claim regarding defects or faults. lllustrated lots cannot be subjected to a
claim because of perforations, centering, margins or other factors shown
in the illustrations.
4.4 Late Payment: if payment of the knock-down price plus commission
due by the buyer is not made within 30 days of the date of the auction,
DAVID FELDMAN S.A. reserves the right to cancel the sale and
dispose of the lot(s) elsewhere and/or to make a recourse to any legal
proceedings in order to obtain payment of the amounts due as well as for
any incurred damages and losses and any legal expenses. A charge on
overdue payment of 5% for the first month and 2% per month afterwards
plus expenses incurred is chargeable on any outstanding amount after
30 days of the date of the auction. The buyer who is in default in any way
whatsoever has no right of claim under any circumstances.
4.5 Exceptionally, the knock-down price will be reduced to the
lowest winning bid where it is shown that the exact same buyer has
inadvertently increased the price by using more than one medium of
bidding on the same lot.

5. Applicable law and jurisdiction
Unless otherwise stated, all auctions as well as any rights and obligations
arising from them shall be governed exclusively by Swiss law. Any legal
action or proceeding with respect to the auctions shall be submitted to
the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Geneva, subject to appeal to the
Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne. In every case, DAVID FELDMAN S.A.
shall also be entitled, at its discretion, to sue any buyer in default at his
place of residence; in such case, Swiss law shall remain applicable and
in the case of issues regarding price value, the Euro is converted at its
Swiss franc value at the time of the auction.

6. All Transactions
These Conditions of Sale apply to all transactions of every kind including
those outside the auctions, with David Feldman SA.

Note: If these Conditions of sale are translated into one or more other
languages, the English translation shall be the official version and shall
prevail over all other translations.
Privacy agreement

David Feldman S. A. Genf

David Feldman S.A. - Great Britain and British Empire
June 18th, 2021

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Auction series will be held in Geneva from June 14th to June 19th, 2021. In addition to our traditional All World & Collections catalogue including important sections of Austria, Belgium, Persia, Egypt and Latin America, we will present five more specialized catalogues: Egypt with the 4th part of the Chalhoub Collection, Great Britain & British Empire, China & Japan, Russia and France & Colonies.

Short Terms and Conditions

A buyer’s premium of 22% will be added to the knock-down price.

Please note the Terms and Conditions

June 18th, 2021

Lot Start Lot End Starting Time CEST Description
70000 70809 09:00 CEST Great Britain
71000 71587 15:00 CEST British Empire
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