Studio Filatelico Toselli


1 QUALITY - All lots are of “high quality” guaranteed authentic original and correspond exactly to what is described in the catalogue. The most important pieces are accompanied by one or more certificates of guarantee of the
most prestigious international philatelic experts.

2 DESCRIPTION - The numbering and quotations in Euro (indicated in brackets) for the Italian area are those of the SASSONE 2022 catalogue. The stamps of Europe and Overseas are described according to numbering and quotations of catalogues: UNIFICATO 2017/18 - YVERT ET TELLIER 2005/19 - STANLEY GIBBONS 2020 - LONGHI 1998 - SIEGER 2001.

3 BIDS - Each lot will be awarded to the highest bidder; in the case of more offers it will be awarded with an increase of 5% on the immediately lower bid, whatever the price indicated by the customer. For example, if for a lot
with a base price of €. 200.00 your offer is €. 400.00 and the highest bidder before you offered €. 300.00, the lot will be awarded to €. 315.00 (300.00 + 5%).

4 COMMISSION - The hammer price will be increased by 22% already inclusive of VAT. Lots marked with the symbol "smily" (near the base price) will be assigned to the highest bidder without the addition of the commission.

5 PAYMENT - Payment must be made in advance to Studio Filatelico Toselli:
- bank transfer to Banca SELLA - Sanremo: IBAN: IT 91 N 03268 22700 052586429181 BIC: SELBIT2BXXX
- with PAYPAL (for this type of payment the price must be increased by 4%)
To customers known or able to provide references, payment can be made upon receipt of goods within and not later than 15 days. After this deadline a charge will be charged to the buyer of 2% monthly; moreover in the case
of non-payment over 45 days from the date of shipment, Studio Toselli reserves the right to dissolve the contract, charging the damages to the purchaser.

6 EXTENSIONS OF PAYMENT - For purchases over €uro 750.00, we can grant payment extensions up to 6 months with a 4% increase on the sale price. With the purchase order, just send us the amount of the first monthly
payment. The delivery of the material will take place after payment is completed.

7 SHIPPING - The shipment will take place by registered letter or “GLS” courier, at the risk of the purchaser, with a charge of € 15.00 for the registered letter and € 50.00 for the courier. We can arrange shipping with Lloyd’s of
London at a cost of 0.15% for 1 euro (for example 1,000.00 euros = 15.00 euros cost)

8 FACULTY OF YIELD - The right of surrender is given, within 10 days. from receipt, lots that do not conform to what described and reproduced photographically. In the event of a claim, we will therefore immediately refund
the amount paid.

9 JURISDICTION - For any controversy the competent forum is that of Sanremo.

Studio Filatelico Toselli

Studio Filatelico Toselli Auktion
13. Dezember 2021

Der gesamte italienische Raum ist in diesem Katalog gut vertreten, mit besonderem Augenmerk auf die alten italienischen Staaten und das Königreich Italien. Ein kleines Kapitel ist dem Porto mit "Zwillingswerten" gewidmet. Europa und britische Kolonien. Großer Schwerpunkt auf Luftpost, Zeppeline, Weltraum.


Käuferprovision von 22% und die Versandkosten betragen 15 Euro per Einschreiben.

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1 1793 -
Aktuelle Auktionen
13. Dezember 2021
Studio Filatelico Toselli Auktion
Italienischer Raum, alte Staaten und Königreich, Europa, britische Kolonien, Luftpost, Zeppeline, Weltraum
13. Dezember 2021
Studio Filatelico Toselli Auktion
Italienischer Raum, alte Staaten und Königreich, Europa, britische Kolonien, Luftpost, Zeppeline, Weltraum
14. Juni 2021
Studio Filatelico Toselli Auktion
Der gesamte italienische Raum, insbesonde die alte italienischen Staaten, das Königreich Italien und Europa und die englische Kolonien ...
23. November 2020
122. Studio Filatelico Toselli Auktion
Gesamt Italienischer Raum, alte Staaten und Königreich, Europa, Luftpost