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    Il Ponte Casa d'Aste gegründet 1974 in Mailand von Herrn Stefano Redaelli, Büros und Verkaufsräume befinden sich im prächtigen Rahmen des Palazzo Crivelli im Herzen von Brera. Anfangs ein lokales Auktionshaus wurde es schnell national anerkannt: internationale Kunden haben die Zuverlässigkeit und das Know-how eines gut ausgebildeten Teams entdeckt. Einige unvergessliche italienischen Auktionen wurden in Il Ponte gehalten und die brandneue Briefmarken und Münzabteilung eröffnet in 2016 hat bereits hervorragende Ergebnisse erzielt!


Il Ponte

1) The items, grouped in lots, shall be auctioned off in premises open to the public. Il
Ponte Casa d’Aste s.r.l. (hereinafter “Il Ponte”) shall act as the agent for the owners of
the items on sale, whose names shall be recorded in appropriate books in compliance
with Public Security laws, and shall not be directly liable for the sale. The amounts
specified in the catalogue are an approximate and subjective estimate of the value of the
items, and are stated in Euros: the minimum auction selling price and the hammer price
may be higher or lower than the estimated values. Il Ponte shall put the items on sale on
display prior to the auction to allow potential buyers to acknowledge their quality and
conditions. The parties attending the auction shall review the conditions of each item
before the auction, performing all the necessary inspections and tests. The images in the
catalogue are solely intended to identify the items. Throughout the term of the display,
the staff of Il Ponte shall be available on site to provide updated information on the items.
Condition reports on the lots – integrating the descriptions contained in the catalogue –
shall be available on the Customer’s request. Therefore, after the award, Il Ponte shall not
be deemed liable for claims on the conditions, the wrongful allocation, the authenticity,
or the origin of the items.

2) After completing a registration form, submitting an identity document, and confirming
their place of residence, domicile, or dwelling, participants to the auction shall obtain a
specific numbered paddle from the staff of Il Ponte at the registration desk.
In order to participate to an auction in the name and on behalf of third parties, Customers
participating on behalf of an individual shall submit a proxy signed by the delegator with
an attached copy of the identity document and fiscal number of both parties. Customers
participating on behalf of a legal entity shall submit a proxy signed by the legal
representative of such entity with an attached copy of the identity document and fiscal
number of both parties.
Participants are encouraged to obtain the numbered paddle in advance. Please note that
registration is also possible during the term of the display prior to the auction. Any paddle
losses shall be reported to the Auctioneer forthwith. The numbered paddle shall be
returned to Il Ponte following the auction.

3) Il Ponte reserves the right to request the issuing of adequate guarantees by the
participants to allow the same to submit their bids in view of an award during the auction.

4) Il Ponte shall be entitled to withdraw an item from the sale. Il Ponte shall further be
entitled to decide, at the Auctioneer’s final judgement, to separate or group items
together in lots and to change the sale sequence, provided that the lots are not auctioned
off on a date preceding the date stated in the catalogue for each item. The Auctioneer may
accept bids from participants attending in person, as well as from non-attendants,
provided that such bids are notified before the auction in writing by means of purchase
Bids may also be made by telephone during the auction, provided that the participant has
notified his/her intention to do so in writing to Il Ponte prior to the opening of the auction
(24 hours before sale) and that the minimum estimated value of the lot the participant
intends to bid on is greater than € 100.00.
The aforementioned written notices shall be served by means of the appropriate “form
for written and telephone bids” of Il Ponte contained in the auction catalogues or
available in the website (www.ponteonline.com). Il Ponte shall not accept bids on behalf
of third parties, unless a proxy issued by such third parties with a public deed or a private
deed with certified signature is filed with Il Ponte prior to the opening of the auction.
Customers can also submit their bids via the Internet, both prior to the auction and live
during the same.
Online participation is subject to completion of a registration form in the IL PONTE LIVE
section of the website.
In order to receive a confirmation of their application, new Customers shall submit a
copy of a valid identity document with photo and, if a passport is submitted, of a
document stating the current address, as well as a copy of their fiscal number and of a
credit card (American Express, Diners, Visa, or MasterCard). Customers may notify any
references/accreditations with other Auction Houses, and Il Ponte may decide about the
acceptance of their application based thereon.
Any potential Customers wishing to register as Legal Entities shall be requested to submit
a copy of their Company’s Chamber of Commerce perusal or a copy of a decision of the
shareholders’ meeting or board of directors.
In some cases, Il Ponte reserves the right to ask the Customer to provide a guarantee
deposit for first participation in addition to submission of the aforementioned documents.
Such deposit shall be returned in case of non-awarding.
After reviewing the application and the submitted documents, Il Ponte shall send a
confirmation by email. The Customer can thus activate his/her account and participate to
the auction.

5) Bidding in the saleroom shall be performed by raising the numbered paddle. The items
shall be sold to the highest bidder by declaration of the Auctioneer, which shall
correspond to the acceptance of the bid made by the participant.
If two bids are submitted in writing for the same amount, only the bid first received and
accepted shall be considered. For a bid in writing and a bid made by a party attending
the auction in person having the same amount, the bid made by the party attending the
auction in person shall prevail over the bid submitted in writing. For a bid submitted in
writing and a telephone bid having the same amount, the telephone bid shall prevail.
In case of disputes on the awarding, the disputed item can be withdrawn from the sale,
at the sole judgement of the Auctioneer, or bidding can be re-opened during the same
session based on the last bid made and accepted.

6) Il Ponte reserves the right to reject any offers coming from, or traceable to customers
who have not fulfilled their payment duties, including refunds, vis-à-vis Il Ponte.

7) The Buyer shall increase the hammer price by 25% for auctions held at the Via
Pontaccio premises and by 31% for auctions held at the Via Pitteri premises (VAT
included). Upon awarding, the Buyer shall sign the award records - untransferable - and
pay the total due amount within ten days. The ownership of the lot shall be transferred
from the Seller to the Buyer upon payment of the total amount due by the Buyer. The
awarded item shall be delivered to the Buyer upon payment of such amount, and shall
be collected at the Buyer’s care, risk, and expense within seven days of payment. After
such term, Il Ponte shall be released from any and all responsibility towards the Buyer for
storage of the item and shall be entitled to store such item at third-party premises on
behalf and at the expense of the Buyer or to charge 10 EUR per day for storage at its own
premises. If the Buyer requests a third party to collect the lots from one of our premises
after paying the relevant amount, such third party shall submit a written proxy issued by
the Buyer, as well as a copy of the delegator’s document and the receipt issued by Il
Upon the Buyer’s express request, Il Ponte can arrange for the packaging, transport, and
insurance of the lot(s) at the Buyer’s expense and risk, subject to written notice and to
the Buyer’s approval of the relevant expenses.
If references of a carrier are requested, Il Ponte shall provide such references based on
its experience developed in time, but shall not be deemed liable for any actions or
omissions thereof.

8) In case of failure to pay the amounts due for the awarded lots for more than 15
(fifteen) days, Il Ponte shall be entitled to annul the sale by written notice in accordance
with art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code.

9) The purchased lots can be paid by cashier’s check, credit card, ATM card, bank transfer,
or cash. Payments by bank transfer shall only be deemed performed after the amount is
actually credited to the account of Il Ponte. Cash payments exceeding 2,999.00 EUR are
not permitted in compliance with the Italian laws on “money laundering”.

10) Any information, comments, or estimates concerning the characteristics, price, and/or
value of the items described in the catalogue shall be considered as mere opinions. Il
Ponte shall act as an agent for the party that offers the items for sale at auction (“Seller”),
unless such items are owned by Il Ponte. For items sold at auction, the relationship
between the Seller and Il Ponte shall be deemed terminated about 45 working days of Il
Ponte from the date of the auction’s closing. Subject to the enforcement of the expiration
dates provided for by the law, once Il Ponte has received the purchase price from the
Buyer and paid the Seller, any claims, to be made solely in writing, shall be addressed
directly to the Seller, whose references and data Il Ponte shall be entitled to provide upon
the Buyer’s simple request. Il Ponte shall be solely responsible for anything it has expressly
guaranteed and within the limits of the amount received as an auction fee. If an awarded
item turns out a fake, Il Ponte – subject to return of the item free of pretences and/or
claims and/or constraints by third parties and/or the Court and/or administrative
authorities – shall reimburse the price paid by the Buyer, in the same currency, provided
that the fake is duly reported in writing by the Buyer to Il Ponte within 5 years of the date
of the award and not later than three months after the date on which the Buyer has been
informed about the features by which he/she may conclude that the item is a fake. Il
Ponte shall not be bound by the opinions of the Buyer and shall reserve the right to
request an additional expert opinion at its own cost.
Il Ponte shall not reimburse any amounts to the Buyer if the description contained in the
catalogue complies with any opinions of experts, archives, foundations, and heirs deemed
reliable by the market on the sale date.

11) Il Ponte shall not be liable towards the Buyer for any export constraints affecting the
purchased items or for any licences or permits the Buyer shall obtain or apply for in
accordance with the laws in force. Applications for licences shall only be submitted
following full payment of the relevant lots. For any items subject to Status Notification,
Buyers shall comply with all the applicable laws in force. If the Italian competent
authorities exercise the right of pre-emption to purchase a lot, the Buyer shall not be
entitled to reimbursement by Il Ponte of the interests on any paid sale price and purchase
Upon the customer’s request, Il Ponte Casa d’Aste can fulfil all export-related duties and
charge a fixed amount of 150.00 EUR +VAT for each lot that needs to be exported.
Waiting time is about 45 (forty-five) days from the summons to the Export Office of the
Ministry of Cultural Assets.

12) All the items made from, or containing parts of plants or animals, such as coral,
crocodile, ivory, whalebone, tortoiseshell, etc., whatever their age and value, may be
subject to specific permits or certificates for export to non-EU countries. Please note that
having obtained an export permit or certificate does not ensure that an import permit
and/or certificate can also be obtained, and vice versa.
While importing such materials in some countries is strictly forbidden (for example, it is
illegal to import elephant ivory less than 100 years old to the United States), a CITES
licence, issued by the Ministry of the Environment and Land Protection, is required both
for import and for export in other countries. The Customer shall seek information and
abide by the laws in force on the export and import of items made of, or containing
materials obtained from endangered species. The impossibility for a Customer to export
or import items containing materials obtained from endangered species shall not be
deemed a reason for annulment or cancellation of the sale.

13) These Rules shall be deemed automatically accepted by any parties bidding in the

14) Criminal law protects the free auctioning process and sanctions bid rigging and fake

Il Ponte

Il Ponte 520. Auktion, Briefmarken LIVE!
22. September 2021

Eine große Sammlung von Briefmarken und Postgeschichte Italiens und Gebiete mit Fokus auf Sizilien und eine fortgeschrittene Sammlung italienischer Kolonien und Besatzungen.


Zeitpunkt der Live-auktion: 22. September 2021 10:30 CEST

LIVE! Infos und kostenlose Registrierung für die Live-Auktion


Der Käufer muß ein Aufgeld von 25% bezahlen.

Geschäftsbedingungen für diese Auktion

Mittwoch 22.09.2021

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