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    Abacus Auctions conducts public auctions of Stamps, Postal History and Picture Postcards and is located in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in Australia and Colonies, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, but all auctions also offer worldwide material including Asia, British Commonwealth, Europe and Rest of the World. Abacus Auctions is the successor of Prestige Philately and is operated by Torsten Weller and Gary Watson (founder of Prestige). We are always accepting suitable consignments and regularly attend exhibitions in Europe and the USA including Sindelfingen, Stampex, Westpex and the APS Stampshow. Please contact either Torsten torsten@abacusauctions.com.au or Gary gary@abacusauctions.com.au for further information.

All overseas shipments are sent by DHL Express (5-7 days delivery instead of 30-45 days via postal services). All DHL shipments must have the full value declared to prove that they have been exported (and therefore the local VAT can be deducted from the Buyer’s Premium and other charges).



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Abacus Auctions

Director Torsten Weller

29 Hardner Road
Mount Waverley, Victoria 3149


Tel: (03) 8513 0595

Abacus Auctions

Abacus Auctions - Terms of Sale

1. ABACUS: Abacus Auctions Pty Ltd, a company incorporated in the State of Victoria, is the Auctioneer. Abacus is a member of the Australasian Philatelic Traders Association (APTA) and the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association (ANDA).

2. DESCRIPTIONS: The Description of a lot comprises the written description, the Symbols and Grading (set out on the next page), all illustrations of the lot or part of the lot in a printed catalogue and all illustrations & videos of the lot or part of the lot presented on the Abacus website, as well as any amendments to any of these published in Saleroom Notices and/or on the Abacus website.

3. ESTIMATES & RESERVES: The Estimates & Reserves are set in Australian Dollars. The Reserve is set at 75% of the Estimate (rounded to the nearest bidding step) unless otherwise indicated in the Description. Bids below the Reserve will not be accepted. Where ‘Offer’ appears instead of an Estimate, there is no Reserve and the lot will open at the Auctioneer’s discretion.

4. HAMMER PRICES: The Hammer Price is the price at which a lot is sold to the Buyer. In the absence of any other bids, the Hammer Price will be the Reserve. In the event of competing bids, the Hammer Price will be one Bid Step over the second-highest bid received before the lot is sold. Lots marked “T” attract GST on the Hammer Price when sold to Australian-resident Buyers only.

5. BIDDING: A bid is a binding offer to purchase a lot and once placed cannot be retracted nor reduced by the bidder. Bids may be placed by mail, phone (with written confirmation), email or third-party auction portal in advance of the auction up until such time as notified or through the Abacus website either in advance of or during the auction (together, the Absentee Bids), or in person, by live internet bidding, by phone bidding (prior arrangement required; see website for conditions) or by an Agent during the auction (together, the Room Bids). All Agents must advise Abacus before the auction of the person(s) for whom bids are being placed or be personally liable as Buyer. Abacus uses its best endeavours to ensure that all Absentee Bids are executed but does not accept any liability whatsoever for errors or omissions. Abacus has absolute discretion to refuse to accept Bids for any reason whatsoever.

6. BID STEPS: Abacus uses the following Bid Steps:
    Up to $50       $2               $500   - $750     $25              $5000   - $10000        $250    
    $50   - $150    $5              $750   - $1500    $50              $10000 - $15000        $500
    $150 - $300    $10            $1500 - $3000    $100            $15000 - $30000        $1000
    $300 - $500    $20            $3000 - $5000    $200            over $30000        5% approx.
Abacus reserves the right to raise or lower non-conforming Absentee Bids depending on the bidder’s apparent intention.

7. BUYER: The Buyer is the person to whom a lot is sold, either as the highest bidder at auction or the earlier bidder in the case of tied bids, or by completing an after-auction purchase at the Reserve, or upon acceptance of a post-auction offer, or by any other means. For each lot sold, an enforceable contract is entered into between Abacus and the Buyer. In the event of a dispute, Abacus shall have absolute discretion in deciding who is the Buyer. Legal title does not pass to the Buyer until full Payment of the Invoice Total is received.

8. BUYER’S PREMIUM: Abacus charges a Buyer’s Premium of 19,8% of the Hammer Price (plus GST for Australian-resident Buyers only).

9. PAYMENT: Payment of the Hammer Price, the Buyer’s Premium, any applicable GST, shipping & insurance charges and for overseas Buyers any applicable VAT and other import fees, taxes & duties (together the Invoice Total) for all lots sold to the Buyer are due and payable to Abacus immediately upon receipt of the invoice. Payment must be made in Australian Dollars by a method listed on the invoice unless otherwise agreed by Abacus. If the Buyer does not make Payment of the Invoice Total in full within 30 days of the invoice, Abacus may at its absolute discretion exercise any one or more of the following rights to  -
      1) add an accounting fee of $20 plus an interest charge of 2% per month (or part thereof) to the Invoice Total;
      2) apply any monies due at any time from Abacus to the Buyer in Payment of all or part of the Invoice Total;
      3) terminate the sale, retain any monies paid, re-offer the lot(s), and recover any shortfall plus costs from the Buyer; and/or
      4) take legal action against the Buyer for breach of contact.

10. RETURN OF LOTS: A lot may be returned only if there is a material error in the Description and the Buyer has informed Abacus of the intention to return the lot within 30 days from the date of the auction (regardless of whether or not the Buyer has taken possession of the lot by this time). However, a lot is not eligible for return under this clause if -
      1) the lot has been personally inspected prior to the sale by the Buyer or by the Buyer's Agent; or
      2) the reason relied on for return is apparent from any illustration supplied to the Buyer or to the Buyer’s Agent; or
      3) the lot contains more than 10 items or is stated to be offered ‘as is’; or
      4) the lot, and all items within it, is no longer in exactly the same condition as sold; or
      5) the Buyer has not been granted an ‘Extension’ under Clause 11 and has independently submitted the lot for expertising.

11. CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY & EXTENSIONS: The Buyer may request that the sale of a lot be made conditional upon the receipt of a satisfactory Certificate of Authenticity, with the sale to be on ‘Extension’. Such a request must be made in writing prior to the sale of the lot, and Abacus shall have absolute discretion whether to grant the request and to which expert or expert committee it shall submit the lot for a Certificate. An Extension request will generally not be granted if the lot is offered with a recent Certificate or if the lot is of a type for which experts do not provide Certificates. Where an Extension request is granted, the Buyer must make full Payment for the lot and bear all costs of obtaining the Certificate. If the Certificate is unsatisfactory, the Buyer is entitled to return the lot under Clause 10 for a full refund including Certificate costs. A Certificate shall be considered unsatisfactory only if it states that a lot is materially different from its Description. Where a lot is described as defective or not genuine in any respect, a Certificate is not unsatisfactory merely because it mentions any defects not listed in the Description. Where the expert or expert committee is unable to render an opinion, this does not constitute an unsatisfactory Certificate.

12. GOVERNING LAW: The Terms of Sale shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria.

13. ACCEPTANCE: Placing a Bid by any method constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of these Terms of Sale.

Abacus Auctions

246. Abacus Auktion: Australien & weltweit
1. - 4. Dezember 2021

Öffentliche Auktion 246 australische und weltweite Briefmarken, darunter „Artemis“-Känguru- und Karten-Raritäten, Postgeschichte und Ansichtskarten, Münzen, Banknoten, Sport-Memorabilien und allgemeine Sammlerstücke 1. – 4. Dezember 2021
Geboten sind über 2400 Lose mit einem Schätzwert von mehr als 3.200.000 AUD, darunter The 'Artemis' Kangaroo & Map Rarities mit der beeindruckendsten Auswahl an spektakulären Känguru-Artikeln, die jemals zusammen angeboten wurden, sowie australische Briefmarken, die durch weitere Raritäten hervorgehoben werden, darunter einzigartige Essays und Fehlerdrucke, wunderschöne Neuguinea 'GRI' & 'NWPI' Aufdrucke einschließlich 'CA' und 'JBC' Monogrammformen , Pazifische Inseln, Asien (insbesondere China), Empire und ausländische Einzelstücke, Sets, Postgeschichte & Ansichtskarten. Es folgen Postnotizen aus der Jack Harwood Collection, Münzen & Banknoten, Historische Dokumente & Signaturen, Fossilien & Meteoriten aus der Naturgeschichte, umfangreiche Zigaretten- & Handelskarten und ein herausragendes Sortiment an Vintage-Spielzeug. Der letzte Tag ist ausschließlich Sport-Memorabilia gewidmet, darunter eine der besten Box-Kollektionen, die jemals in Australien gebildet wurden.


Abacus berechnet einen Provision von 19,8% die auf den Zuschlagspreis berechnet wird.

Geschäftsbedingungen für diese Auktion

Los von Los bis Anfangszeit Beschreibung

Mittwoch 01.12.2021

1 150 11:00 AEDT The ‘Artemis’ Collection of Kangaroo & Map Rarities

Donnerstag 02.12.2021

151 1000 11:00 AEDT Stamps, Postal History & Picture Postcards

Freitag 03.12.2021

1001 1650 11:00 AEDT Coins, Banknotes, Postal Notes & Collectables

Samstag 04.12.2021

1651 2469 11:00 AEDT Sporting Memorabilia
1. - 4. Dezember 2021
246. Abacus Auktion: Australien & weltweit
30. September - 2. Oktober 2021
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Briefmarken, Postgeschichte und Postkartenbilder der ...

11. - 12. Juli 2020
Abacus Auktionen - "Abacus-Online 1"
Diese Auktion bietet 1600+ Einzellose, Sets und kleine Sammlungen mit starkem Asien-Bereich mit 60+ Losen aus China, dem Britischen ...
29. Februar - 1. März 2020
240. Abacus Auktion
GB und Commonwealth, Australien- Kolonien/Staaten, Europa bis alle Welt
238. Abacus Auktion
Münzen, Banknoten, Sport-Erinnerungsstücke & Sammlerstücke
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2. März 2019
232. Abacus Auktion
Internationale Briefmarken, Postgeschichte & Ansichtskarten mit Schwerpunkt Australien und die Sammlungen 'Ginger Meggs', Colin ...
25. November 2018
230. Abacus Auktion: Münzen, Banknoten, Sport Memorabilien
Münzen, Banknoten, Medaillen, Alben, Sportartikel und Sammlerstücke
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231. Abacus Auktion: Briefmarken, Postgeschichte und Ansichtskarten
Briefmarken, Postgeschichte und Ansichtskarten Australiens , australische Kolonien und Weltweit
1. September 2018
Abacus Auction sale #229
Australien, Kolonien & Staaten, Britisch-Westafrika, Europa, Papua, Malaya, Thailand, USA, Portugal
22. Juli 2018
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Über 1000 Lose mit Sport Memorabilia, dabei eine Sammlung von Cricketers Autogrammen mit vielen Unterschriften auf Ansichtskarten und ...
19. Mai 2018
Abacus Auction sale #227
1333 Lose mit Fokus auf Australien und Commonwealth, Zweiter Weltkrieg, Europa, Asien und British Empire