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Myntkompaniet & AB Philea

AB Philea: Conditions of sale

You are legally bound by your bids. Bidding at the auction implies approval of the conditions of sale.
The auction is public.
All reserves are in Swedish currency (SEK). Bids below reserve are not accepted.
The highest bidder will recieve the lot at an advance over the second highest bid. Advances are about 5 % of the amount; e.g. SEK 100 for the SEK 2000–5000 price interval.
If there is only one bidder, the bidder will receive the lot at the reserve price.
In the case of equal bids, the bid recieved first will have precedence; hence, please submit your bids as early as possible.
Please note that you may bid on several lots and limit your total purchase amount.
Buyer's commission: generally 25 %. In the coin auction, the buyer's commission is 21 %.
Lots can only be returned if the description of the lot in the auction catalogue is TO A LARGE EXTENT INCORRECT. Complaints must be made no later than a week after the receipt of the lot by the purchaser, in order for the complaint to be considered.
Credit can normally not be given. Customers known to us, will however receive any purchased material without prior payment, as long as the total purchase is no more than (approximately) SEK 1000. The invoice accompanying such a delivery is to be paid within one week.
For issues not addressed above the bidder/purchaser is hereby made aware of the fact that AB PHILEA conforms to general and accepted methods of trading in the philatelic community. If in doubt about any trading issue, please contact us.
AB Philea is a member of the Swedish Society of Stamp Dealers.
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Myntkompaniet & AB Philea

Myntkompaniet 29th Coin Auction
May 11th, 2024

Welcome to our May sale of 2024!
This auction offers a wide selection of Swedish coinage from medieval to modern times with an exquisite section of Karl XII plate money and an extensive offering of Bernadotte era coinage in high grades including scarce dates and varieties.
In the foreign section we take note of an interesting section of Finnish coins in high grade, including the coveted 75 penniä pattern restrike dated 1863. There is also a corresponding section of Finnish banknotes. We are delighted to present the third part of a collection of Chinese cash coinage, as well as a section of banknotes from the same collection. There are also several very scarce Chinese silver coins from other collections, which showcases an overall high condition of types seldom seen.
Here at NumisSearch you can place bids in euro (EUR), and all reserves are displayed in EUR, using a fixed exchange rate set at the publication of the auction on the website (1 EUR = 11.75 SEK).
Please note: We do not accept bids below the reserve!

Short Terms and Conditions

Buyer's commission: generally 25%. In the coin auction, the buyer's commission is 21%.

Please note the Terms and Conditions

Lot Start Lot End Starting Time Description

Saturday May 11th, 2024

1 713 11:00 CEST Sweden
714 1226 15:00 CEST Rest of the world
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