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    Company History

    The foundation of the Honegger firm goes back to 1966. Almost simultaneously, specialization in the old, mostly imperforate stamps of Switzerland (1843 to aprx. 1889) took place. In all these years, we were able to build up one of the world's largest stocks in the field of classic Swiss philately. This enables us now to offer you a broad range of the various quality levels and price catagories, which appears very important to us because only in this manner can you select the appropriate items for your collection and you don't need to buy that one single item offered to you. Optimal and competent advice, reliable attention to your collection and mutual trust are our guiding principles.

    We have done very well with these in the past and will adhere to them in the future.

    In what do we deal?
    As has been mentioned, we are concerned exclusively with the classic stamps of Switzerland. Specifically, of course, also with covers and with unused pieces. Particularly the latter category has been seriously neglected during the past decades and today offers interesting buying opportunities. Further focal points with which we are concerned are the Rayons (according to printing stones), the imperforate Seated Helvetia (Strubeli) and the perforated Seated Helvetia. This primarily is the field of the "home area collectors" (=collections of postmarks of one district, one Canton or even only one city).

    As of late, we also tend more and more to birthday collections in the field of classic Switzerland. (Here someone collects postmarks or covers with one particular date, such as the birthday of the grandchild, but not of one particular year.)

    We conduct a mail-order business and do not maintain a store. Accordingly, personal visits will be strictly by previous appointment.

    Should you have any requests or questions on the subject of classic Switzerland or about our firm, feel free to contact us. We are pleased about each personal contact.

    Gottfried Honegger

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Terms and Conditions

Honegger Philatelie AG

General Business and Delivery Conditions

  • Prices are net and in Swiss Franks. In the absence of special agreement, payable 10 days after receipt of the stamps.
  • For all items, we provide a full guarantee of authenticity for a period of five years.
  • All important stamps were expertized by an expert of the Association of Swiss Experts and, as a rule, have certification or photo-attestation. With others, we guarantee their description.
  • The stamps remain our property until fully paid.
  • Court venue is Schmerikon.
  • 8,1% value added tax is contained in the prices. Our value added tax account number is: CHE-111.737.683
  • You receive our deliveries for review, without obligation, for two days (foreign shipments to the extent possible).
  • Any items not to your liking may be exchanged or returned without problem.
  • Shipments to customers not known to us are made per advance invoice or payment by credit card (with 100% money-back guarantee within 10 days).
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Honegger Philatelie AG

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Honegger Philatelie AG
Company History The foundation of the Honegger firm goes back to 1966. Almost simultaneously, specialization in the old, mostly imperforate stamps of ...
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