Skanfil Auksjoner

1.The auction is public and voluntary. Unless especially announced, the auction will always have several consigners (please refer to our terms for consignment). Large parts of the auction are arranged in the «american» way (also known as «German» way) with 1000-1200 lots per hour.

2.All bids are binding and the bids are in Norwegian kroner (NOK). The highest bidder will be winning each lot.

3.It is possible to bid above or below the starting prices. Bids below 90 % of the starting price will not be noted.A marginal number of lots will not be offered below starting price, noted "limit"

4. Bids may be given by letter, telephone, fax, e-mail or online bidding. All written and telephonic advance bids must be delivered before 3.30 PM on the auction day (Friday) in order to be registered. Later bids cannot be guaranteed for. Online bidding will be available also during the activity in the auction room, but we do not guarantee for these late bids after the stated closing hours, as Internet can't exactly indicate when the lot is hammered. Online advance bids should therefore be delivered by 4 PM on Friday (for coins, various collectibles/non-philatelic items), and Saturday at 10 AM (all philatelic sections).
The auction will normally be available on internet 3-4 weeks before the auction date.

5.During the auction, the bids will be increased by the following steps:
100 - 300 Raised by 10 kr.
301 - 500 Raised by 25 kr.
501 - 1.000 Raised by 50 kr.
1.001 - 5.000 Raised by 100 kr.
5.001 - 10.000 Raised by 200 kr.
10.001 - 20.000 Raised by 500 kr.
20.001 - 50.000 Raised by 1.000 kr.
50.001 - 100.000 Raised by 2.000 kr.
Over - 100.000 Raised by 5.000 kr.

6.When two or more identical bids are given on the same lot, the first bid to arrive will be successful.

7.If on the same lot there is more than one advance bid above the starting price, the bidding will start one step higher than the second highest bid. E.g: Starting price NOK 100,-. Two advance bids are given of NOK 110,- and 250,-. The bidding will then start on 120,-, a sum which also will be the hammer price if there is no bidding in the auction room.

8.One has to be 18 years old to be allowed bidding. We accept bids from younger persons when the bids are accomponied by a written permission from the parents/custodians.

9.When bidding on behalf of others the bidder is responsible for the purchase terms to be fullfilled.

10.The auctioneer may reject bids or refuse persons to participate in the auction. Further he can withdraw, regroup or divide lots. On disagreement during the
auction the autioneer can restart the bidding or decide which one of the bidders who shall be successful (ref. law of auctions, paragraph 11).

11.Payment shall be done in cash if other types of settlement have not been agreed.

12.Customers who are SKANFIL member or regular customer (without remaining balace) , will get the purchased lots sent by mail with invoice enclosed. Terms of payment are 14 days for foreign customers.

13.New customers who are not able to collect the purchased lots in our shop must expect to have the lots sent by COD or by profoma invoice. Customers which do not comply to the terms of payment, will also have lots sent by COD or profoma invoice invoice. Purchased lots which according to the buyers wish are to be picked up in our shop, must be collected within reasonable time, latest 2 weeks after the auction date. After this time the purchased lots will be forwarded by mail. Handling fee and postage will be charged.

14.If the purchased lots are not paid within 30 days from the invoice date we may without further notice sell the lots on account of the buyer. The original buyer will then be held responsible for loss of profit and reduced sales price as well as costs connected to legal fees and interests.

15.The interest for late payment is 1 % per started month.

16.Claims must be done within 14 days to our Sarpsborg office from the date the lots are sent- or delivered from us. Visible defects on lots which are illustrated in the catalogue can not be regarded as reasons for claims. Lots containing more than 3 stamps/coins/item can not be claimed because of minor defects, unless the main value lies in the stamp/coin/item that are claimed for. Collections, stocks, wholesale lots, etc. are sold without any guaranties. The buyer must accept differences up to 20 % of stated quantity, catalogue value, etc. Lots can not be claimed based on other descriptions than the one printed in the auction catalogue.

17.If the buyer want to have extension because he want to send the item for
expertising, this shall be agreed upon prior to the start of the auction. Lots which already are supplied with a certificate can only be claimed if there are written
disagreements by two other reommended experts.

18. A commission of 23 %will be charged in addition to the hammer price. For lots marked by * an additional of 5,75 % VAT will be added for Norwegian residents. For artwork another 5% will be charges on lots with hammerprice 2000 NOK or more. Further postage and handling fee will be charged with a minimum of 50 NOK. If you collect your lots at one of our Skanfil offices you will only pay half the postage. Minimum 25 NOK and maximum NOK 200. See also other information on shipping abroad.

19. Any riscs connected to purchase of lots is done on behalf of the buyer.
The auctioneer is, however, responsible for arranging that the shipment is insured during transport.

20.No claims can be raised against the auctioneer nor the consignor later than two months counted from the auction day/ sales day.

21.Bidding on the auction, either it is bids in advance or bidding in the auction room during the auction, means that the buyer has read the conditions and had accepted those.

22. In case of legal conflicts the Norwegian text will supersede the English one, and Norwegian law and legaldimicile will apply.

Skanfil Auksjoner

213. Skanfil Auktion
13. - 16. Januar 2022

Dabei komplette Sektion der londoner Banknoten von 5kr 1942 - 1000 kr 1942.
Dazu hervorragende Lose aus der Numismatik, interessante Bereiche Briefmarken aus Norwegen und der ganzen Welt, sowie antikes Spielzeug und vieles weitere.


Auf den Zuschlagspreis werden 23% Aufgeld erhoben

Geschäftsbedingungen für diese Auktion

Los von Los bis Anfangszeit Beschreibung

Donnerstag 13.01.2022

1 1289 10:00 CET Coins, Paper Money and Medals

Samstag 15.01.2022

2530 3377 10:00 CET Stamps and Covers Worldwide

Sonntag 16.01.2022

3881 5315 10:00 CET Stamps and Covers Norway
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13. - 16. Januar 2022
213. Skanfil Auktion
Dabei komplette Sektion der londoner Banknoten von 5kr 1942 - 1000 kr 1942.
Dazu hervorragende Lose aus der Numismatik, interessante ...
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