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Information for online dispute resolution: The European Commission presents an Internet platform for online dispute settlement (so-called "ODR platform") as a focal point for the extrajudicial settlement of disputes concerning contractual obligations arising from online contracts on goods or services used.

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Terms and Conditions

Heinrich Köhler Auktionen

General Auction Conditions

1. The auction is held exclusively on behalf of and for the account of third parties. The auctioneer is authorized to pursue in his own name all rights and claims arising from the vendor’s instructions or the knocking down of lots.

2. Lots are knocked down to the highest bidder. The auctioneer has the right in justified cases to refuse to knock down a lot, and to withdraw, combine and divide lots. Equal bids are determined by drawing lots. A bidder is bound by his bid if it is followed by a higher bid which is invalid or which is immediately refused by the auctioneer. In case that a higher bid, which was placed in time, erroneously was overlooked or in any other cases of doubt, the auctioneer may cancel the knocking down and reoffer the lot. The auctioneer may knock down a lot subject to the seller’s subsequent approval. The bidder is then bound by his bid for a period of four weeks from the date of making the bid. In case of a lot being knocked down subject to approval it can, however, be sold to another limit bidder without further inquiry. On the fall of the hammer a contract is established between the seller and the buyer. The auctioneer is legally bound, if so requested, to divulge the seller’s name to the buyer and the buyer’s name to the seller.

3. Written orders to bid will be executed conscientiously and safeguarding the client’s interests, but without recourse. The maximum prices as offered will be exhausted only to the extent as necessary to overbid other offers. In case of a bid „at best” the auctioneer may bid up to three times the start price, in case of bids „at any price” or „buy” up to ten times. The minimum bid for lots without estimate or for lots marked with „Gebot” is EUR 10,-.

4. The auctioneer receives a commission from the buyer of 21 % of the hammer price plus EUR 1,50 for each purchased lot. The buyer will be charged with the cost of postage, packing, insurance and the cost of import (in total=expenxes) if necessary. Value added tax (currently 19 %) on the auctioneer’s commission and expenses together with value added tax (currently 19 %) on the hammer price if applicable will be invoiced separately. N.B. Value added tax on the auctioneer’s commission and expenses is payable by all buyers regardless of their country of residence and regardless of where the lots are handed over or delivered.) Supplies to NON-EU-Members are exempted from VAT on commision and expenses with presentation of relevant export documents. Supplies to EU costumers outside Germany holding EU VAT-ID-Number underly the "Reverse Charge-System", i.e. for commisions and expenses the German VAT does not apply; the buyer is obliged to include the respective VAT in his/her VAT declaration in his/her home country.

5. Bidders are obliged to take over lots knocked down to them. Invoices to room bidders are payable immediately, all other invoices are payable upon receipt. Invoices issued during or immediately after the auction are subject to review and possible amendments; errors reserved. Persons bidding for third parties should make this known to the auctioneer before the auction; otherwise they may be deemed to be the buyer. Lots remain the property of the seller until payment has been made in full which includes clearance of any cheques and payment of any bills of exchange. The buyer has no right to request delivery of any lots until payment has been made in full.

6. If payment is delayed interest will be charged at 1 % per month or part month. This interest rate may be adjusted if the auctioneer can prove that a higher rate or the buyer can prove that a lower rate is justified; the interest rate is at least 5 % higher than the basis interest rate per year.If the buyer fails to pay promptly or does not take up the lots, the auctioneer is entitled to demand flat-rate damages of 25 % of the hammer price in compensation for forgone commission and for expenses incurred unless the buyer can prove that there is no damage or that the amount claimed is excessive. The auctioneer reserves the right to claim higher damages subsequently.

7. Shipping of lots is at the buyer’s cost. The risk passes on to the buyer as soon as the lots are handed over to the Post Office.

8. All lots may be viewed and checked before the auction. Descriptions in the catalogue do not mean guarantees for quality and authenticity. The auctioneer is not liable for any defects of the items. He commits himself, however, to transmit without delay complaints about defects to the consignor. In case of reversed transaction the auctioneer will reimburse his commission to the buyer; any further claims to him are excluded.

Claims relating to obvious defects must be received by the auctioneer within ten days of handing over or delivery. The auctioneer is entitled to require the buyer to obtain at his expense reports from two independent experts that substantiate the claims. No claims of any sort, in particular relating to quality and quantity may be made in respect of collections, accumulations and other large lots. Unless stated otherwise, quoted catalogue values are not binding.

Lots already stated to contain faults cannot be returned by reason of further small faults. Defects which can be seen from illustrations (margins, perforations, cancellations, centering etc.) cannot be subject of complaints. No complaint will be considered if lots or stamps have been altered. Alterations include removal of hinges, hinge remainders or paper adhesions, immersion in water, treating with chemicals and the addition (or removal) of marks of any sort.

If a lot is purchased subject to an expert opinion, the cost of which will be borne by the buyer, this expertising will be arranged by the auctioneer unless otherwise determined by the buyer. With bidding for stamps which have already been expertised or for stamps with certificates the bidder accepts the expert marks and certificates which are available for his guidance and inspection as decisive unless the bid is made subject to certification by any expert nominated by the bidder and approved by the auctioneer before the auction. Stamps which are clearly established as forgeries may be marked as such by experts. The auctioneer is entitled to request the buyer to refer all complaints directly to the seller.

9. In addition, we reserve the right to make data on serious service disruptions (e.g. attempted fraud, failure of recognised claims despite two reminders of undisputed or legally enforceable claims) also accessible to third parties if this is in our legitimate interest to prosecute or protect the auction system from damage or if they prove a legitimate interest in this. These may be, for example, criminal prosecution authorities, credit agencies or other auction houses.

10. These auction terms also apply to subsequent sales after auction; the special provisions for distance sales do not apply.

11. Place of fulfillment for either party shall be Wiesbaden; any disputes arising shall be referred to the court having jurisdiction in Wiesbaden under German law.

12. No oral variations to these conditions are valid; all alterations or additions must be in writing.

13. Should one of the above conditions be unworkable in whole or in part, the validity of the other conditions will remain unaffected
Privacy agreement

Heinrich Köhler Auktionen

Auction Results
April 19th - 24th, 2021
Heinrich Köhler 376th Auction
Bavaria 1849-1920 - Old German states and much more apreciated collections included The ERIVAN Collection
November 16th - 21st, 2020
Heinrich Köhler 375th Auction
Old German states - German Empire - The ERIVAN collection, German driving post agencies in the Netherlands 1839-1874, Northern German ...
June 27th, 2020
Heinrich Köhler 374th Auction - Collection ERIVAN, Part 3
Old German States Baden - Wuerttemberg, North German Postal District, Alsace-Lorraine
New date June 23rd - 27th, 2020
Heinrich Köhler 373rd Auction
Heinrich Köhler extend their invititation to their traditional international spring auction. This year's program continues the ...
December 14, 2019
Heinrich Köhler 372nd Auction - Collection ERIVAN, Part 2
Old German States. Rarities from the "Erivan" collection.
September 24-28, 2019
Heinrich Köhler 371th Auction
Charming philately and postal history from Europe to overseas, Old Germany, Caucasus, Danish West India.
June 8th, 2019
Heinrich Köhler 370th Auction - The ERIVAN Collection - German States
Rarities of the Old German States
June 1st, 2019
Heinrich Köhler 369th Auction - STOCKHOLMIA 2019 & ERIVAN Worldwide Rarities
Germany & Old German States, Europe and overseas, Great Britain, British Commonwealth and Airmail
March 26th - 30th, 2019
Heinrich Köhler 368th Auction
Three special catalogues with unique collections and many special sections in an overwhelming main catalogue speak in a clear language. The ...
September 25th - 29th, 2018
Heinrich Köhler 367th Auction
Worldwide Stamps & postal history:  highlights Germany from 1870, The ...
March 20-24, 2018
Heinrich Köhler 366th Auction
Worldwide Stamps & postal history
September 25-30th, 2017
Heinrich Köhler 365th Auction
Stamps & postal history: Germany, Sweden, Sudetenland, Bavaria, Lübeck, balloon Monté, many coveted collections;
March 21-25, 2017
Heinrich Köhler 364th Auction
Worldwide philately and postal history with high-quality stamps, rare documents and exciting collections
September 20-24, 2016
Heinrich Köhler 363th Auction
Large international auction offer.
March 15-19, 2016
Heinrich Köhler 362th Auction
"VASCO DA GAMA" Ship Mail 18th - 20th Century
Large Luxembourg Selection
Germany 1920 - Kamradt Collection
September 22nd - 26th, 2015
Heinrich Köhler 361st Stamp Auction
Large international auction offer including special catalogues for Kamerun and Togo, Baltic States and Gibraltar.
May 16, 2015
Global Philatelic Network - Rarity Auction for Europhilex London 2015
Exclusive rarities auction by Heinrich Köhler and Corinphila of Zurich held at the EUROPHILEX London 2015 exhibition
March 24th - 28th, 2015
Heinrich Köhler 359th Stamp Auction
From German states to overseas with a wide variety of high-quality single lots, exciting collections and estates. Many unusual and special ...
September 24th - 27th, 2014
Heinrich Köhler 358th Stamp Auction
large international auction offer with specialized sections from high valued exhibition collections.
March 25th - 29th, 2014
Heinrich Köhler 357th Stamp Auction
International offer with single lots and collections
October 8th - 12th, 2013
Heinrich Köhler 355th to 356th Stamp Auction
The main catalog Germany / All the world and also 5 special catalogs!

     "Bavaria - Der Schwarze ...
March 19th - 23rd 2013
353./354. Heinrich Köhler Stamp Auction
A wide range of international philately and postal hostry in the 100th anniversary year of Heinrich Köhler ...
September 26-29, 2012
350./351. Heinrich Köhler Stamp Auction
International auction offer including many rarities as well as special offer: the Astrul collection of Brunswick, ...
March 21-24, 2012
347./349. Heinrich Köhler Stamp Auction
international auction offer including many rarities as well as special offers:
German Occupations WW-II Estonia, the Astrul ...
September 21-24, 2011
345./346. Heinrich Köhler Stamp Auction
Some highlights of our sale are:
  • German States: A phantastic range from Baden to Wuerttemberg, with special ...
March 22-26, 2011
343/344 Heinrich Köhler Stamp Auction
Higlights of the auction:
  • Berlin Postal History 1948 to 1955’ Collection Peter Koegel Part II and Germany Post ...
September 18th to 25th 2010
341/342 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
Einen Schwerpunkt bilden die Deutschen Besetzungsausgaben im II. Weltkrieg. Zusätzlich zur Dr. med. Eino Kooba Sammlung haben wir ein ...
March 23-27, 2010
339/340 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
large international auction sale including the third part of the famous Fritz Kirchner collection, special catalogue the Willi Brühne ...
Sept 15-19, 200
337th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
large international auction sale including the second part of the famous Fritz Kirchner collection, special catalogues British Northamerica ...
March 24-28, 2009
335/336th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
large international auction sale including the first part of the famous Fritz Kirchner collection.
Sept. 23-27, 2008
334th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
International aucion sale with around 8500 lots. Included are special section the AGOVIUS collection German Empire 1872-1945 and the ASTRUL ...
May 21, 2008
333th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
Zeppelin-mail. The Gerhard Wolff collection. Unique offer of over 5000 covers which will be sold in over 400 single lots as well as in 53 ...
March 10-15, 2008
332th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
International auction sale including a large selection of rarities and specialities. Special catalogues Old German States (The ALGOVIUS ...
25.-29. Sep 2007
331th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
International auction sale including a large selection of rarities and specialities. Higlights are the "large and multiple frankings" ...
18./23.-26 May 2007
330th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
International auction sale including a large selection of rarities and specialities. Higlights are the "Kurfuersten collection" of Berlin ...
Jan 31 - Feb 3, 2007
329th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
International auction sale including a large selection of rarities and specialities. Strong section semifficial airmail stamps and pionier ...
Sept. 27-30, 2006
328 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
International auction sale including a large selection of rarities and specialities. Highlight of the auction is the sale of the collection ...
May17-20, 2006
327 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
International auction sale including a large selection of rarities and specialities. Strong sections Hamburg including destinations and ...
January 25-28, 2006
326 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
International auction sale including a large selection of rarities and specialities. Strong sections Bavarian booklets and combinations, ...
Sept 28 -Oct 1, 2005
325 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
International auction sale including a large selection of rarities and specialities. Also a special section Zeppelinmail.
May 31- June 4, 2005
324 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
May Auction including special part Olympic Games.
Januar 25-29, 2005
323 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
January Auction including special Sale og German and international Rarities. Special part old Germnan State Hanover "the Rolf Heitling ...
Sept. 21-25, 2004
322 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
Large September Auction Sale including special section:
  • Guuml;nther Heyd Collection: Mail during the German-French war 1870-71 ...
May 26-29, 2004
321 Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
Large May Auction Sale including special section Olympic Games as well as a strong selection of German and international rarities.
27.-31. Jan. 2004
320th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
Large January Auction Sale including special Catalogues/selections for
  • Oldenburg and Hamburg
  • German Shield issues and ...
24-27 Sept. 2003
319th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
90 years Heinrich Koehler. Jubilee auction in Wiesbaden
3rd-7th June 2003
318th Heinrich Koehler Stamp Auction
90 years Heinrich Koehler. Jubilee auction in Wiesbaden