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SOLER y LLACH Subastas Internacionales, S.A. was founded in October 1989 by two families closely linked to the world of collecting: Filatelia Llach and Filatelia Soler.

Filatelia Llach was created by Eugeni Llach in Havana at the end of 1915. Today's third generation is the guarantee of its unarguable professionalism.
It publishes its traditional catalogues of offers at a set price, catalogues of auctions by correspondence and presence on the Internet through its website.

Filatelia Soler was founded in 1975. The great ability and enthusiasm of the Soler brothers, Josep y Ramón, placed the company at the head of the philatelic sector. In 1989, Mauricio Sisó and the Soler brothers created Áureo, a numismatic auction house which, in a short period of time, took over the leadership of the market in coin collecting.

SOLER y LLACH initially specialised in stamp auctions with an international projection.
In 1995, it opened the Department of old books, manuscripts, engravings and maps. In February 2001, it carried out the first exclusive auction of posters in Spain; in June 2003 the first exclusive of "film programmes" and in March 2006, the first exclusive of photographs.

At present, the company, which can be found at C/ Beethoven 13 in Barcelona, is fortunate enough to have far-reaching knowledge and experience in the commercialisation of the collecting of:
Stamps, Postal History, Numismatics, Old books, Manuscripts, Maps, Engravings, Posters, Film programmes, Postcards and Photographs.
Since 2001, SOLER y LLACH has been a point of reference in collecting on the Internet. Right from the beginning, we have made an effort so that all our articles are offered withQUALITY, SERIOUSNESS AND SERVICE.
All the descriptions on this website have been made by professionals in the sector.

Payment Options


CONDITIONS: AUCTION SALE // SALE OF "AVAILABLE LOTS" NOTE: In auctions of COINS, the conditions of the catalogue for the auction will be applicable. 1st. The starting price is the minimum price for which a lot can be adjudicated. This price should be understood to be the reserve price and under no circumstances will the lot be adjudicated for less than this. 2nd. The overall price of the adjudication will include an additional 20% (except in coin auctions 16%) plus the shipment and/or insurance costs as accessory expenses. The shipment of the articles adjudicated will be invoiced with a general nature, independently of the condition or residence of the winner of the bid, with VAT INCLUDED, covered by the Special Regime on used goods, objects of art, antiques, and collectors' items. 3rd. If you are unable to attend the auction in person, please send in your bid as early as possible. The lots are sold at the lower price possible and not at the total of your bid. For example, a lot with an asking price of €1,000 for which you bid €3,000 and for which the highest bid other than yours is €1,500, will be adjudicated to you at the following bid (as per our bidding chart), in this case, €1,600. 4th. Bids must be made in EUROS. Bidding chart: From 100 to 500 EUROS - 20 EUROS From 501 to 1,000 EUROS - 50 EUROS From 1,001 to 2,000 EUROS - 100 EUROS From 2,001 to 5,000 EUROS - 200 EUROS From 5,001 EUROS, minimum 5% 5th. Purchasers buying by post must make payment on receiving the invoice. On receiving the money, we will send the lots by post at your expense and risk, unless the purchaser has given other instructions. 6th. SOLER Y LLACH reserves the right to group together, at its criteria, two or more lots of the current auction, as well as to withdraw any lot. 7th. The auction house regulates the auction and in the case of any dispute between buyers, its decision is final. 8th. AUTHENTICITY. The authenticity of all the lots sold by SOLER Y LLACH is guaranteed. Any claim regarding authenticity should be sent to SOLER Y LLACH within 30 days from the date of the auction. Any claim made after this time will not be considered. 9th. The lots like: books, manuscripts, maps, posters and photography, will be auctioned in the state in which they are found, no claims will be accepted concerning restorations, damages, breakages, etc. Although the descriptions have been made with the greatest of care, purchasers should check out for themselves before the auction that the description coincides with their personal opinion about the state of the lot. 10th. PAYMENT IN INSTALMENTS. In this case, the purchaser should pay 30% of the total on receiving the invoice, and the rest within a maximum period of six months in equal monthly quotas. At the end of each month, SOLER Y LLACH will charge the purchaser's account 0.50% interest on the outstanding balance. The lots will remain with SOLER Y LLACH until payment has been completed. In accordance with part 8, the purchaser loses all rights to lodge a claim 30 days after the auction, and during this time he may examine the lots at SOLER Y LLACH. 11th. The lots adjudicated may be collected from our auction rooms at C/ Beethoven, 13, 08021 BARCELONA within 15 days after the auction. 12th. SOLER Y LLACH reserves the right of admission into its auction rooms and to refuse, at its criteria, any purchase order. 13th. OWNERSHIP. The lots will remain the property of the seller until payment has been cleared, which includes paying in cheques or any document. 14th. It is the purchaser's duty to comply with tax and customs obligations valid in Spain. 15th. Participation in the auction or sale implies acceptance of these conditions. 16th. Any lawsuit will be subject to the courts of Barcelona (Spain). 17th. PAYMENTS: 1) Cheque made out to: SOLER Y LLACH, S.A. c/ Beethoven, 13 08021 BARCELONA (SPAIN) 2) Bank transfer: BANC DE SABADELL Travesera de Gracia 3 08021 BARCELONA (SPAIN) IBAN ES87 0081 0105 1100 0109 1019 BIC: BSABESBB 3) Credit Cards: VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD and TARJETA 6000. You should send a signed letter of authorisation indicating the number of your card and its expiry date. The charge will figure in your bank account in the currency of your country. ×

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