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"Öphila", Austria's leading international auction house for classic philately and postal history is located in the heart of Vienna and appeals with its extraordinary quality of philatelic knowledge. The auction house is directed by Dr. Gerhard Schwarz and Fritz Puschmann and specialized on Austrian classics, although its full range is much more diverse.

Payment Options

Öphila Wien


1) The auction will be conducted in Euro in order and account of the consignor. Foreign currencies will be accepted at the current rates of the Vienna Stock Exchange in accordance with the clearing and crediting conditions of a major Austrian bank.  The date of receipt or of crediting shall be valid.

2) The auction bidding steps are as follows:
up to € 100.- € 5.-
from € 110 up to € 300.- € 10.-
from € 320 up to € 600.- € 20.-
from € 650 up to € 1.200.- € 50.-
from € 1300 up to € 3.000.- € 100.-
from € 3200 up to € 6.000.- € 200.-
from € 6500 ..up to € 12.000.- € 500.-
and following

Biddings not corresponding to these rates of increase will be brought to a round figure. Orders, such as „by all means, at the best possible bid, at any rate" , will be carried out up to the tenfold bid price.

3) We reserve the right to withdraw, regroup or put together certain lots.

4) The lots to be auctioned are described with greatest care. With regard to photographed stamps and covers (lot numbers printed in bold face) the illustration is important concerning the margin, postmarks, perforation, centring ect. and thus  represents an integral part of the description. We guarantee the authenticity of all stamps sold at our auction. Collections and  large items cannot be subject to any claims. Any complaints concerning quality have to be made within 8 days after receipt of  the lots. The time-limit for making a complaint is considered as exceeded if the lots in question have not been taken over  within the period prescribed. In case of any complaint the buyer must prove that the description in the catalogue is wrong. All  other claims - being purely arbitrary - will not be recognized. Justified complaints will be accepted but the lots in question must  be unchanged and in their original condition of acceptance, that is to say with all enclosures.

5) The knock-down will be given to the highest bidder, that is one rate of increase over the second-highest bid. In case of two  or more identical bids the first one received shall have priority.

6) Knock-down price:
6.1) Difference taxation ("D" following the limit price): If the consignment comes from a private person resident in the EU, the  commission for buyers amounts 22% (incl. VAT); buyers outside the EU are charged with 19%
6.2) Full amount of VAT applicable (no "D"): If consignments comes from private persons not resident in the EU-countries or  from dealers the knock down will be charged with 19% commission and on the total resulting therefrom 20% VAT is added.  Buyers outside the EU are billed without VAT (only 19% commission).

7) With the knock-down a contract of purchase is reached between the seller and the buyer by which the bidder is obliged to  purchase. The lots are sold in the condition in which they are at the moment of the knock-down. The ownership of the goods  bought at the auction is transferred to the buyer after full payment of the total purchasing price only, the risk, however, already  with the knock-down.

8) The bidder is obliged to collect the lots purchased within 14 days and pay in cash or keep to a term of payment of 10 days  after having received the information of purchase. Pre-Payments have to be cleared within 2 weeks otherwise there will be no  acceptance of any complaints. The purchased lots will not be handed over to bidders unknown to us until they have paid the  full auction invoice. If payment is overdue, the buyer will be charged 1 % interest per month.

9) The lots purchased are dispatched by mail in a privately insured registered letter at the expense of the buyer.
10) Place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction for both parties is Vienna, we reserve the right, however, to sue a defaulter at his place of residence.

11) By making any bids the terms of auction and our comments are fully accepted.
Fritz Puschmann Gerhard Schwarz
Bank Transfer: Creditanstalt A-1010 Wien, Kärntnerring 1 Konto Nr.0950-48450-00 BLZ 12000
(SWIFT: BKAUATWW IBAN: AT73 1100 0095 0484 5000)
Österr.Postsparkasse Konto Nr.7514.496 BLZ 60000
Postbank München Konto Nr.120733809 BLZ 70010080
UST-ID Nr.: ATU 10244109

All the lots to be auctioned are on show on our premises at Führichgasse 12, Vienna. You will find the exact times of viewing in  our time schedule. If you want to view at other times, please call us and arrange a date more convenient to you.
Consignments for inspection are not carried out. It is possible, however, to ask for photoprints. The clients are requested to  enclose € 0,30 for each run through the copier as well as € 1,20 for the postage of the request either in banknotes,  international reply coupons or Austrian stamps of current use. Please use the enclosed printed form „Request for  Photocopies“.
At the public sale in our auction mail bids are accepted, too. Your are requested to mail them as soon as possible and to use  our bid form. Please write legibly and check your bids. The prices quoted in the right column of the text are limited ones, therefore underbids are useless. Written orders will be executed personally by the auctioneer and in strict conformity with the  interests of the client. In the event of identical bids the first one received shall have priority. The bids must reach ÖPHILA at the  point of time stated in our time schedule. We cannot guarantee for the execution of bids reaching us too late. (See also item 5  our terms of auction). All bidders attending the sale personally will get a card bearing a number. Bidders unknown to us are requested to present an identity card or to leave a deposit. The bidders are requested to show their hands clearly and to  inform the auctioneer about wrong knock-downs that possibly might occur. The buyer will get the knocked-down lots and the  invoice only by returning the bidding card.
ACCEPTANCE AND DISPATCH OF LOTS Please inform us about your wishes using the bid form and the spot specified for them. The lots are sent by mail to nonresident bidders. Bidders who collect the knocked-down lots will get them as stated in  our time schedule on our premises
Führichgasse 12, 1015 Vienna.
Expecially bulky and heavy lots can be collected on our premises only. Delivery "poste restante" is not insured, buyer takes full  risks. Please note that cash-payments higher than € 15.000.- require documentation.
The lists of prices realized will be published one week after the auction and will be mailed to each bidder. You can order the  unsold lots at the prices quoted in the auction catalogue plus the usual charges. Prospective buyers,who did not take part in  the auction,will get the list upon request for € 3.-
Differentially taxed lots are handled according to the difference taxation and fully taxed lots are subject to 20% VAT
TO PRIVATE CUSTOMERS AND DEALERS NOT RESIDENT IN THE EU Each lot is billed without VAT. TO DEALERS RESIDENT IN THE EU Dealers in the EU-countries have the chance of applying for a VAT number. Öphila must receive this number in time  so that the procedure of confirmation can be carried out PRIOR TO the auction. As soon as the VAT number with its notice  of confirmation is submitted to us, all normally taxed lots are invoiced without VAT. There is no delivery within the EU in  case of differentially taxed lots (taxation remains in Austria), therefore we make out invoices with a total commission of 22% on  the knock down. If the procedure of confirmation turns out to be negative, normally taxed lots will be invoiced with 20% VAT. ALL THE ABOVE MENTIONED PRIVILEGES CONCERNING TAXES CAN BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF IN THE SO-CALLED  MAIL-ORDER BUSINESS ONLY (POSTING THE LOTS IN A REGISTERED LETTER).

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