Christ Stamps
Germany's fist stamp shop on the WWW. Large offer of Zeppelin covers and cards as well as philately of the Third Reich.On over 40.000 covers and cards on offer
James Bendon
Specialist dealer since 1971 in specimen stamps and postal stationery of the world. Author of UPU Specimen Stamps 1878-1961, awarded the 2017 Crawford Medal by the Royal Philatelic Society London.
Veuskens Shop
Over 100,000 different articles are waiting to be discovered here. Stamps, postcards, letters and covers of all kinds from Germany to overseas at low fixed prices. Have fun browsing.
Cover Story
Cover Story was founded by Daniel Mirecki in 1995. The principal aim of the company was to buy and sell postal history, specialising in more elusive items and the classic period, extending from prestamp. The company ...
AAK Phila GmbH
Our customers don't hesitate mentioning that quality work and competent service are our top priorities. Our wide and diverse range of goods as well as consistent communication with our customers and consignors are ...
Klaus Straßberger Briefmarkenspezialversand
Spezialversand für Eckrandstücke, Formnummern, Druckdaten, Bogenrandsignaturen. Bogenecken stark spezialisiert nach Zähnungsvarianten. Darüber hinaus Marken und Belege aus allen Bereichen der Philatelie.
Uwe von Poblocki
Seit 1980 ist Uwe von Poblocki im Briefmarkenfachhandel tätig. Inzwischen hat er sich auf Bogenecken des Deutschen Reiches 1924 – 45 und Berlin 1948 – 56 spezialisiert und hat hier ein Lager ...
Schlegel Briefmarkenfachgeschäft
Ausgewählte Angebote für Ihre Sammlung, sowohl aus deutschsprachigen Gebieten als auch aus Europa und Übersee mit gesuchten Standardwerten und interessanten Belegen
Briefmarkenhandel Ole Büteröwe
Immer Sehr günstig Komplette Jahre Deutsches Reich, Bund, Berlin, DDR und Europa (viel Österreich, Schweiz, Liechtenstein, Frankreich)
Specialist dealer in Ottoman Empire and Foreign PO's (Levant) therein and states of Balkans and Middle East which have succeeded to the Empire's territories. Stamps, Postal History, Postcards, Ephemera and Other ...
Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd
My Name is Mark Bloxham, a director of Mark Bloxham Stamps Ltd, and I have been a stamp dealer for over 35 years. I started ...
Chris Rainey
Specialising in British Commonwealth Postal History from pre stamp to KGV1 with emphasis on the unusual.
David Morrison
Specializing in British Commonwealth Pre-1930 Postal History, Shipwreck Covers, Train Crash Mail and Unusual Postal Incidents
Vaccari Shop
Vaccari PHILATELY, specialised in Italian and foreign philately, ...
CompuStamp has been in business since 1996 offering fine quality postal history items on our website and at 12 or more national and international stamp shows around the world every year.
Roelli Auktionen AG
Rölli Auktionen AG is a personally managed, independent business with an international reputation.
Doreen Royan & Associates
Doreen Royan & Associates (Pty) Ltd are professional philatelists who have been providing collectors and investors the benefit of their expertise in philately for over 34 years. We are long-standing members of all ...
Briefmarken Fischer Shop
We are a specialized dealer in stamps, picture postcards and postal history. We alo stock many covers and cards sorted by region or topic. You can find our shop in the historic center of Nuremberg/Mögeldorf.
Filat AG
Ingomar Walter and Richard Johnson offer you 75 years experience of world wide philately. We enjoy membership of the Swiss Stamp Dealers Association (SBHV) and similar leading professional bodies.
Christian E. Geigle
In den über 35 Jahren seines Bestehens hat sich der Briefmarkenfachhandel Christian E. Geigle zu einer angesehenen Adresse in Deutschland entwickelt, wenn es um den Kauf oder Verkauf hochwertiger Briefmarken nahezu ...
Briefmarken Sommer
Briefmarken Sommer has an extensive stock of stamps from all over the world.
Zanaria Filatelici Shop
Zanaria Filatelici is one of the most respected, long-established firms in philately, in the business since 1936. Our expertise, precision and care for the quality of the material we deal in have made us one of ...
Wolfgang Lang ist gelernter Briefmarken-Kaufmann und seit 40 Jahren in der Philatelie tätig. Sein Angebot unter "Langbrief" richtet sich hauptsächlich an Sammler von Belegen zur deutschsprachigen ...
Honegger Philatelie AG
Company History The foundation of the Honegger firm goes back to 1966. Almost simultaneously, specialization in the old, mostly imperforate stamps of ...
Wir spezialisieren uns auf Altschweizausgaben. Vor allem auf seltene Entwertungen, Abstemplungen, Raritäten und Spezialitäten. Wir legen den Fokus auf gute Einzelangebote und auch grosse ...
MAR Historical
MAR Historical, a German specialized dealership.
Alexander Voigt Briefmarkenhandel
DBA Freiburg GmbH
Over 80,000 items speak for themselves. The team at DBA Freiburg GmbH wishes you a great time browsing through our items.
Pilatusmail Auction
Seit 1972 sind wir im Briefmarkenhandel tätig.
SOLER y LLACH Subastas Internacionales, S.A. was founded in October 1989 by two families closely linked to the world of collecting: Filatelia Llach and Filatelia Soler. Filatelia ...
Filatelia Sammarinese Shop
Filatelia Sammarinese S.r.l. was established in 1995 operating, from the start, with public and correspondence auctions and with net prices sales. The covered sectors include new and ...
Thomas Juranek
Stamp house Thomas Juranek Your specialist dealer for stamps, covers and picture postcards. We buy, sell and estimate your single items and collections.
Studio Filatelico Toselli Shop
Philatelists since 1973, we are well known for the high quality of our stamps and for our specialization in Balbo and airmail flights.
Scriposale ist eine Marke der Scripovest AG. Das Unternehmen ist einer der größten Einzelhändler für Historische Wertpapiere weltweit.
Stamps special trade for German occupation issues 1939-1945; especially Bohemia and Moravia + General Government special. Kirchgasse, Landshut city center next to St. Martin's Church