Contract and terms of usage for the Philasearch.com portal


Preliminary remarks:
The portal www.philasearch.com is offering individuals the possibility to place bids on auctions run by contractors of Philasearch or purchase goods at fixed prices. Should you be interested in one of these possibilities you will have to register as a user in advance. By registering you acknowledge and accept our terms of usage.
By checking the respective box during your registration you accept the following conditions and enter a contract with Philasearch.com GmbH, Lindenweg 1, 63877 Sailauf (CEOs Franz Fedra, Wolfram Eisert, Walter Christ, registered at the Aschaffenburg district court, HRB: 7960) in order to use the website.

Revocation disclaimer:
You may revoke the above contract within 14 days and without specific reasons in plain text (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail). The term will come into effect upon delivery of this disclaimer in plain text, however neither prior to the conclusion of this contract nor prior to the fulfillment of our information obligations according to German civil law (Art. 246 § 2 acc. § 1 par. 1 & 2; § 312e par. 1 sen. 1 acc. art. 246 § 3). To revoke your contract the posting date is relevant. Please direct your revocation to Philasearch.com GmbH, Lindenweg 1, 63877 Sailauf or via e-mail to widerspruch@philasearch.com.


Special advisory

Your right of revocation will expire prematurely if the contract is completely fulfilled by both parties, upon your express request, before you have exercised your right of revocation.

PhilaSearch.com GmbH

You may terminate the user contract at any time by written notice to the above address. Any complaints should be directed to the above address as well.


Terms and Conditions of Use


I. Use of the platform

1.      PhilaSearch enables registered internet users (‘User(s)’) to place bids in auctions of PhilaSearch partners, be it prior to or during a pending auction, or bids for purchasing a fixed price item, via the internet. PhilaSearch only acts as a platform for these purposes, not as a representative of User. It is expressly agreed that, in the event of a successful bid, a contract is entered into only between User and the PhilaSearch partner at the respective PhilaSearch partner’s terms and conditions. The partner’s terms and conditions are displayed on the screen immediately prior to the placing of a bid and must be specifically accepted by User.

2.      Registered PhilaSearch Users can use the PhilaSearch website only within the limits of the current state of the art. Technical disruptions in the power supply or transmission network, hardware or software failure, capacity shortage, safety or service related interruptions may impair availability. PhilaSearch offers no guarantee for the timely receipt of a bid by the auctioneer.

3.      The use of the PhilaSearch services by registered Users is free of charge.


II.Registration, personal details

1.      To register with the portal, User has to complete a form. The data requested in the form shall be provided completely and truthfully by User, comprising first name and surname, the current address and telephone number, the date of birth, a valid email address and, where applicable, the firm name. User shall notify PhilaSearch without delay of any changes in the required data as may occur after the registration.

2.      User shall truthfully provide the data required for the registration. PhilaSearch reserves the right to deactivate Users whose data are incomplete or obviously incorrect, or Users who have obtained a registration by technically bypassing the registration form.

3.     PhilaSearchPhilaSearch will transfer the personal data stated on the registration form to the relevant partner hosting the auction or offering the fixed price item for which User has placed a bid. The PhilaSearch partner has the right to object to the registration of a User by notice to PhilaSearch without stating any reason. If any such notice of objection has been given PhilaSearch will delete the registration and inform the User using the email address indicated on the registration.

4.      User’s consent to the aforementioned or any other use of User’s personal data will be obtained separately, where required. A registration without the required consent is incomplete and will be rejected.

5.      The registration will be confirmed by PhilaSearch.


III. Warranty, liability

1.      Since no contract concerning the sold items becomes effective between PhilaSearch and User upon the placing of bids in auctions or for purchasing fixed price items from PhilaSearch partners, PhilaSearch expressly points out in this context that PhilaSearch issues no warranty and accepts no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in connection with the items offered by the PhilaSearch partner.

2.      PhilaSearch accepts unlimited liability for damage caused by intent or gross negligence. For any breach by ordinary negligence of an obligation whose breach puts the achievement of the contractual purpose at risk or whose fulfillment is essential to the due and proper performance of the contract and on whose fulfillment User could reasonably rely upon (‘essential obligation’), the liability shall be limited to foreseeable damage characteristic for the contract; any compensation of indirect losses, especially lost profits, shall be excluded in such cases. This limitation shall not apply in the event of injury to life, limb or health. PhilaSearch accepts no liability for a breach by ordinary negligence of accessory duties that are not essential obligations. PhilaSearch accepts liability for events of initial impossibility only if PhilaSearch was aware, or ought to have been aware but for gross negligence, of the circumstances barring performance, provided this does not concern an essential obligation. This shall not entail a reversal of the burden of proof to User’s disadvantage. Any exclusion or limitation of the liability of PhilaSearch applies also to the personal liability of the employees, staff, representatives and vicarious agents of PhilaSearch.


IV. Governing law, severability

1.      These General Terms and Conditions including the Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by the substantive laws of Germany to the exclusion of the UN Sales Convention, provided User is a business. If User is a consumer, these General Terms and Conditions including the Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by the laws of Germany except where opposed by mandatory legal provisions, especially consumer protection laws.

2.      If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is invalid, nothing in this shall prejudice the validity of the remaining provisions hereof. Any invalid provision shall be deemed replaced by a legally valid provision which accomplishes, as closely as possible, the economic purpose and intent of the invalid provision.


Privacy policy of PhilaSearch.com GmbH (‘PhilaSearch’) for the use of the portal provided on the "philasearch.com", "numissearch.com" und "antiquessearch.com" websites.


Your data

I. Legal requirements

The data of our customers are processed in compliance with the requirements of the German Telemedia Act and the German Data Protection Act. In accordance with these laws, we may use personal data for processing purposes as required to establish, define the terms of, or amend a contractual relationship (master data), as well as to render and, where applicable, bill the services (user data). Upon termination of the use, the user data will be processed and used only as necessary for accounting purposes (accounting data), including their transfer to third parties as required to determine the fee and bill the use. Where our customers request individual proof of the use of specific offers, accounting data will be stored until no later than the end of the 6th month after dispatch of the invoice, except where objections have been raised to an invoice.

We use technical and organizational safety precautions to protect the personal data provided by you against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, or unauthorized access. Our safety precautions are improved and adjusted constantly to at all times comply with the state of the art.

For purposes of advertising, market research and the improvement of the user-friendliness of our offers, we may set up user profiles using pseudonyms for our customers, unless a customer objects. Please address your objection to widerspruch@philasearch.com. Under no circumstances will any user profiles be connected with the data of the user behind the pseudonym.

II. Your consent to data processing by PhilaSearch

  1. I am aware that I may use the online offer provided by PHILASEARCH without disclosing my identity; to be able to bid for auction lots or fixed price items, it is necessary to accurately state my first name and surname, my current address and telephone number, and a valid email address as well as, where applicable, my firm name.
  2. I consent to that PhilaSearch.com GmbH, Lindenweg 1, 63887 Sailauf may collect my above described personal data and process, store and use them to create, perform or terminate my user relationship with PhilaSearch.
  3. I consent to that PhilaSearch may transfer my registration data to the relevant providers (auction house, etc.) for purposes of performing the contract.
  4. I consent to that PhilaSearch may collect, process and use my user data, including by means of automated processes such as cookies. I am aware that cookies (small datasets including configuration details) are used to determine the frequency of use, to identify the users of the PhilaSearch websites, and to optimize advertising messages. I am also aware that advertisements may be placed on specific sites by companies or agencies that possibly use cookies which are beyond the control of or may not be separately indicated by PhilaSearch. I am further aware that I may adjust the settings of my internet browser to automatically refuse cookies; in that case, however, the use of the full features of the ‘PhilaSearch.com’ website cannot be guaranteed.
  5. I consent to that PhilaSearch may also collect, process and use the master and user data to investigate or to prevent any unauthorized use of the services offered by PhilaSearch or its partners.
  6. I consent to that PhilaSearch may process, use, or transmit to the prosecution authorities or to infringed third parties, including after the end of the user relationship, my personal data if there is actual documented evidence of any misuse of the PhilaSearch portal.
  7. I consent to that PhilaSearch may send periodical mailings (newsletters) for advertising and information purposes to the email address communicated by me, unless I have objected. Please address your objection to widerspruch@philasearch.com.

I am aware that I may revoke my consent or parts thereof at any time. Notice of revocation must be given in writing to PHILASEARCH.COM GmbH, Lindenweg 1, 63877 Sailauf, or by email to the following address: widerspruch@philasearch.com. However, this does not extend to the data required to process orders (accounting data). On receipt of the notice of revocation PhilaSearch will cease using the relevant data for any purposes other than processing your orders.

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Termini e condizioni per le vendite all´asta Live

Terms and conditions for live auctions:


Preliminary remarks:

The portal www.philasearch.com provides users with the ablility to make orders and place bids auctions with our trade partners through the internet. If you are interested in this option, you will have to complete a special registration first for each particular auction at PhilaSearch. The registration is subject to the following terms and conditions.


By clicking the checkbox at the end of the terms and conditions you accept the following conditions and you conclude a contract with PhilaSearch.com GmbH, Lindenweg 1, 63877 Sailauf for the use of the Philasearch.com website.

You can terminate your licence agreement and the subsequent conditions of participation in writing within two weeks of accepting the agreement . Contact Philasearch.com GmbH, Lindenweg 1, 63877 Sailauf or send an e-mail to the following address service@philasearch.com. However, the right of termination is invalidated as soon as you have place a bid on an auction. Apart from that you can terminate the licence agreement at anytime by sending a written statement to the above referenced address. Comments, questions or complaints can also be sent to the above address.


Conditions of participation:

I. General methods of use

1. PhilaSearch allows the registered internet user (named "User") to bid In the auctions of the PhilaSearch trade partners before and during the current auction through the internet. Insofar PhilaSearch acts merely as a carrier and not as a representative or agent for the user. In this respect it is clarified that in the case of a successful bid a contract is exclusively made between the user and the trade partner of PhilaSearch, based on the particular auction conditions of the PhilaSearchtrade partner. The respective auction conditions of the trade partner are shown during completing the special registration process and have to be accepted explicitly by the user in order to successfully complete the special registration.


2. Registered users of PhilaSearch can only use the PhilaSearch web page within the current standard of technology. Technical disorders or failure of the power supply, transmission networks, hardwareand software faults, bottlenecks in capacity, safety or service interruptions can affect the utilizationand access of the service. The quickness of the data transmission is dependant on the existing hardware and internet connection of the user. PhilaSearch assumes no liability for a bid arriving in time to the auctioneer.

3. The use of the PhilaSearch services is free for registered users.


II. Registration, Personal data

1. A user has to complete a form to be registered. The user has to provide all of the requested data/information completely and correctly. This includes first and last name, current address and telephone number, a valid e-mail addressand if applicable, company. If the requested changes after registration the user is required to submit the edits immediately to PhilaSearch.


2. The user must state the necessary registration data truthfully. PhilaSearch reserves the right to prohibit users, whose data is incorrect or obviously wrong, as well as users, which have submitted a registration by bypassing the form.

3.Philasearch will relay the personal data provided in the registration form to the particular trade partner who is performing the auction for which the user has registered. The PhilaSearch trade partner has the right to reject any registration submitted via PhilaSearch without a specification of reasons. In the case of rejection, PhilaSearch will delete the registration and inform the user via the e-mail address, provided during the registration.

4. The registration is followed by a confirmation process through PhilaSearch A confirmation code will be sent to the e-mail address of the user.

5. A registration at PhilaSearch is only valid for one auction. If a user wants to participate in additional auctions, a new registration is needed. Once the registration is complete and initialised the user can place bids.


III. Warranty and liability

1. As there is no contract between PhilaSearch and the user for bids onauctions of PhilaSearch trade partners, PhilaSearch again indicates explicitly that PhilaSearch assumes no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the data provided with the offered articles of PhilaSearch trade partners.



IV. Other

1. The present business conditions including the licence agreement are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and without possibility of recourse, the UN-consumer rights laws, as far as the user is an entrepreneur. If the user is a consumer, the business conditions including the licence agreement are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, especially consumer protection regulations.


2. In the event that one of the above terms and conditions is effectless, due to a conflicting law or regulation, the remaining terms and conditions will remain valid.

Condizioni di vendita
1) Tutto il materiale offerto nel presente catalogo è di pro- prietà di terzi. La società Franco Casati s.a.s. vende in nome e per conto terzi, dai quali ha ricevuto regolare mandato di vendita.

2) Il materiale offerto è generalmente riprodotto fotogra- ficamente. La fotografia è parte integrante della descrizio- ne. Non saranno accettati reclami concernenti centratura, marginatura e caratteristiche dei timbri (come pesantezza di annullamenti, ecc.). Quando non fotografato il materia- le offerto è parimenti autentico di prima scelta e privo di difetti anche occulti, salvo diversa chiara specificazione. A richiesta, si inviano fotocopie o scansioni dei lotti anche non fotografati al costo di € 2,50 + IVA cadauna, € 4,00 + IVA per immagini fronte/retro. Il pagamento dovrà essere anti- cipato e potrà essere effettuato con francobolli italiani in € o tramite PayPal dopo nostra e-mail con richiesta dell’im- porto da corrispondere (vedi pag. IX). Tale importo verrà interamente rimborsato in caso di un qualsiasi acquisto.

2a)Tutte le foto dei lotti, comprese quelle non riportate nel catalogo, sono visionabili sul nostro sito www.casatiaste.it cliccando l’opzione «offerte on-line». E’ possibile l’ingran- dimento delle stesse cliccando sull’immagine. 3) I prezzi di base di questa «Vendita su offerta - Asta» sono espressi in Euro e compaiono nella colonna a lato di ogni descrizione.

4) Non si accettano offerte inferiori al prezzo di base. Il prezzo di base rappresenta il prezzo minimo di vendita per ciascun lotto. Non si accettano offerte con clausola «al me- glio» oppure «salvo visione». In caso di due offerte uguali, sarà ritenuta vincente quella arrivata per prima.

5) Il prezzo di aggiudicazione sarà maggiorato di una com- missione del 22%, più un contributo fisso di € 1,50 per ogni lotto.

6) Il materiale, dopo l’avvenuto pagamento, sarà inviato a mezzo Assicurata Convenzionale il cui costo forfettario è di € 7,50 fino a 250 g. al quale verrà aggiunto l’importo dell’assicurazione privata del plico a seconda del valore con- tenuto. Invii di lotti il cui peso sia superiore a 1 Kg. saranno effettuati solo tramite corriere. Non si fanno invii in contrassegno. Tutte le spese postali e di spedizione non sono assolutamente rimborsabili.

7) Tutto il materiale offerto è stato attentamente esamina- to dai nostri esperti, gli esemplari di maggior valore sono firmati e certificati dai più noti periti filatelici italiani o stranieri. L’ acquirente che desidera una perizia diversa da quella indicata nella descrizione dei lotti, deve farne espli- cita richiesta nella scheda di prenotazione o in sede d’asta. È facoltà della Franco Casati s.a.s. accettare o meno la ri- chiesta di estensione peritale. In caso di accettazione della richiesta l’ acquirente dovrà comunque provvedere al paga- mento dei lotti secondo la normale procedura, e disporrà di 30 giorni di tempo, dal giorno della spedizione dei lotti da parte nostra, per la restituzione dei lotti solo se il perito avrà espresso parere negativo. Scaduto questo termine non saranno accettate restituzioni per nessun motivo, anche se conseguenti ad eventi non dipendenti dall’ interessato.

8) Gli ordini potranno essere trasmessi anche per telefono o per fax, in questo caso, gli stessi dovranno essere seguiti da conferma scritta entro 7 giorni dalla telefonata o dal fax. Negli ordini trasmessi non utilizzando il ns. «Ordine di ac- quisto» (ad es.: e-mail) dovrà essere chiaramente indicato: «Dichiaro di aver preso visione e di accettare tutte le condi- zionidi vendita riportate nel catalogo». Le offerte dovranno pervenire entro e non oltre le ore 19.00 di Giovedì 12 October 2017.

9) Il pagamento dovrà essere effettuato alla consegna per coloro i quali volessero ritirare i lotti direttamente dopo la chiusura della vendita, oppure anticipatamente prima della spedizione dei lotti, previa nostra fattura di assegnazione. Gli Acquirenti dovranno, quindi, far pervenire l’importo dei lotti aggiudicati entro 15 giorni dalla data della nostra fat- tura di assegnazione. Il pagamento può essere effettuato a mezzo assegno bancario, bonifico, vaglia o PayPal.

10) Eventuali dilazioni di pagamento potranno essere con- cesse solo se espressamente richieste, secondo modalità che dovranno essere da noi confermate.

11) Scaduti i termini previsti per il pagamento (vedi art. 9) la Franco Casati s.a.s, si riserverà il diritto di sciogliere il contratto, addebitandone i danni ed applicando un onere a carico dell’acquirente del 1% mensile.

12) Fino al completo pagamento i lotti si intendono di pro- prietà del conferente. L’offerta con la trasmissione dell’ordinazione accetta inte- gralmente tutte le condizioni di vendita esposte.

13) Eventuali reclami, solo per lotti singoli e non periziati, dovranno pervenire entro 20 giorni dalla consegna diretta o dalla data di ricezione. I reclami saranno presi in considerazione solo nel caso in cui, a giudizio di due noti periti, il lotto non risultasse originale o avesse difetti occulti non descritti, o fosse so- stanzialmente diverso dalla descrizione da noi effettuata. Nel caso di accoglimento del reclamo saranno restituiti solo gli importi versati con esclusione di ogni risarcimento.

14) Non potranno, per nessun motivo, essere accettati re- clami per i seguenti lotti:

a) lotti composti da più di 10 pezzi non descritti singolarmente;
b) lotti formati da francobolli descritti come difettosi o di qualità mista;
c) lotti formati da francobolli con un valore di stima infe- riore al 10% della quotazione di catalogo;
d) le collezioni, i lotti e le accumulazioni di ogni genere.
e) collezioni, lettere o lotti singoli recanti annulli postali o timbrini peritali pesanti e/o passanti e sdoppiati anche se non descritti

In particolare non potranno essere accettati reclami in merito ai lotti esplicitamente descritti con dizione «da esaminare». Per i lotti descritti alle voci a-b-c-d-e del presente paragrafo la descrizione è da considerarsi orientativa ed in nessun modo vincolante.

15) Per ogni controversia s‘intende valida la Legge Italiana ed il Foro competente è quello di Monza.

Se Lei è già membro registrato a Philasearch.com inserisca prego il Suo nome utente e la password e scelga "login"

Password dimenticata
Se Lei è già membro registrato a Philasearch.com inserisca prego il Suo nome utente e la password e scelga "login"

Se Lei non fosse già membro la prego di completare il seguente formulario di registrazione:

Caro utente,

per fare offerte o ordinare articoli per aste deve registrarsi presso di noi.

La prego di osservare che i Suoi dati vengono da noi trattati con la massima discrezione.

Per maggiori informazioni puo le nostre condizioni sulla privacy verificare

La prego di usare un nome utente per la identificazione. Il nome utente viene utilizzato per annunciarsi al sistema e viene anche pubblicamente visualizzato nelle aste Live. perciò non utilizzi il Suo vero nome.

La sua password deve avere almeno 8 caratteri e contenere lettere maiuscole e minuscole. Come optional si consiglia di inserire anche segni speciali per aumentare la sicurezza.

">(*) sono obbligatori.
È inoltre opportuno comunicarci il Suo No. di telefono per raggiungerla tempestivamente in caso di incomprensioni. "

Ulteriori informazioni su Philasearch.com

Informazioni attraverso Philasearch.com
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Termini e condizioni per le vendite Live

Termini e condizioni generali del server sul quale si svolgono le aste di Philasearch.com

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