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2015/05/27 | Categories: News, Articles

(wm) For the second time in a row Jonas Hallström is overseeing the edition of a new volume for an established book series published by the Swedish Postiljonen company, supported by the AIEP, an international association of philatelic experts and sponsored by renowned international auction houses.

The new 18th volume was introduced to the public during an AIJP presentation at the EUROPHILEX 2015 in London.
This substantial book illustrates the numerous changes introduced to the series by Hällström as an editor. The new volume features 19 contributions by 17 authors mostly in English, but also in French or German language discussing forgeries and their identification methods. Essays include works such as "The World’s Most Forensically Tested Philatelic Gem: The Iconic Victor Hugo Plate 77 Cover" by Abed H. Najjar (UK), "North Ingria II Series Stamps: Separating Forged from Genuine by the Properties of Fibre Structure" by Jouni Takalo (Finland), "A Dangerous Chalon Forgery" by Robert P. Odenweller (USA), "Forged Belgian Railway Cancel on Forged Medaillon Cover" by Paul Wijnants (Belgium) or "Forgeries and Falsifications of Philatelic Literature - A First Look Back", a German-English study of 45 pages by Wolfgang Maassen (Germany).

These contributions exemplify the series' goals of informing collectors about forgeries and falsifications but also of showing how examiners and experts deal with their identification. The 18th volume also includes indices of authors and collection fields as well as an up-to-date register of AIEP association examiners which enable the reader to find topics throughout the remaining 17 volumes. Interested readers may also download single essays at for a small fee.

23 x 29.7 cm, 188 pages, colored paperback, Copenhagen 2015, retail 60 Euros

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