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April 9th - 11th, 2024
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Karl Pfankuch & Co
Inhaber Michael Hille
Hagenbrücke 19
38100 Braunschweig

Tel.: 0531-45807
Fax.: 0531-44779

Umsatz.Ident.Nr.: DE 324 026 427
Handelsregister Braunschweig 6568

Karl Pfankuch & Co

Auction Date: April 10th - 11th, 2024
LIVE! from: 10. April 2024 09:30 CEST

Karl Pfankuch & Co.
Hagenbrücke 19
38100 Braunschweig

Tel: 0531/45807
Fax: 0531/44779

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The auctioneer receives a commission from the buyer amounting to 20 % of the hammer price, as well as 1,- Euro for each lot purchased, for the dispatch an additional charge for postage + insurance costs will be added. For the commission, the lot fee and the shipping the legal value added tax is charged (currently 19 %) and indicated. For the lots marked with ° the auction is held in own name and invoice (sale of difference taxed lots § 25a), hammer price, auctioneer’s commission and expenses already include VAT (currently 19%) which is not indicated. Supplies to EU customers outside Germany holding an EU VAT-ID-number underly the “Reverse Charge-System” for commission and expenses the German VAT does not apply, the buyer is obliged to include the respective VAT in his VAT-declaration in his home country. Non-EU-Member States are exempted from VAT on commission and expenses with presentation of relevant export documents.

Lot 3367 Collections and Lots Worldwide

  • 32041850-2021

wertvoller, sehr umfangreicher Sammlernachlass in über 350 Alben, dabei viele selbstgestalteten Binder und Belegealben. Insbesondere die deutschen Sammelgebiete nach 1945 mit einer Fülle an Material und teils überkpl. Sammlungen. So Bundesrepublik 1949/1955 ** und gest. meist je 3-4 fach (Posthornsatz nur 1 x **), die Jahre 2001-2021 ** teils mehrfach, Markenheftchen (teils 5-fach), Slg. ** Kleinbögen 1994-2007 (ohne Freimarken), Saarland mit ** Urdrucksatz (FA Hoffmann) und Hochwasser-Blockpaar, Blocklager DDR mit allein drei ** Garnituren der Marx-Blöcke, Bizone mit allen 52 Posthörchenwerten Ziffern ** gepr. Schlegel (M€ 3.000.-), zusätzlich Doppel- und kopfst.Aufdrucke sowie gest. (meist ungepr.), Bauten eg/wg, kurze/hohe Treppe usw., franz. Zone überkpl. mit Konstanz II ** FA Schlegel, Berlin mit 2 x Währungsblock **, SBZ mit Bl. 1 x, t, 2 x, t, DDR ** und gest. überkpl., Sammlung Dienst/ZKD inkl. Laufkontrollzettel der VoPo 1/60 ** kpl. (M€ 5.700.-), reichlich Dubletten aller Gebiete, auch mit viel postgültiger Nominale Bund, besseren Ausgaben, reichhaltiger Lagerberstand DR (auch gute Sätze und Blöcke oft vielfach vorhanden, z.Bsp. Wagner gest. per 7 usw.), Bund Lager der ersten Jahre, gute Wohlfahrtsausgaben teils 10-fach usw. Ferner Grundstocksammlungen und lagerähnlich Bestände alle Welt, Belege, FDC, ETB (umfangreich) u.v.a. Ein tolles Objekt mit Substanz

Automatically generated translation:
Valuable, very large collector's estate in over 350 albums, many self-made binder and stock books. Especially the German collection areas after 1945 with a wealth at material and partly more then complete collections. So Federal Republic 1949 / 1955 * * and used mostly always 3-4 specialty (posthorn set only 1 x * * ), the years 2001-2021 * * partly multiple, stamp booklet (partly fivefold), collection * * miniature sheets 1994-2007 (without postal stamps), Saarland with * * initial printing set (FA Hoffmann) and flood souvenir sheet pair, souvenir sheet stock German Demokratic Republik (East Germany) with alone three * * sets the Marx souvenir sheets, American/British Zone with all 52 post horn values numerals * * expertized Schlegel (M€ 3.000.-), additional double and inverted overprints as well used (mostly not expertised), buildings Ec / wg, short / high stair and so on, French zone more then complete with Constance II * * photo expertize Schlegel, Berlin with 2 x monetary sovenier sheet * *, Soviet Zone with souvenir sheet 1 x, t, 2 x, t, German Demokratic Republik (East Germany) * * and used more then complete, collection service / ZKD including routing control sheet the Vo Po 1 / 60 * * complete (M€ 5.700.-), ample duplicates of all areas, also with a lot of postal valid nominal Federal Republic of Germany, better issues, extensive inventory DR (also good sets and souvenir sheets often many times presented, to Bsp. Wagner used per 7 and so on. ), Federal Republic of Germany camp of the first years, good welfare issues partly tenfold and so on. Furthermore basic collections and stock-like stocks world, documents, First Day Cover, first day sheet (extensive) and from on a grand object with substance

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