Dr. Reinhard Fischer 167th Auction
March 15th - 16th, 2019

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Auction Date: March 15th - 16th, 2019

Dr. Reinhard Fischer
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The sale of auction lots is subject to differential taxation. If we ship lots inside the EC, the buyer shall pay a buyers premium of 23,8 % of the hammer price and a lot fee of 3,– EUR per lot (both including VAT), also costs of shipping and insurance. If we ship lots to a country outside the EC,...more

The sale of auction lots is subject to differential taxation. If we ship lots inside the EC, the buyer shall pay a buyers premium of 23,8 % of the hammer price and a lot fee of 3,– EUR per lot (both including VAT), also costs of shipping and insurance. If we ship lots to a country outside the EC, the buyer shall pay a buyers premium of 20 % of the hammer price and a lot fee a 3,– EUR per lot, also costs of shipping and insurance. If the goods are exported outside the EC by the buyer himself, it may be possible to refund VAT. For gold coins that are exempt from VAT, the buyer shall pay a buyers premium of 20 % of the hammer price and a lot fee a 3,– EUR per lot, also costs of shipping and insurance.

Lot 2906 German Colonies, Cameroon

  • Michel25IB

5 Mark Kaiseryacht grünschwarz/karminrot, Friedensdruck, 25 : 17 Zähnungslöcher, tadellos postfrisches Luxusstück der seltenen Marke, unsigniert - so wie gestern am Postschalter gekauft, Fotoattest Dr. Brekenfeld BPP (2018): "echt und einwandfrei", Mi. -.- - in vorliegender Qualität eine Fata Morgana der Ausgaben der Deutschen Auslandspostämter und Kolonien!

Automatically generated translation:
5 Mark imperial yacht green black / carmine red, peace printing, 25 : 17 perforation holes, in perfect condition mint never hinged outstanding quality of the rare stamp, unsigned - so like yesterday at the post-office counter bought, photo expertize Dr. Brekenfeld BPP (2018) : "genuine and immaculate", Michel - . - in existing quality a Fata Morgana the issues of the German international post offices abroad and colonies!


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  1. The highest bidder of each lot shall be the purchaser thereof. If any dispute arises as to the highest bidder, the Auctioneer shall determine the dispute and may put up again and re-sell the lot in respect of which the dispute arises.
    1. The bidding and advances shall be regulated by and at the discretion of the Auctioneer.
    2. Where an agent purchases on behalf of an undisclosed client such agent shall be personally liable for payment of the purchase price to the Auctioneer and for safe delivery of the lot to the said client.
    1. The Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the clients and vendors, but shall not be liable for errors or omissions in executing instructions to bid.
    2. The Auctioneer reserves the right before or during the sale to group together lots belonging to the same vendor, or split up and/or withdraw any lot or lots.
  2. Each lot shall be at purchaser's risk from fall of hammer and must be taken away at his or her expense by a purchaser.
    1. If attending Sale, payment before leaving room.
    2. United Kingdom, immediately on receipt of pro forma invoice.
    3. Overseas, within seven days of receipt of pro forma invoice.
    On no account will lots be despatched or delivered before payment. If any purchaser fails to pay in full for any lot within the said time such lot may at the Auctioneer's discretion be put up for Auction again or sold privately; if upon such a re-sale a lower price is obtained for such a lot than was obtained on the first sale the difference in price and expense of such a re-sale shall be made good by (and debt due from) the purchaser in default upon the first sale.
  3. The Auctioneer shall not be liable for any default of the purchaser or vendor.
    1. Unless otherwise indicated each lot is sold as genuine and properly described.
    2. If after the sale the purchaser of the lot shall prove it to be not genuine or wrongly described the purchaser shall be at liberty to reject the lot provided he or she (i) being within the United Kingdom within seven days or being overseas within a reasonable time of the date of the sale gives notice in writing to the Auctioneer of intention to question as the case may be the genuineness or description of the lot, AND (ii) within thirty days of the sale (or in exceptional cases such time as may be in the Auctioneer's discretion be allowed for expertising) returns such lot to the Auctioneer. NOTE: The onus of proving a lot to be not genuine or wrongly described lies with the purchaser. Proof of the inability of an Expert Committee to express opinion will not discharge such onus.
    3. No lot may be rejected if subsequent to the sale it has been immersed in water or treated by any other process unless the Auctioneer's permission to subject the lot to such immersion or treatment has been first obtained.
    4. Lots stated to contain collections and/or undescribed stamps must be taken with all faults and errors as to numbers (if any), and by reason of the foregoing a purchaser of any such lot shall have no right to reject the same.
  4. Commission Bids can be placed by phone to our office or by registered users via our website Plumridge.co.uk. Timing and availability of this functionality is at the sole discretion of the auctioneer, normally until the business day before the sale.
    1. Enter the maximum amount you are prepared to pay for each lot.
    2. In the event two or more identical bids are received for the same lot, the one received earliest will be accepted.
    3. The auctioneer cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions.
    4. Bids must be placed in Sterling (GBP)
  5. Lots sold are subject to buyer's commission of 15% inclusive of Value Added Tax on the hammer price.
  6. Lots marked 'T' before the lot number are subject to Value Added Tax of 20% on the hammer price plus the buyer's commission.


  • Each lot received for sale is subject to the Conditions of Sale, and unless the contrary is expressed in writing by the intending vendor each lot is RESERVED AT THE ESTIMATED VALUE (be that an absolute or the lowest value where a range has been applied). Written instructions as to reserves (if any) must reach us at the latest on the day before the date of the sale and must be confirmed after receipt by marked Catalogue.
  • The Vendor shall state any reserve in Sterling (GBP).
  • The Auctioneer will not be responsible for the loss of stamps received inadequately mounted or arranged.

Sold at Auction Price (no guarantee)

3800.00 EUR

End date of bidding:

Saturday 16.03.2019, 12:00 CET

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Michael Jäschke-Lantelme


Ahlener Weg 13 C

12207 Berlin, Germany

Germany: German Reich 1875-1905 (Mi. No. 31-97), Postage stamps and postal history; D I+II labels (labels for official railway letters); German Colonies and Foreign Post Offices (without occupation issues such as GRI and CEF), postage stamps and postal history.


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