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March, 1st, 2019 - September, 30th 2019

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Lot AH15B1066 Stocks and Bonds - Norway



Viking Whaling Company Ltd., Nominal 10x£1.
27.05.1931, Ordinary Shares über 10 x £1, #3179, 28,7 x 36 cm, ocker, rot, schwarz, maschinenschriftlicher Hinweis auf die 1938 erfolgte Neuordnung des Grundkapitals, Aufkleber über die 1940 erfolgte Umbenennung in Viking Investment Trust Limited, KR, Eckbereiche mit leichten Knicken, sonst EF, OU Erling Dekke Naess.

Erling Dekke Naess, brother of the well known philosopher Arne Dekke Naess, was a Norwegian businessman and shipowner. Due to lack of money he was first working as a banker like his father Ragnar Naess did before. During his economy studies in the evenings he was more and more influenced by John Maynard Keynes. Further on the young Naess was really impressed by the imbalances created by the German war reparations: Watching the currency market he took notice of the inflationary and disastrous decline of the German mark. After his studies were finished Naess wanted to use his market research and started with small, but nevertheless successful investments in rubber and tin. In 1927 he was contacted by Rupert Trouton, who convinced him to buy control of the Norwegian company A/S Hektor – a whaling enterprise of Trouton’s father-in-law. Establishing the Hektor Whaling Ltd Naess made a huge profit. In 1928 the Norwegian whaling pioneers Torger Moe and Johan Rasmussen planned to build one of the world's first whale factory ship. Naess arranged financing of their Viking Whaling Company Ltd – and after its first season the vessel Vikingen was once more a success! More than that the company bought shares of other Norwegian companies like A/S Vestfold, A/S Sydhavet and A/S Rosshavet. But, within the depression the prices collapsed and at the beginning of the 1930s the company was close to bankruptcy. Only due to Naess's good connections in London the Norwegian company was saved. The companies’ business continued for some further years, in 1940 the name was finally changed to Viking Investment Trust Limited.

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