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mars 01 - sept. 30, 2019

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Lot AH20B0441 Stocks and Bonds - Czech Republic



Anglo-Cechoslovakische und Prager Creditbank, Nominal 400 Kronen.
Prague, 2 June 1930, Share of 400 Crowns, #582500, 25 x 37.1 cm, black, ochre, cancellation holes, folds, text in three languages: German, English, Czech.

Beginning in 1878 the bank was a subsidiary of the Anglo-Austrian Bank. In 1922 the bank was separated by an Order of the Bank of England. The Bank of England sold its stake in 1927 to Czech investors. In 1930 the bank merged together with Prager Creditbank and Böhmische Kommerzialbank. Later the bank became part of the Zivnostenska banka.

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