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    Pugachev Auction House
    Your Russian Partner in Philately
    Russian Federation
    125047 Moscow, 1-st Tverkoy yamskoy per. 18 office 5
    Tel: +7 499 251 51 45
    Mob. +7 925 300 30 40  &  +7 916 300 45 48
    E-Mail: pugachev-auction@mail.ru
    Web: http://pugachev-auction.ru
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    We are a very young auction house established in 2014, selling stamps and postal history of the world. Your cooperation is very welcome and appreciated.

Terms and Conditions

Pugachev Auction House

Auction Terms

LLC "Auction House Pugachev"

All auction participants wishing to make a bet registered email pugachev-auction@mail.ru

or by phone. +7 925 300 30 40  +7 916 300 45 48  +7 499 251 51 45

To register, we need your details: Full name, postal address and phone number to contact you.

You can also send us your bids by mail

125047 Russia, Moscow, 1-st Tverkoy yamskoy per. 18 office 5.

To preview the items we are waiting for you at Moscow street 1-st Tverkoy yamskoy per. 18 office 5 "Auction House Pugachevs."


On the day of the auction, the auctioneer will call rates based on your betting starting with the lowest.

Home price- it is the second highest bid + 1 auction step or initial price, if only one item is made bet.

We reserve the right not to accept bets without giving any reason, or to require the parties further information or bail.

Lots are the property of sellers as long as they are not fully paid.

Bids in the auction room makes the buyer, holding a raised plate with the number that is issued mart in the registration table.

The plate number is required for participation.

A Reward.

In the auction price announced by the auctioneer, added fee of 15%, payable by the buyer. Value of the awards include VAT.

Shipping and payment lots.

Purchased items must redeem in auction day or in agreement with Auktion House with in 10-14 days after the completion of the auction.

You can pay by credit card lots cash or bank transfer Pri credit card payments are added 2.5% to the value of the lot.( We accept credit cards but only in auction)

Lots shall be paid in advance and is sent only after 100% payment. We can send you your items Russian Post departures class 1 certified or valuable mail!

But we recommend that you use express mail CPCR Express is delivered as soon as possible and your parcel is more reliable.

Tariffs for shipment depends on the weight of your purchase.

We pledge to send your items within 7 working days!

So you can pick up items at the end of trading in our office at Moscow street 1-st Tverkoy yamskoy per. 18 office 5 "Auction House Pugachevs."

Ltd. "The auction house Pugachevs" guarantees safety of confidential information about the names and locations of customers, as well as their acquired lots and their cost.
Privacy agreement

Pugachev Auction House

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24 septembre 2021
Pugachev Auction House 34th Auction
Airmail Auction
17 septembre 2016
Pugachev Auction House 8th Auction
Auction with strong section Russia and Soviet Union.
11 avril 2015
Pugachev Auction House 4th Auction
Auction with a focus on Russia and Russian Area.
13 décembre 2014
Pugachev Auction House 3rd Auction
Auction with a focus on Russia and Russian Area, also with China.