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    Dong-Ya Philatelic Internet auction has been acquiring and selling stamp, postcards, paper money and antiques for many years. We are always glad to accept commissions for excellent collections. Combining both knowledge and respect for the material, we treat your materials with the care and passion like our own, rather than merely as a commodity. Our experience is based on many years of reliable and professional work, for the good of our customers and commissioners.

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Dong Ya Auction

Conditions of Sale of Dong Ya Auction

1 The auction takes place publicly. The placing of a bid constitutes acceptance in full of these Conditions of Sale by the bidder.
2 Dong-Ya Philatelic Internet auction (Dong-Ya Auctions) is acting as agent for the respective sellers of the lots in the auction. All lots are offered subject to a reserve, below which the lot will not be sold.
3 The highest bidder acknowledged by Dong-Ya Auctions shall be the buyer (provided the lot's reserve is met). A buyer's premium of 15% shall be added to the hammer price of each lot.
4 Dong-Ya Auctions has the right to reject any bid, to advance the bidding at its discretion, to withdraw or divide any lot, to combine any two or more lots, to deviate from the lotting order, and in the event of a dispute, to determine the successful bidder, to continue the bidding, or to reopen the lot. Dong-Ya Auctions' decision in such case shall be final and binding. Dong-Ya also has the right to refuse entrance to the auction to any person without giving any reason, as well as to require any person to leave the auction.
5 Dong-Ya Auctions will execute written bids submitted prior to the auction and, in its discretion (include e-mail and fax), but it and its staff shall not be responsible for any failure or error in executing such bids. In the event Dong-Ya Auctions receives identical bids for a lot, the first bid received shall be the successful bid. No "buy" bids will be accepted.
6 A bidder acting as an agent on behalf of a third party must advise Dong-Ya Auctions of this prior to the auction and shall be responsible for all purchases made on behalf of his clients unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Dong-Ya Auctions prior to the auction. Dong-Ya reserves the right to require agents to provide proof of their authority and to reject any bids from the agent.
8 The lots offered in the auction catalogue can be inspected by potential bidders prior to the auction at public viewing as set forth in the auction catalogue. Viewers will be responsible for any damage caused by them in the viewing.
9 The sale shall be conducted in New Taiwan dollars. Any currency converter at the auction is for general reference and convenience only. Dong-Ya Auctions shall not be responsible for any error or inaccuracy on the currency converter.
10 Payment of lots is due within 7 days from the auction date, except in the case of postal or other bids that Dong-Ya Auctions executes on behalf of bidders not present at the auction. Lots will not be given or sent to buyers until payment in full. All amounts and invoices are payable in New Taiwan dollars. Foreign currencies will be accepted only if agreed to by Dong-Ya Auctions and in such case the buyer shall pay all bank charges and bear any costs arising from exchange rate differences.
12 The descriptions in the catalogue are statements of opinion and do not constitute any guaranty or warranty.
14 A lot is at the buyers risk at and from the time the lot is knocked down to the buyer at the auction, but title (ownership) shall not pass to the buyer until payment in full. Lots may be picked up at Dong-Ya Auctions' offices the first business day after the auction during normal business hours. Lots sold to postal or other bidders not present in person at the auction will be sent by courier service, registered mail or other means at the buyer's risk and expense. Lots that are not collected within 30 days after the auction shall be assessed storage charges.
15 If a lot description is also provided in Chinese, the Chinese description is for general reference and convenience only. The Chinese descriptions are not complete and do not necessarily reference faults and other condition issues. Potential bidders are encouraged to carefully review the Chinese descriptions, which are the official catalogue descriptions, and no lot may be returned because of any omission, inaccuracy or error in its Chinese description.
17 These Conditions of Sale and the respective rights and obligations of the parties shall be governed and construed in accordance with Taiwan law, and the buyer (including for such purposes agents) hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Taiwan courts.
18 In case of any difference between these Conditions of Sale (in English) and the Chinese translation, the Chinese version shall prevail.
  Floor bidding will be in New Taiwan dollars.
Bidding Stemps:
NT$1 to NT$4,999 by NT$100 stages
NT$5,000 to NT$9,999 by NT$200 stages
NT$10,000 to NT$19,999 by NT$500 stages
NT$20,000 to NT$29,999 by NT$1,000 stages
NT$30,000 to NT$49,999 by NT$2,000 stages
NT$50,000 to NT$99,999 by NT$5,000 stages
NT$100,000 to NT$499,999 by NT$20,000 stages
NT$500,000 to NT$999,999 by NT$30,000 stages
NT$1,000,000 to NT$4,999,999 by NT$50,000 stages
NT$5,000,000 and up by NT$300,000 stages
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