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    Matthew Roth
    1140 US HWY 287 #400-104
    Broomfield, CO 80020
    Tel. 303-464-7023
    Fax 303-380-6767
    E-Mail: matthew@marhistorical.com
    Web: http://www.marhistorical.com
  • Über MAR Historical Auktion

    MAR Historical ist ein auf Deutschland spezialisierter Händler. Unser Fokus liegt auf Material aus dem Dritten Reich und der Besatzungszeit 1933-1945, jedoch bieten wir auch Material aus anderen deutschen Gebieten und Epochen an. Auf Lager sind Briefmarken, Briefe, Dokumente und Belege. Wir handeln online seit 1995.


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MAR Historical Auktion



1) Bidding: Bids will be accepted by mail to MAR Historical, 1140 US HWY 287 #400-104, Broomfield, CO 80020, USA, e-mail to matthew@marhistorical.com, phone to 303-464- 7023, or fax to 303-380-6767. Your maximum bid is kept secret. We guarantee that the bidder gets the lot at the best possible price. Internet bids can be placed (until the "live auction" starts) and live bidding may be available through the internet is available at http://www.marhistorical.com/. You must register 24 hours before the start of Live Auctions if you wish to participate in the "live auction" bidding. Please check the web site http://www.marhistorical.com/ for details

2) Viewing of Lots: Lots will be available for viewing by appointment only in Broomfield Colorado. Backs and multiple additional images are available on our internet web site. Please contact us at 001-303-464-7023 to schedule a viewing.

3) Questions Concerning Lots: If you have any questions regarding further information of any lot, please contact our office no later than Friday December 5, 2008. We will be pleased to assist you.
Descriptions & Abbreviations:

Almost all items have been extensively imaged both front and back to provide the best possible representation of the items condition. Additional images are available on the web site and should be examined for the best impression of the lots. Excellent: highest quality in all respects.
Very Good: significantly better than normal.
Good: normal condition.
Fair: below normal condition.

Please note: As long as the owner of the catalogue, auction participant and bidder do not comment otherwise, they affirm that they purchase the catalogue and the therein depicted items from the III. Reich solely for purposes of civic education, resistance against unconstitutional and anticonstitutional efforts, scientific and art historic research, clarification or reporting about the proceedings of the current affairs; or the research of military history or the study of uniforms (§ 86a StgB). The company "MAR Historical LLC" and its consignees only offer these items under these requirements. When bidding for III. Reich lots that bear NS emblems and NS symbols, the bidder commits himself to do this with the intent to buy these goods for historic and/or scientific collecting purposes and in no way use them in a propagandistic fashion in terms of § 86 StGB.

Conditions of Sale
Placing of any bid shall constitute full acceptance of all of the following conditions of sale:

1. All bids are per lot, as numbered in the catalogue. Bids may be submitted by mail, phone, fax, email, internet, live internet bidding, or by an agent selected by the buyer. MAR Historical LLC reserves the right to withdraw any lot prior to sale, to divide any lot or to group two or more lots together into a new lot.

2. All bids are handled competitively and confidentially. For Proxy bid (Standard) auctions, lots purchased for the highest bidder at a slight advance over the second highest bid as detailed in the bid schedule. Should any dispute arise, the decision of MAR Historical LLC as to the successful bidder, the re-offering or resale of the lot under dispute shall rest solely in the judgment of MAR Historical LLC. MAR Historical LLC shall regulate the bidding and reserves the right to refuse any bid which MAR Historical LLC, in its sole discretion, believes to be made in bad faith. "Buy" bids are only accepted with the understanding and acquiescence that MAR Historical LLC's discretion is absolute. Any buyer who fails to accept these conditions shall have its bid declared null, void and of no effect.

2a) For High Bid (Gebots) Auctions The high bidder will pay the full amount of his bid plus 15% buyers commission as well as a 2$ lot fee plus shipping and insurance.  For example an item has an opening bid of $5, bidder #1 places a bid of $10 and Bidder #2 places a bid of $20. Bidder #2 wins the lot with a hammer price of $20 plus a $2 lot fee and the 15% commission.

3. Any party wishing to limit its purchases to a specified amount must indicate the desired total on the bid sheet.

4. Successful bidders who are not prequalified in writing prior to bidding, with references acceptable to MAR Historical LLC shall make payment in full prior to delivery of the lots by MAR Historical LLC. Bidders will be notified of the amount of their purchases in a timely manner.

5. If the lot(s) have not been paid within 21 days from the date of mailing of notice of the awarding of sale, then said lot sales may be declared in default, resold, and any losses arising from such resale shall be charged to the party in default.

6. A late charge of 2% per month will be charged to all past due accounts of over 30 days from the invoice date. All attorneys fees, court costs, and other collection costs incurred by MAR Historical LLC in respect to overdue accounts will be payable by the buyer. All parties agree that the laws of Colorado shall govern all transactions, with venue and jurisdiction residing in the courts of Broomfield County, Colorado for any suit initiated by or against MAR Historical LLC by reason of any auction. The laws of Colorado shall prevail over all matters and not as a venue for Conflict of Laws to or for any other state. All auction offers shall be offers advanced solely for execution in the State of Colorado. The provision for late charges shall be void in any state where this provision is unlawful.

7. A 15% premium to the hammer price as well as a $2.00 lot fee (per lot) will be added as part of the total purchase price. Domestic credit card purchases are subject to an additional 3% premium. foreign credit card purchases are subject to an additional 4% premium. A premium of 3% will be applied to internet/electronic payments where MAR Historical LLC is charged a service fee or percentage. Checks in USD ($) drawn on a foreign bank are subject to a $10 service charge. Forwarding costs will be charged to the buyer (minimum $2.00). Shipping insurance in the amount of $2 plus 1% of the total purchase price (minimum $1.00) will be added to all lots forwarded to the buyer. Insurance costs may be waived at the sole discretion of MAR Historical LLC if a request is provided in writing prior to the auction closing. Should a waiver be granted MAR Historical LLC will not be responsible for items lost or damaged in shipment. Colorado sales tax will be collected on the total purchase price unless the buyer has a sales tax exemption license on file with MAR Historical LLC.

8. All lots are sold as genuine. Lots accompanied by a valid expert certificate issued within 5 years prior to the auction date shall not be subject to re-certification.

9. The following conditions apply to requests for expertization: a) The lot must be paid for in full including 15% premium, lot fee and forwarding costs, if any. b) The lot must be submitted by MAR Historical LLC or the bidder to an expertizing committee acceptable to MAR Historical LLC within 21 days of the date of sale; c) If submitted to the expertizing committee by the successful bidder, a copy of the application form shall be simultaneously forwarded to MAR Historical LLC; d) If the expertizing review is not completed and the results provided to MAR Historical LLC within 60 calendar days of the auction date, then buyer shall notify MAR Historical LLC of the delay prior to the expiration of the 60-day period. Since all lot sales are normally cleared within 60 days, if buyer fails to inform MAR Historical LLC of the delay, then MAR Historical LLC may consider the purchase final and distribute the sale proceeds to the seller as a buyer acceptance of the tendered lots. e) Expertization costs shall be incurred by the buyer. However, should an adverse opinion be rendered on authentication, but not due to condition, then MAR Historical LLC will forward an immediate refund of: (i) the actual Expertization costs, which shall not to exceed $50.00; (ii) the full purchase price; and (iii) the commission, provided the lot is timely returned to MAR Historical LLC within 65 days of the auction closing, in the same condition as when purchased.

10. A lot, in which the description is incorrect, is returnable within 5 days of receipt and must be received by MAR Historical LLC within 21 days from the date of the auction. The following lots cannot be returned under any circumstances: 1) the lot contains 10 or more stamps, postcards or other items; 2) there is mention of faults, defects, or "condition mixed" in the listing description, either generally or specifically; or, 3) the lot was inspected by the buyer or the buyer's authorized agent prior to bid or purchase. Lots described "as is" are not returnable under any circumstances, 4) illustrated lots because of margins, centering and other faults shown in the illustrations, 5) collections, accumulations, and stocks.

11. Title shall not pass to the buyer until MAR Historical LLC has received full payment. Full payment is defined as cash or cash equivalent receipt of sale proceeds by MAR Historical LLC. Delays may accrue due to credit card fee transfers, check deposit subject to collection and the like. Receipt of a non-certified funds check shall not be construed as payment until funds are fully vested in MAR Historical LLC.

12. Methods of Payment
a) Personal checks or money orders in U.S. funds only drawn on U.S. banking Institutions. b) VISA or MasterCard are accepted.
c) PayPal payment is accepted.
d) Bank transfers, wires, etc. Note that money must be tranfered to our bank account with all the charges prepaid.


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