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    La Filatelia Quattrobajocchi nasce a Palermo nel 1967, fu fondata da Antonio Di Pasquale nella sede storica di Via Caltanissetta ove rimase fino al 2010, succesivamente si è trasferita nell'attuale sede di Via Quintino Sella 31.

    Nel 1992 il figlio Vincenzo (perito filatelico della C.C.I.A.A. e del Tribunale di Palermo) entra in Ditta affiancando il padre nell'attività, con lui si è sviluppato il commercio online fin dal 1998 oltre alla fondazione della casa d'asta.

    Serietà, correttezza e l'esperienza di tanti anni nel settore garantiscono al cliente acquisti sicuri, soddisfacenti e con garanzia soddisfatto o rimborsato.

    Per ogni informazione telefonate al +390916250309

Shipments: Your shipment Packages are generally dispatched within 3 working days after receipt of payment.

Shipping via Poste Italiane with tracking .

If you prefer delivery by UPS – DHL or other, an additional cost will be applied, so please contact us before choosing this method.

Whichever shipment choice you make, we will provide you with a link to track your package online. Shipping fees include handling and packing fees as well as postage costs.

Handling fees are fixed, whereas transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment.

We advise you to group your items in one order.

We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately, and shipping fees will apply to each of them.

Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.
Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

Spedizioni: gli ordini vengono generalmente spediti entro 3 giorni lavorativi dal ricevimento del pagamento.

Vengono solitamente spediti tramite Poste Italiane con tracciamento.

Se preferisci la consegna con altri corrieri, verrà applicato un costo aggiuntivo, quindi ti preghiamo di contattarci prima di scegliere questo metodo.

Qualsiasi scelta di spedizione tu faccia, ti forniremo un link per tracciare il tuo pacco online.

Le spese di spedizione comprendono le spese di gestione e imballaggio, nonché i costi di spedizione.

Le spese di trasporto variano in base al peso totale della spedizione.

Ti consigliamo di raggruppare i tuoi articoli in un unico ordine.

Non possiamo raggruppare due ordini distinti posti separatamente, le spese di spedizione si applicano a ciascuno di essi.

Il pacco verrà spedito a proprio rischio, ma viene prestata particolare attenzione alla protezione degli oggetti fragili.

Le scatole sono ampiamente dimensionate e gli articoli sono ben protetti.
Shipping Information

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Bank transfer

Terms and Conditions

Filatelia Quattrobajocchi

Selling conditions

1 - All the material offered is guaranteed authentic and without hidden defects, unless otherwise indicated. For the lots photographed the photo is decisive as regards margins, indentation, centering and cancellation. The most  important specimens and series are signed orequipped with a photographic guarantee certificate of the best known philatelic experts.
The numbering, for philately, refers to the Sassone catalog for Italy and the Italian area, to the Yvert et Tellier and Unified catalogsfor Europe and Yvert et Tellier for overseas. For the numismatic catalog Gigante. The reference to other catalogs will bespecifically indicated.

2 - The published photographs and videos are crucial for centering, indentation, margins and any possible defect visible.

3 - Mail order offers will be entered according to the order of arrival on the website and will participate together with the online ones, the offers will be anonymous to protect the privacy of the bidder, if you want you can follow online the progress of your offers. We decline all responsibility for delays, missed connections or malfunctions of the online service.
We do not accept offers subject to a surcharge, or "at best" or similar, the amount written in the order form it will follow the steps predetermined in the program with a trend from 5% to 10% maximum; in case of parity of offer the first one wins, moreover it is not possible to accept cumulative offers for multiple lots.
Unsold lots will not be available at the end of the auction.
Disputes due to negligence or error in the compilation of written offers or those made on the website, not will be accepted.

4 - Filatelia Quattrobajocchi reserves the right to withdraw, add lots and the right to refuse an offer.
The hammer price will be increased by 20% for each lot awarded, VAT included. Example: hammer price € 100 + increase € 20 = € 120, excluding postage.

5 - Payment must be made upon delivery of the lots and by mail order buyers within 7 days from receipt of the invoice by bank transfer to:
Filatelia Quattrobajocchi IBAN IT29V 05387 04600 00003 5223329 - BIC SWIFT BPMOIT22 - BPER Banca - Palermo
It is possible to pay by Paypal or credit card via Paypal at filatelia@quattrobajocchi.com with a surcharge of the total amount of 3.5%

If the buyer has not yet paid the due amount after 15 days of receipt, Filatelia Quattrobajocchi reserves, according to its free appreciation, the following rights or legal actions:
a: resolve the sale without further notice to the buyer;
b: proceed with the sale of the lots mentioned above
c: take any legal action to recover our credit;

6 - Any payment extensions may be granted on the basis of any agreements that must however be formalized before the sale expires.

7 - Once payment has been made, the lots can be shipped by insured, SDA courier, or by other means requested by the buyer at his risk and expense, remaining exempt from all liability with the presentation of the shipping receipt made by the medium required. Unless otherwise instructed, shipments will be made by Poste Italiane for conventional insurance for Italy. Shipping in Europe by international courier or Registered by Poste Italiane. Shipping cost outside Europe, will be comunicated at the moment.
For large lots, the related costs will be communicated from time to time.

8 - We reserve the right to accept or reject the request for "extensions". However, please note that "extensions" are not acceptedfor lots whose description of the catalog mentions that they are accompanied by a photographic certificate. It specifies also that the possible granting of "extensions" does not change the payment terms referred to in point n ° 5.

9 - Any complaints must be made at the delivery of the lots for those who collect on site, whether they are agents or commission. For buyers by mail (mail order offers) complaints must be received within 15 days ofshipment. Complaints will be taken into consideration only if, in the opinion of two well-known experts, the lot is not found original or was substantially different from our description.

10 - Reserves the right to request from participants information on their personal details and bank references, as well as the right to refuse the offer

11 - By sending its purchase order, the buyer fully accepts all the conditions of sale listed above. For any dispute is competent the Court of Palermo, Italy.

For collections or accumulations of any kind; for batches of stamps declared defective or of mixed quality; for heterogeneous lots stamps not individually described; for lots explicitly described with the "to be examined" – “ da  esaminare” clause, for all stamps accompanied by a photographic certificate mentioned in the catalog description.
Given the heterogeneity, the different composition, the various quality of the lots, no disputes are accepted for all the lots of the chapters "Curiosity and other collectibles" and "Lots and collections", any catalog prices in these  chapters are those declared by therefore, customers are to be considered indicative but not decisive for the description of the lot.
Upon request we send photos and videos by email of all the lots in the catalog, ad exclusion of those with free offer.

C/ = Certified by (name)
F/ = Signed by (name)
Cat. = Sassone 2020 value in euro.

Upon request we send photographs and videos by email of all the lots.
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Filatelia Quattrobajocchi

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Può prendere diretto contatto con il Responsabile della Protezione dei Dati personali all’indirizzo e-mail: negozio@quattrobajocchi.com, oppure scrivendo al seguente indirizzo: Responsabile Protezione Dati, presso Filatelia Quattrobajocchi Via Quintino Sella 31 90139 Palermo, Italia
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Filatelia Quattrobajocchi, 37th Auction LIVE!
03-04 juin 2021

Dear friends and customers,
I am pleased to present you a catalog consisting of 1,450 lots, which I like to define “fun”, because you will find inside, in addition to the usual chapters dedicated to philately and numismatics, an interesting selection of geographical maps, prints and engravings, books, philatelic and numismatic publishing, together with a beautiful chapter of medals with some rarities, to conclude with a space dedicated to curiosities and other collecting.


Début de la vente aux enchères: 3. juin 2021 16:00 CEST

LIVE! Info et inscription gratuite pour la vente aux enchères

Court conditions générales

A commission of 20% incl. VAT is added to the hammer price.

S'il vous plaît noter les conditions d'affaires et ventes

Thursday 03.06.2021

Lots de Lots jusqu'à Starting Time CEST Description
1 808 16:00 CEST Part 1

Friday 04.06.2021

Lots de Lots jusqu'à Starting Time CEST Description
809 1450 16:00 CEST Part 2
Résultats des ventes
03-04 juin 2021
Filatelia Quattrobajocchi, 37th Auction
Dear friends and customers,
I am pleased to present you a catalog consisting of 1,450 lots, which I like to define “fun” ...
09-10 décembre 2020
Filatelia Quattrobajocchi, 36th Auction
Philately - Postal history - Numismatics - Lots and Collections - Curiosities and hotel collections.