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    We are the largest specialized auction house in America devoted exclusively to offering the stamps and postal history of the British Empire for both public auction and private sale. Your collection or consignment will be reviewed by many thousands of active collectors and stamp dealers all over the world. Our auctions are extensively advertized abroad. You cannot hope to find a larger or more enthusiastic audience that is specifically seeking to buy what you wish to sell

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Colonial Stamp Company


1. All bids are subject to 15% buyers fee which will be added to the auction sale prices as part of the total purchase price.

2. All bids are per lot as numbered in the catalogue. The right is reserved to withdraw any lot prior to the sale, or to group two or more lots (belonging to the same owner).

3. The highest bidder shall prevail (at 1 advance over the next highest bidder). Should any dispute arise between bidders, the decision of the Auctioneer as to the successful bidder and the reoffering or resale of the lot under dispute shall rest entirely in the Auctioneer's judgment. The Auctioneer shall regulate the bidding, and reserves the right to refuse any bids believed to be neither made in good faith, nor commensurate with its value.

4. Floor bidders shall bid by numbered card, submitting their name and address on the card provided. Payment of the total purchase price shall be made immediately following the sale. Special credit arrangements must be made prior to the sale and shall be at the Auctioneer's discretion.

5. Mail bidders shall be notifies of the lots purchased and must remit before lots are sent. Clients with established credit, known to us, may, at our option, have lots forwarded for immediate payment (plus shipping, handling and insurance charges). Title shall not pass to the buyer until payment is received by Colonial Stamp Company. In fairness to all bidders, written bids shall be binding with respect to accuracy. (Please recheck your bid sheet.)

6. Successful bidders agree to pay for lots as specified above; a late payment charge of 2% per month will be imposed on overdue accounts, with a minimum charge of $10.00.

7. Each lot is sold as genuine, but if in the opinion of an authority acceptable to Colonial Stamp Company, and the purchaser, the lot is declared otherwise, the purchase price will be refunded in full, provided the lot is received by Colonial Stamp Company within four weeks of the date of the auction. Lots accompanied by a certificate shall form the basis on which the lots are offered. Requests for any additional certificates will be declined. We require that extension requests be placed when bids are submitted. Cost of certification will paid against adverse opinions. Inability of the designated authority to express a definite opinion shall not be grounds for a lot's return. Extension lots are to be paid for at the time of purchase, subject to expertization.

8. Any lot, description of which is incorrect is returnable within 10 days of receipt, and must be returned intact, by registered or insured mail.. LOTS NOT RETURNABLE (A) Lots containing 10 or more items; (B) Lots viewed by floor bidders or their agents; (C) Stamps described with defects or faults or of a quality of vg (very good) or below; (D) Photographed lots on account of appearance (centering or perforations).

9. The placing of a bid shall constitute the acceptance of the foregoing conditions of sale. The sales tax is payable to all buyers liable to tax.

10. Bidders outside the United States , we respectfully request a charge card for best exchange rates.

11. We reserve the right to publish all names of defaulters and overdue accounts.

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Colonial Stamp Company

Colonial Stamp Company 132nd Auction
11 giugno 2020

Welcome to our 132nd consecutive British Colony Stamp Auction.  Enclosed within is an unusually nice range of rare and difficult material.
British Africa: Madagascar includes items from two recent collections we acquired.  Nyasaland, the £10 K Edward VII  mint.  Saint Helena, B1-4 Tristan Relief Set Mint.  Sierra Leone, postal fiscals, K George V £5 mint.  Togo, includes 80pf second setting etc.  Zanzibar #2 mint and strong "2½" provisionals - from the landmark John Griffith-Jones collection (of which we were, by far the largest outright buyers!)
British West Indies: Bahamas #1 used.  British Guinea, strong mint perforated "ships" and provisionals.  Cayman Islands ½ on 5 shilling double overprint mint, the scarce 2½ on 4d provisional.  Falkland Islands largely complete, South Georgia provisional 2½d on 2d mint and used, £1 Tercentennial mint and used.  Nevis, the one shilling "laid paper" used (only 17 recorded.)
British Europe: Cyprus rare used 45pi Edward "CA", the £5 mint.  Gibraltar, £5 mint.  Great Britain, the 10 penny imperf XF OG, unissued 1½d and 8d brown, superb mint £5 orange.
British Asia: Ceylon imperf 4d rose very fine.  India, strong mint section of Victorian issues.  Jordan, first portion of an important new collection plus later many rarities currently off for certificates.  Mesopotamia, the most comprehensive used range of these difficult provisional stamps we have ever been able to offer.

British Australasia:  Australia £2 Kangaroos (times 3 mint plus one used!), the key 20 shilling green "slash" postage due mint and hundreds of other rare and desirable key items.  New Zealand, mint #2 OG VF (ex the gold medal Joseph Hackmay collection.)
We wish you happy hunting.
George and Kevin
Colonial Stamp Co.

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All bids are subject to 15% buyers fee which will be added to the auction sale prices as part of the total purchase price.

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Thursday 11.06.2020

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11 giugno 2020
Colonial Stamp Company 132nd Auction
Welcome to our 132nd consecutive British Colony Stamp Auction.  Enclosed within is an unusually nice range of rare and difficult ...