Terms and conditions

  1. The auction takes place voluntarily and publicly against payment in Swiss Francs against invoice, credit cards, PayPal and for USA and CANADA bank checks accepted.

  2. The legal Swiss VAT will not be applicable to any lots purchased at auction.

  3. WALTER FUERST PHILATELY has the right to withdraw, regroup or refuse to knock down any lot. In the event of identical bids, the one first received takes precedence. In the event of misunderstanding, the lot is reoffered.

  4. The starting price is the minimum price in CHF (Swiss Francs)

  5. Lots are awarded to the highest bidder by knock-down which creates an obligation to take delivery. A commission of 12% is added to the purchase price. Additionally we add shipping fees.

  6. Written bids which are higher than the best bid of a online-bidder will be considered carefully and in the bidder's interest but without prejudice. In case of two or more identical bids, the first bid will be deemed to the successful bid.

  7. Upon the fall of the Auctioneer's hammer, a sales contract is entered into between the Auctioneer and the bidder. The buyer is obligated to accept the goods. The risk passes to the buyer with the fall of the hammer. Title of ownership however passes to the buyer only after full payment of the total amount due.

  8. Payment of lots is due within ten days after each auction. Postal or Commission bidders are obligated to transfer the amount due immediately on receipt of invoice. The handing over of lots can only be claimed after payment in full. The lots sold to Postal or Commission Bidders will be forwarded by mail or by other means of transport at the Bidder's wish, risk and expense.

  9. All extensions must be cleared within 10 days after receipt or shipment of the items. Extensions for expert opinion will normally only be considered for reasons of genuineness or classification. Extension of an item is not possible, if
    • the item has an attestation or any expertise
    • all faults, defects etc. are visible in the auction catalogue or are described
    • the buyer changed parts of the lot or the entire lot
    • lots content 3 or more stamps, items, covers, cards etc.

  10. Signatures of experts are not considered as change of an item.

  11. Claims for genuineness or repairs at a stamp must be proved by an expert with attestation within 6 month after receipt of the item and to the buyer's costs.

  12. Offers are accepted by FAX, email, bidding sheet or internet means.