ProCollecta 1st auction
December 17th - 19th, 2021

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Legal Form
General partnership ProCollecta

Registered office of the company
2560 Kessel, Merelstraat 8, België

Contact details

Company number
Business number of Cross-point bank: 0731716629

The purpose of the company exists in:
    -The auctioning of collectibles of all kind
    -The provision of services by general partnership ProCollecta
ProCollecta only provides services regarding the functions, nature and form of the website.

Method of payment
The amount that the buyer should pay to the seller is deposited via ProCollecta into an Escrow( blocked account). This blocked bank account is held with a neutral and financially reliable third party, the Escrow agent.

De Escrow agent only pays the received amount if the seller has met all his obligations towards ProCollecta and the buyer.

ProCollecta Stamps Auctions

EU – Right of withdrawal

Were you a little too impulsive when placing an online order? Gold is the product you received in
good condition but you do not like it? In other words: do you want to cancel your purchase? Know
then that you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days; in principle, if you bought the product from a
European site and if the seller is a trader.

What is the role of ProCollecta?
ProCollecta who is operating the online platform does not sell products or services as such. It
gives third parties (professional or private sellers) the opportunity to offer their products for sale
via its online platform, enabling them to use the logistics of the platform (layout, order procedure,
payment system etc.) to enter into contracts with consumers.
Purchases made via ProCollecta are non-binding for the platform operator, which means that you
have no redress with them in the event of problems with the order

Who is the seller?
Before buying from ProCollecta you should check who the vendor of the offer is. The platform is
obliged to provide you with contact data of relevant sellers for any products or services on offer.
Why? Because the seller is solely responsible in the event of a problem with your purchase.
It will also enable you to establish whether the seller is a trader or private seller, and whether they
are based inside or outside the EU. Is the seller a private individual? In that case you are not
protected by consumer laws such as the right of withdrawal and legal guarantee. Is the
professional seller based outside the EU? In such cases it will be difficult to assert your rights if
problems occur.

How do you prevent fraud?
ProCollecta is not obliged to check a seller's true identity. Fraudsters use this loophole to present
misleading or even fictitious offers.
Be vigilant, because ProCollecta is not liable for the content of offers, photographs and other
information posted therein by sellers. This means that you have no redress with ProCollecta if you
are the victim of a fraudulent offer.
In order to minimise fraud ProCollecta provides a central payment system on her website. Once
the product or service has been supplied the platform transmits the money to the seller. Ifproblems occur you can notify ProCollecta to stop the money from being transmitted until the
dispute is resolved.
Always pay via ProCollecta and never comply with requests from sellers to complete the sale or
payment outside the platform, e.g. via e-mail.

Problems with delivery?
Have you confirmed and paid for your order? Then all you can do is wait for delivery of your online
purchase. Unfortunately, this does not always go according to plan:
• your parcel does not arrive
• you receive the wrong parcel
• the contents of your parcel are damaged

My parcel has not arrived
The delivery of your online purchase must be completed within the term stated in the sale
agreement. This is normally thirty days.
Is this not the case? Communicate a new (reasonable) delivery term to the seller, preferably via e-
mail. Does the trader not meet the new delivery term? In that case, you can terminate the
contract and request a full refund.

I received the wrong parcel
You’ve probably at some point opened a parcel to find that it contained the wrong item.
In such cases, you are entitled to request a replacement. You are backed by European legislation
on conformity guarantees. The seller must pay for any costs involved.
Is it not possible to exchange an article, e.g. because it is not in stock? Or can your online purchase
not be delivered within a reasonable time frame? State that you want to cancel your order and
request a full refund of the purchase price and delivery cost.

The contents of the parcel are damaged
The seller is responsible for any damage to your online order during delivery, even if the damage
was caused by the courier.
But remember: if you accept the delivery, the seller will no longer be liable for the damage. In
other words: have you (or someone on your behalf) accepted the parcel? In that case, you haveaccepted its present condition. It will be difficult to get a refund from the seller for damages you
have identified later on, such as scratches, tears or marks.

How to avoid this?
1. Ask the courier to wait while you check your parcel. Is it damaged? Refuse to accept it. Or
accept it provisionally and note your comments on the delivery note.
2. Take photographs of the damaged packaging.
3. Immediately contact the seller in writing – by e-mail or registered post. And request a credit
note or refund.

Three tips on how to return a parcel
Are you returning a parcel to the seller that contains the wrong or a damaged item? Remember
these tips:
1. Never return the parcel without prior approval from the seller.
2. Comply with the returns procedure as instructed by the seller.
3. Is the seller not collecting the parcel? Use a secure transport method and keep hold of any
proof of return shipment to get a refund from the seller for the cost of returning the item.

How long did I go to it?
Do you want to cancel your purchase? You must do so within the context of the day of delivery of
your order (for a product). If the seller did not notify you of your right to cancel when you place
the order, the cancellation period is extended by 12 months.
Notify the seller in writing of your decision to cancel the purchase. By e-mail, registered post or by
completing a cancellation form. You are not obligated to indicate why you want to cancel your

When and how does the seller have to pay me back?
Have you notified the trader that you want to cancel the purchase? En ce que box, the trader will-
have fourteen days from the time of your notification to give you a full refund (Including delivery
costs and taxes). However, he is entitled to wait until he receives the returned parcel.
You can demand that the seller uses the same payment method as the one when you place the

When and how do I have to return the product?
Return the item within fourteen days ounce Enable notifications you-have the selling of your
decision to cancel the purchase. Three tips:
1. Comply with any procedures imposed by the seller. Specifically ask for them.
2. Check that the return address is correct: the head office and warehouse may be at different
3. Choose a secure dispatch method and retain any proof.

Note : You will have to pay for the return shipment, unless the seller failed to inform you.
Purchases from private sellers are binding. You can therefore not invoke your right of withdrawal.
The bids at our auction are binding.

Auction Date: December 17th - 19th, 2021