16 ottobre 2021
Dr. Derichs 162nd Auction in Stuttgart, FRITZ TROST Collection (Part III)
Special auction in Stuttgart
13 ottobre 2021
Spink 21114 – Bahamas, Grenada and Virgin islands Collections
Bahamas, Grenada and Virgin islands: Collections formed by Phil MacMurdie, Timothy Pearce and Bill ...
13 ottobre 2021
Athens Auctions 93rd Auction
Worldwide single stamps and sets
12-13 ottobre 2021
Cherrystone - Worldwide Stamps and Covers
Welcome to our October 12-13, 2021 Sale of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World. This 1,458 ...
12-22 ottobre 2021
Christoph Gärtner 51st Auction
Worldwide offer Philately and Numismatics
09 ottobre 2021
Plumridge General Sale No 1995
There are 224 lots of philatelic material - All world including collections & single items. ...
07-09 ottobre 2021
646th Van Dieten Auction
In this auction a varied and partly spectacular offer
• Starting on the ...
07-09 ottobre 2021
Oldlouis 19th Special Auction - Russian Revenues, Local Issues, and Non-postals
Stamps of all periods and territories of Russia have represented: The Russian Empire (including the ...
06 ottobre 2021
Cavendish Auktion - 840th - The Duncan Collection of Great Britain Line‐Engraved Stamps & Postal History
Featuring rare & quality items, much of which has not been on the market for 20‐40 years.
06-07 ottobre 2021
141th MH Marken Auction
International auction offer with strong sections Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
06-09 ottobre 2021
Hellman 124th Auction
The auction includes a lot of worldwide philately, mainly in intact lots and collections and also ...
06-09 ottobre 2021
AIX-PHILA - 69th Stamp Auction
Stamps and Coins with focus on Germany and German territorries.
05 ottobre 2021
Cavendish Auktion - 839th - The Geoff Whitehead Collection of Classic Stamps & Covers
Featuring Australian States, Canada & Provinces, Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, France, German & ...
05 ottobre 2021
83rd UPA Auction
It’s so easy to test UPA - if you are a New Bidder you may qualify for UPA's Introductory ...
04 ottobre 2021
nordphila 481st stamps mail auction
50 Years Nordphila-Auctions
Old Germany and German Reich, numerous Zeppelin ...
04 ottobre 2021
Lugdunum 119th Auction
Worldwide postal history focusing on France, french colonies and territories
02 ottobre 2021
Stampedia Auction Japan, 19th Sale
Wide selection of Japan and areas.
02 ottobre 2021
57th Stade Auction
With our third auction of 2021, we are presenting a special highlight: the first part of a ...
01-02 ottobre 2021
23rd Ferrario Auction
Very rich Auction with 3388 items with important Italian Area rarities and with important stamps ...
01-02 ottobre 2021
71st AAK Phila GmbH Auction
Auction with huge offer of single lots and collections from all over the world.

Please ...
01 ottobre 2021
160th Eisenhammer Briefmarken Auction
Auction with strong section Germany and a large amount of lots sold for 6 Euro minimum bid.
01 ottobre 2021
La Postale Philatélie 35th Auction
Specialized and rare stamps from France and french colonies
01 ottobre 2021
57th Leininger Auktionshaus Auction
Over 1500 lots with Stamps, Coins, Antiques and Jewellery.
01-02 ottobre 2021
8th Heuberger-Auction

A beautiful selection with some classic and modern rarities as well as a nice selection of ...

set 30 - ott 02, 2021
H. R. Harmer Auction 3047 - 3051
United States, British Commonwealth, and Foreign Stamps, Covers and Collections
set 30 - ott 02, 2021
Postiljonen 232nd & 233rd Int. Stamp Auction
90 years of collecting! Warren Grosjeans Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and more...

set 30 - ott 02, 2021
Abacus Auctions - "Abacus-Online 6"
This auction features 1200+ lots of Australia & Colonies and Rest of the World single items & small ...
30 settembre 2021
Bertolami Fine Arts 104. Web Auction
Auction specialized in the Italian area, with particular attention to the pre-unification period. ...
set 30 - ott 09, 2021
169th Van Looy Auction
169th auction LIVE internet bidding
Philately and postal history from ...
30 settembre 2021
D&T International AB - Auction 2021-2
Stamp Auction with a focus on Asia and China.
28 settembre 2021
Francois Feldman Auction Sale No. 127
The Parisian Auction House Francois Feldman announces their 127th Mail Auction Sale, closing ...
28 settembre 2021
Soler y Llach - 765th Auction - Stamps and Postal History from all over the World
Stamps and Postal History from all over the World