Philatino #226 Auktion - Argentinien und Weltweit
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Philatino #226 Auktion - Argentinien und Weltweit

Mittwoch 07.06.2017

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Guillermo Jalil-Philatino
Conditions of sale
1. The auction lots will be sold:
a) At the starting bid, when there is only one bid (whichever the amount).
b) If there are two or more bids, the lot will be sold to the highest bidder, at the price that results from adding 10% to the next highest bid (rounding up to the next whole number). For example, if there are several bids for a lot with a starting price of $100, and the two top bids are $200 and $150, the lot will be sold to the bidder that submitted $200, and the selling price will be $165.
c) In the event of two identical high bids, the lot will be sold at that price to the bidder who submitted the first received.
d) In the event of several bids, each new bid must advance 10% over the next highest bid in competition to be successful.

IT IS IMPORTANT to bear in mind that if a bidder submits a very high bid for a lot, that will not necessarily be the successful selling price, a value which can result to be the starting bid or one much lower than that bidded, depending on the ongoing bidding process.

2. No bids can be withdrawn under no circumstances and for no reason. Therefore take good care to click on the "Submit" button only when you are certain you did not enter a wrong amount or are not bidding on the wrong lot. Remember that you are agreeing to honor all your bids, even those made by mistake.

3. Privacy policy: the personal information that you submit to our site will be kept strictly confidential.

4. A buyer's premium equal to 10% of the successful bid price of each lot is payable by the buyer as part of the total purchase price. 

5. SHIPPING: We will mail your purchase to your indicated address in any place of the world safely and at a very competitive price.
Based on our experience, we will advise you of which service is best and safer for your needs (postal service, courier, private delivery services, etc.). We mail thousands of items per year, virtually without any problem of lost shipments, and only with an occasional little postal delay in the delivery.
6. RETURN OF LOTS: All our lots are guaranteed, and any lot may be returned for any reason within a reasonable time of 30 calendar days upon receipt of the item by the buyer. After this period, and for another 60 calendar days, we will also accept returns of lots because of an error in the description or for authencity reasons. We urge our buyers to inform us immediately if they, in case of doubt, send one of our lots to be expertized, because sometimes we sell consigned lots, and in those special cases, we will withhold the sale price until the buyer confirms his acceptance of the lot. After 90 calendar days upon receipt of the purchase by the buyer, or the 100 calendar days from the auction closing date, a lot cannot be returned for any reason.
7. OTHER CONDITIONS: We prioritize the relationship with our buyer, and for that reason we are interested in building long-term relationships rather than a mere quick occasional transaction. We always try that buyers and consignors be satisfied with our service, and we are open to comments and suggestions which will be akways welcome and taken into consideration. 
Philatino #226 Auktion - Argentinien und Weltweit

Auktionstermin: 7. Juni 2017

Guillermo Jalil-Philatino
Maipú 466, Local 4
1006 Buenos Aires,
Tele: +54 (291) 4563308
Fax: +54 (291) 4550253

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