Mossgreen: 135. Mossgreen Auktion - Briefmarken und Postgeschichte Auktion ist bereits beendet!
POSTMARKS - CROWNED OVAL DATESTAMPS: 1850s-1860s group including very fine 'AMHERST' on 1861 part-entire, part-'AVOCA' on 1859 cover to Prussia, very fine 'BALLAN' error '1855' for '1856' on outer, very fine 'BALMORAL' on 1860 cover, 'BEECHWORTH' on 1858 cover, 'BUNINYONG' on 1859 cover to GB, 'BUNNENYONG' arrival unusually on face of 1853 outer, 'CARAMUT' on 1860 entire & on face of 1865 entire, very fine 'CARNGHAM' on 1861 cover, very fine 'CERES' on 1865 OHMS wrapper with 'COMMR OF PUBLIC WORKS' Frank, very fine 'CHEPSTOWE' on 1856 cover, fine 'CHUTON' error on 1857 cover, 'COLAC' on 1859 entire, 'COLERAINE' on 1861 cover with oval 'WYNDHAM' b/s, '---- COLLINGWOOD' ('EAST' excised) on 1864 cover, 'DIGBY' on 1859 cover, 'DONNYBROOK' on 1857 OHMS outer, very fine 'ELEPHANT BRIDGE' used after name change to Darlington on 1863 outer, 'ELTHAM' on 1861 cover, 'EPSOM' on 1859 outer, 'FIERY CK PGF' on 1857 cover, 'FRYERS CK' on 1855 cover, small 'GEELONG' on 1858 entire, very fine 'GISBORNE' on 1852 outer, 'HAWTHORNE' (note spelling) on 1861 cover, fine 'HEATHCOTE' on 1860 outer, fine 'HEPBURN' on 1856 cover, very fine 'KANGAROO FLAT' on flapless 1861 cover to Switzerland, 'KILMORE' on face of 1852 outer, 'LINTON' on face of 1862 entire, fine 'MALMSBURY' (no 'E') on 1865 cover (the only recorded example), very fine 'MALDON' on 1861 entire, fine 'MINERS REST' on 1858 cover, framed 'MOUNT MACEDON/PORT PHILLIP' on 1853 entire, superb 'MT BLACKWOOD' on defective 1856 outer, fine 'MUSTONS CREEK' on 1852 outer, 'PLENTY' on 1856 outer, 'ST KILDA' after name change from Windsor (1) & 'PORTLAND' arrival on 1859 cover, 'SANDRIDGE' on 1858 cover, very fine 'SCHNAPPER PT' arrival & 'TARRADALE' on 1859 cover, fine 'SEYMOUR/PORT PHILLIP' on 1851 outer and 'SEYMOUR/VICTORIA' on 1857 entire, 'WANGARATTA' b/s on 1855 cover, 'WARNAMBOOL' (note spelling) on face of 1853 outer with light but fine 'PORT FAIRY' also on the face & 'FIERY CREEK' arrival b/s, 'WARRINGAL' on 1863 cover, superb 'WILLIAMS TOWN' on 1854 outer, 'WINCHELSEA' on 1863 outer & in red on 1856 part-entire, 'WOOLSHED' - the only recorded example - on 1864 entire (stamp excised), and a few others including pieces with very fine 'MOUNT ALEXANDER', superb 'PORTLAND', superb 'SANDHURST' & superb 'WHROO', many are record dates, condition variable. A remarkable assemblage that would form the basis for a major study. (55 + pieces) (Estimate 6000 A$)
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