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GANDHI OFFICIAL ‘SERVICE’ 1948 overprint 1½a brown complete sheet of 50 from Plate B6 and another complete sheet of 50 from Plate A6 PLUS 3½a violet complete sheet of 50 from Plate B2. All stamps unused with overall original protective backing adhesion, described as glassine tissue by the RPS, but more accurately described as semi-transparent greaseproof protective paper which essentially is the over-riding reason why these sheets facially are so fresh, fine and beautiful. The fact that the protective backing paper adheres to the stamps is the very reason why these sheets exist today in such remarkable fresh appearance (one example of the 3½a violet is thinned upon the reverse – but reveals the perfect original gum ‘locked’ in time by the backing paper). Minor wrinkling and a few negligible tone spots otherwise beautiful. It is almost as though, unknowingly, a previous owner has protected these three sheets facially to Exhibition Standard. A GREAT RARITY - 2017 RPS & BPA certificates for EACH sheet (3 sheets, 6 certificates), Total SG Catalogue Value £360,000+ conservatively estimated according to condition at £85,000 and reserved at the UPA standard 80% of estimate at £68,000. Scans of front and reverse + certificates available upon request. (Start Price = £68,000.00) (SG catalogue value = £360000)
Startpreis: 68000.00
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