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Uruguay, Specialized Collection, 1858-60. Neatly written-up on quadrille pages; starting with 1858 Sun Issues including a mint transfer block of 30 reconstruction of the 180c issue and 6 additional mostly mint shades, 240c value with 15 mint examples in various shades including 10 sub-types, an a scarce used example tied on piece and the "Diligencia" unadopted essay (margin single, 2008 Rocha cert.), 1859 Sun Thin Numerals Issues extensive with 60c issue with 19 singles in the array of shades and cancels including Paysandu, Mercedes and Cerro Largo ovals and the fancy scarab of Salto in black and blue, also two covers and two fronts, 80c with mint sub-type and 10 used including oval cancels of Cerro Largo, Durazno and Fray Bentos as well as the Salto scarab, 100c with three mint singles including a sub-type 13A with prominent large colorless flaw, mint block of 4 and five used singles in various shades, 120c with 4 mint singles and 6 used with various types, 8 on cover usages from Montevideo many with ship endorsements, 180c starting with 9 singles */o in shades, numerous mint multiples (types and positions identified) including 2 pairs, strip of four, 3 blocks of four, block of 6, 8 and a sheet margin block of 18, couple on cover usages from San Carlos and Carmelo, 240c with 4 used singles and a scarce and choice on cover usages to Nantes, France, 1860 Sun Thick Numeral Issues starting with 60c fine impressions showing 26 singles mostly used with the array of shades and cancels, and 4 covers and 6 fronts including scarce usage from Rosario (front), 60c coarse impressions starting with a used reconstruction of 12 types including scarce to rare cancels with Montevideo small cds, Cerro Largo and Maldonado ovals, additional 46 stamps (5 mint and a used pair) with a myriad of shades and cancels, 21 covers and 5 fronts again with an excellent showing of shades and origin postmarks including Mercedes, Salto including scarab cancel tying stamp and pair on cover (with Rocha cert.), 80c with 21 stamps including 4 mint singles and two blocks of four, one single with prominent colorless flaws (sub-type of type 6), used with shades and additional prominent subtype flaws, 3 covers and front with an additional 80c+60c combination franking from San Carlos (considered to be a Unique Franking) with B.P.A. and Holcombe certs., 100c with 16 used including pair, strip, and several on piece items, scarce cover to New York City, 120c with 15 off cover (4 mint) including pair, bisects on cover including one from Dolores and a front from Montevideo, with additional 14 single franking covers and 4 fronts, also and a 120c+60c combination cover and a rare 120c combination with the 1864 6c & 12c Coat of Arms issues (1986 Paulos cert), 180c with four mint and 4 used singles; condition a little varied yet well above the norm for this exhibition quality collection, with many rare and desirable items though out, many items ex-Hoffmann. Estimate; $25,000 - 35,000. Complete Images
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