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A fantastic "pair" of the most famous unused Ferslew stamps which theoretically might have formed a pair. By studying plate I it appears that Nos 59 and 60 form a most interesting pair consisting of a substituted cliché and a stamp with the well known variety in the figure "2". These two stamps each represent the finest of their kind: the variety is the only known flawless copy from type II and the substituted cliché is by far the finest of only three copies recorded. The two stamps match each other by colour, burelage and position of the watermark, but the distance between the stamps (width of margins) does not prove integrity. Certs Grønlund, Nielsen & Møller. Provenance: For position 59: Peer Lorentzen, Grand Prix For position 60: John Jacob Engellau, Grand Prix Christian Andersen, Large Gold Peer Lorentzen, Grand Prix
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