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Kelleher Auktionen




1. Unless announced otherwise by the auctioneer, all bids are per lot, as numbered in the printed Catalogue. Kelleher, as agent for the consignor or vendor, shall regulate the bidding and shall determine the manner in which the bidding shall be conducted. Kelleher reserves the right to withdraw any lot prior to sale (without liability to any potential purchaser or agent), to re-offer any withdrawn lot, to divide a lot or to group two or more lots belonging to the same consignor or vendor, and to refuse any bid believed not made in good faith. Estimates of sales prices contained in the printed Catalogue reflect the best judgment of Kelleher and are not minimum or upset prices.

2. (a) Bids shall be made in the steps set forth on the bidding page for increments. (b) The highest bid acknowledged by the auctioneer shall prevail. Should a dispute arise between bidders (including a dispute between a floor or internet bidder and the auctioneer acting on behalf of a mail bidder, consignor or vendor, the auctioneer alone shall determine who the successful bidder is and whether to reoffer the lot in dispute. Should a dispute arise after the sale, the auctioneer’s sale records shall be conclusive. On all lots sold, a commission of 20% * on the hammer price is payable by the buyer to the auctioneer together with any sales and use tax or customs duties. (c) Lots may be re-opened as necessary to accommodate connectivity issues or incorrect bids.

3. (a) The auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of clients (and consignors or vendors) but shall not be liable for errors and omissions in executing instructions to bid, however received, and whether such errors or omissions be those of the bidder or agent or those of the auctioneer. (b) Lots are offered subject to a reserve price. The auctioneer will implement such reserve price by bidding on behalf of the consignor/ vendor. (c) It may also be assumed that all consignors have been advanced monies against the sale of their consigned material and Kelleher therefore has a security interest in the consigned material over and above the normal auction commission.
(d) Purchases made by a consignor or vendor or his agent on his own lots shall be considered as a sale subject to commissions and sales tax as applicable. (e) Agents are responsible for the payment of the purchase price for all purchases made on behalf of their clients, unless other arrangements with the auctioneer have been confirmed in writing prior to the auction.


4. (a) Payment for lots, including those on which opinions are desired (Extensions), shall be as follows: (b) Floor Bidders. Payment of the purchase price, or such part there of as Kelleher shall require, shall be made by the purchaser in cash, bank or certified check, credit card, PayPal or in such other manner as Kelleher may determine. The name and address of the purchaser of each lot shall be given to the auctioneer immediately following the sale of such lot. (c) Mail/Internet/FAX/Website Bidders. A successful mail bidder will be notified of lots purchased. Before Kelleher will send such lots, payment in full must be received by Kelleher within three (3) business days of receipt of the aforesaid notification by the mail bidder. However, a purchaser known to Kelleher at its option may have purchases delivered or forwarded for immediate payment (by a dollar draft, ACH or wire transfer from a U.S. bank in the case of overseas purchasers). Mailed delivery will be to the address on the bid sheet and proof by Kelleher of receipt of a sending at the advised address shall constitute delivery. This includes disputes for payments made via PayPal and/or credit card. Buyer acknowledges that he/she waives their right to file a dispute in such cases with PayPal or their Credit Card Company. All charges for handling, delivery and insurance obtained by Kelleher on behalf of the purchaser shall be added to the purchase price; a minimum charge of $20.00 will be made for same.

5. Title shall not pass to the purchaser until full payment has been received by Kelleher as agents for the consignor or vendor.

6. (a) Purchasers agree to pay for lots as specified in Condition of Sale 4 (or as the same may be modified by Condition of Sale 8), and no credit is extended; a late payment charge of 2% per month or fraction thereof shall be added if payment is not made in accordance with the aforesaid conditions. (b) In the event that a bidder shall fail to comply with these Conditions of Sale (“Non-Complying Bidder”), then, as to any lot with respect to which such failure to comply occurs, Kelleher, may, in its sole discretion, re-offer such lot during the same auction or at an auction at a later time, or by private treaty sale at such time as Kelleher Auctions, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate and the Non-Complying Bidder shall be liable for the deficiency, if any, between the hammer price and the net proceeds of a sale to a subsequent purchaser, whether at auction or by private treaty, as well as for all costs and expenses of both sales, including all other charges due thereunder, including commissions with respect to both sales, whether payable to Kelleher or to a third party and all incidental damages. It shall be in Kellehers’ sole discretion to determine whether to re-offer the lot theretofore hammered-down to a Non-Complying Bidder at the same auction, or by private treaty in due course, or at a subsequent auction conducted by Kelleher. In no event shall any surplus arising from the sale of a re-offered lot be payable to a Non-Complying Bidder. (c) A defaulting purchaser shall be deemed to have granted Kelleher a security interest in property in Kellehers’ possession owned by such purchaser. Kelleher shall have all of the rights afforded a purchase money secured party under the Connecticut Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) with respect to such property and may apply against such obligations all monies held or received by it for the account of, or due from Kelleher to such purchaser. Kelleher is authorized to file a Financing Statement in order to perfect its rights as a secured party. (d) If Kelleher takes any legal steps to secure payment of a delinquent account, the defaulting purchaser shall be liable for all legal and other expenses incurred by Kelleher to secure such payment, including but not limited to a reasonable allowance for attorneys’ fees. For purposes of this paragraph, the term legal steps shall be deemed to include any and all consultation by Kelleher with its attorneys with respect to all matters arising out of a delinquent account. (e) Unless otherwise acceptable to Kelleher, payment is to be made only in the form of cash, bank check or certified check, personal check (which must clear prior to delivery of lots), credit card (AMEX, Visa, MasterCard and Discover), PayPal or a bank ACH or wire transfer. Payments made by credit card are accepted as a courtesy without surcharge.


Please contact us for our wiring instructions.


7. (a) See viewing schedule for on-premises viewing and please note that we are a certified State of CT, COVID-19 compliant business. As the guidance and rules change, please refer to the CT.GOV or CDC.GOV websites. Ample opportunity is given for on premises inspection prior to the auction date, by appointment only, and upon written request and at Kellehers’ discretion. Live video viewing is also available, please contact our offices to arrange same, at least one week prior to the sale date. (b) Each lot is sold as genuine and correctly described, based on individual description as modified by any specific notations in this Catalogue or as announced at the time of sale.
(c) Quality. Any lot which a purchaser considers to be incorrectly described and was not examined by the bidder or his agent prior to the sale, may be returned to Kelleher within two weeks of its receipt by such purchaser (“Returning Purchaser”), provided, however, that the same is received by Kelleher within four weeks of the date of the auction and in its original packaging; however, Kelleher may, in its discretion, refuse acceptance of such returned lot. If an opinion of a mutually acceptable authority is desired (Extension), the period of time within which a lot must be received by Kelleher will be extended in accordance with Condition of Sale 7(g). In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved by reference to a mutually acceptable authority, and Kelleher thereupon undertakes to re-offer the lot with a description identical to the description disputed, the Returning Purchaser
shall be liable for the deficiency, if any, between the proceeds of the sale to the Returning Purchaser and the proceeds of a sale to a subsequent purchaser, as well as for all costs and expenses of the re-sale, including commission, and all incidental damages. Any lot, the description of which is disputed, must be returned intact and in the original packaging and in the condition received (unaltered) by the purchaser. The following lots are not returnable except at the discretion of Kelleher: (i) lots from purchasers who attended the exhibition of the lots; (ii) lots examined by postal viewers; (iii) lots on account of their appearance, if they are illustrated in this Catalogue or online; (iv) lots described as having repairs, defects or faults for any reason. (v) lots containing more than ten (10) items. (d) Authenticity. Any lot which is declared other than genuine by a mutually recognized authority is returnable, provided such lot is received by Kelleher within four weeks of the date of the auction. Proof that a mutually acceptable authority declines to express an opinion is not grounds for the return of a lot. (e) Expenses incurred by a purchaser in the submission and the return of a lot under Conditions of Sale 7 is not subject to refund. (f) Numerical grading is subjective and is based upon the condition of each issue. Lots may not be returned if a third party grades a stamp at lower than our grade. (g) Lots with existing certificates from the Philatelic Foundation (PF) or Professional Stamp Experts (PSE), British Philatelic Association (BPA), Royal Philatelic Society
(London) (RPSL) and Australia (RPSA), Vincent Graves Greene Foundation (VGG) or any other expertizing authority as recognized by the International Association of Philatelic Experts (AIEP), for items within their specialty and dated within the last seven (7) years from the date of sale, will be offered and sold on an “as-is” basis and as so stated on the certificate. Such lots may not be returned for any reason, including but not limited to a contrary verbal or written opinion or certificate.


8. Unless presentation of satisfactory proof that it is exempted by law, a purchaser shall pay to Kelleher the compensating Sales and/or use taxes of any State claiming jurisdiction, which is being collected, reported and remitted to said State, based upon the Supreme Court Wayfair legislation enacted June, 2018. Buyers outside the U.S. are responsible for all customs duties. A purchaser shall indemnify Kelleher and hold it harmless of and from any claims of any jurisdiction for sales taxes relating to the purchase of articles at the auction, whenever the same may arise.


9. All matters arising out of this auction shall be governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut without giving effect to the choice of law principles thereof.


10. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this auction shall be settled by arbitration in the City of New York, State of New York in accordance with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association and judgment upon the award rendered by the Arbitrator or Arbitrators may be entered in any Court having jurisdiction.


11. The purchaser at this auction (a) consents and submits to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of Connecticut and of the Courts of the United States for a judicial district within the territorial limits of the State of Connecticut for all matters arising out of this auction sale, including, without limitation, any action or proceeding instituted for the enforcement of any right, remedy, obligation and liability arising under or by reason thereof; and (b) consents and submits to the venue of such action or proceeding in the City of Danbury, County of Fairfield, State of Connecticut (or such judicial district of a Court of the United States as shall include the same, and (c) further consents that
service of process in any action relating thereto may be affected by registered mail, return receipt requested address to the purchase at the address given to the auctioneer at the time of the sale.


12. Bidding Steps (Increments) are as published; bids made out of increment will be reduced to the next increment. Example: $603 bid will be reduced to $600, etc. “Split” or “Slice” bids are not accepted.


(a) Must be confirmed in writing unless waived by the auctioneer. (b) Any errors are the responsibility of the bidder. (c) No bids accepted less than 1 hour before the commencement of the sale.


Bids must be received at least 1 hour before sale commences — be sure to use
FAX: (203) 297-6059 or EMAIL:


Phone bidding space is limited and available on a first-come, first served basis. The importance of reserving early cannot be overstated!
Please call us at (203) 830-2500 to reserve your phone bidding space
March 2022

Kelleher Auktionen

Kelleher 796. Auktion
26. - 27. März 2024

Über 900 Lose mit erstklassigem Material für Sammler und Händler. Starke US- und Besitzungen-Sammlungen mit allgemeinen und spezialisierten Sammlungen von einigen hundert Dollar aufwärts, einschließlich attraktiver Briefbestände. Das britische Commonwealth führt von Antigua nach Tuvalu, mit Losen Großbritannien, Commonwealth, Kanada und Provinzen. Weltweite Ländersammlungen reichen von Afghanistan bis Jugoslawien, mit umfangreichen weltweiten, regionalen und thematischen Sammlungen. Nehmen Sie sich Zeit zum Ansehen – Sie werden sicher etwas finden, das Ihnen gefällt.
  • Briefmarkensammlung von Thomas F. Barton
  • Howard Michael Bricker-Sammlung
  • Jason Brown-Sammlung
  • David Edwin Tanner-Sammlung
  • Art Cox-Sammlung
  • Gary D. Hart-Sammlung
  • Joseph Duke-Sammlung
  • Sammlung Dr. Peter P. Dukes
  • Ethan Enzer-Sammlung
  • Carter R. Gilbert-Sammlung
  • Sammlung Hans-Jürgen Hess
  • Tom Klingensmith-Sammlung
  • Gary A. Kosvic-Sammlung
  • Timothy Worldwide Cover Collection
  • Sammlung Melvin Rudner
  • Jim Wentzel-Sammlung
  • und vieles mehr


Auf alle verkauften Lose ist vom Käufer ein Aufschlag von 20% auf den Zuschlagspreis an den Auktionator zu entrichten, zusammen mit evtl. anfallenden Steuern oder Zollgebühren.

Geschäftsbedingungen für diese Auktion

Los von Los bis Anfangszeit

Dienstag 26.03.2024

2001 2378 12:00 EDT

Mittwoch 27.03.2024

2379 2920 10:00 EDT
Aktuelle Auktionen
26. - 27. März 2024
Kelleher 796. Auktion
USA, Commonwealth von Antigua bis Tuvalu, Kanada & Provinzen
7. Mai 2024
Kelleher 797. Auktion
Markenheftchen und Belege USA und Besitzungen - die Richard F. Larkin Sammlung
11. - 13. März 2024
Kelleher 795. Auktion
Highlights: US #573 im 100er-Bogen, ein "CIA invert", ein gezähnter 12er John Paul Jones ZIP-Vierblock, frische ...
12. - 13. Dezember 2023
Kelleher 793. Auktion
Viele wertvolle, intakte Sendungen mit einigen herausragenden Stücken, darunter die größten Lagerposten, die wir das ...
13. - 16. November 2023
Kelleher 791. Auktion
USA und Besitztümer, britische und weltweite Briefmarken und Postgeschichte
11. - 13. Oktober 2023
Kelleher 790. Auktion
Die „Commander's“-Sammlung von Zeppelinpost und Memorabilien.
7. - 9. August 2023
Kelleher #2005 Auktion
Die "Kelleher Club" Auktion 2005
19. Juli 2023
Kelleher 784. Auktion
Die "Albert J. Fleischner" Briefmarken-Sammlung der USA
18. Juli 2023
Kelleher 783. Auktion
Die „Statesman“-Sammlung von Aufsätzen, Probeabzügen, Probefarben und Mustern
27.-28. Juni 2023
Kelleher 782. Auktion
Sammlungen und Posten aus der ganzen Welt.
25. - 27. April 2023
Kelleher #2004 Auktion
Münzen, Autogramme, Postkarten, Briefmarken und Belege, US-Klassiker, Großbritannien und British Commonwealth, weltweit.
10. - 11. März 2023
Kelleher 780. Auktion
Sammlungen und Posten weltweit.
21. - 23. Februar 2023
Kelleher 779. Auktion
US & Besatzungen, Britische und weltweite Briefmarken & Postgeschichte
17. - 19. Januar 2023
Kelleher #2003 Auktion
Münzen, Autographen, Ansichtskarten, Briefmarken und Briefe, US-Klassiker, Federal und State Ducks
9. - 10. Dezember 2022
Kelleher 778. Auktion
Großer Sammlungsverkauf mit USA, 'State Ducks', Kanada, Großbritannien und Commonwealth bis weltweit
15. - 17. November 2022
Kelleher 777. Auktion
US & Besitztümer, britische und weltweite Briefmarken und Postgeschichte
13. - 16. September 2022
Kelleher 774. Auktion
US & Besitztümer, britische und weltweite Briefmarken und Postgeschichte
10. August 2022
Kelleher 773. Auktion
Die "Jack Shartsis"-Sammlung von U.S.A. Besitzungen
26. Juli 2022
Kelleher 772. Auktion
Die „San Marino“-Sammlung die sich über das Commonwealth von Aden bis Zululand erstreckt
15. März 2022
Kelleher 765. Auktion
Die Richard M. Levy Quality United States Sammlung
26. - 28. Oktober 2021
Kelleher 761. Auktion
Vereinigte Staaten und Besitzungen, Essays, Briefmarken und Postgeschichte
14. - 17. September 2021
Kelleher 760. Auktion
U.S.A und Gebiete, Britisch Commonwealth und Postgeschichte weltweit.
6. - 7. August 2021
Kelleher 759. Auktion
Sammlungen und Bestände weltweit
13. - 16. July 2021
Kelleher 758. Auktion
Vereinigte Staaten & Besitzungen, Probedrucke und Briefmarken
16. - 17. April 2021
Kelleher 756. Auktion
Sammlungen und Posten der Welt
29. März - 1. April 2021
Kelleher 755. Auktion
USA, Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
16. - 17. März 2021
Kelleher 754. Auktion
Flugpost, Zeppelinpost, Raketenflüge und Raumflüge
16. - 18. Februar 2021
Kelleher 751. Auktion
USA Essays und Probedrucke
8. Dezember 2020
Kelleher 749. Auktion
Die Leo Malz Sammlungen von Israel und Palästina.
8. - 11. Dezember 2020
Kelleher 750. Auktion
USA, Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
5. Dezember 2020
Kelleher 748. Auktion
Sammlungen und Posten der Welt
18.-19. November 2020
Kelleher 747. Auktion
USA, Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
18.-19. November 2020
Kelleher 746. Auktion
Die "Patrick" Sammlung von USA Postgeschichte
28.-30. Oktober 2020
Kelleher 745. Auktion
USA mit Besitzungen
7. Oktober 2020
Kelleher 744. Auktion
Lateinamerika - Die Leo Malz Sammlung
2. - 3. September 2020
Kelleher 743. Auktion
USA, Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
15. Juli 2020
Kelleher 741. Auktion
Robert Penn Spanien und Kolonien mit raren Ländersammlungen,
William D. Newcomb Mexiko, Kanada und Britisch-Nordamerika
25. April 2020
Kelleher 739. Auktion
Sammlungen und Posten der Welt
03. April 2020
Kelleher 738. Auktion
Die Michael Keller Sammlung von Vatikanstaat
31. März - 3. April 2020
Kelleher 737. Auktion
US-, britische und weltweite Briefmarken und Postgeschichte
31. Januar - 1. Februar 2020
Kelleher 732. Auktion
Sammlungen und Posten aller Welt
3. - 5. Dezember 2019
Kelleher 731. Auktion
U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
1. - 2. November 2019
Kelleher 730. Auktion
Sammlungen und Posten aller Welt
31. Oktober 2019
Kelleher 729. Auktion - William D. Newcomb Sammlung
Die William D. Newcomb Sammlung mit ausgewählten seltenen Marken aus dem British Commonwealth, Australien, Europa und Kolonien mit ...
13. - 15. August 2019
Kelleher 727. Auktion
Briefmarken und Postgeschichte von U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
28. - 29. Juni 2019
Kelleher 726. Auktion
Sammlungen und Posten aus aller Welt.
25. Juni 2019
Kelleher 725. Auktion
Die MLG-Sammlung von U.S.A. Ausgaben 1883-1930
21. - 23. Mai 2019
Kelleher 724. Auktion
Briefmarken und Postgeschichte von U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
19. - 20. Februar 2019
Kelleher 722. Auktion
USA, Britische und Weltweite Marken und Postgeschichte.
18. - 20. Dezember 2018
Kelleher 721. Auktion
Briefmarken und Postgeschichte von U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
8. Dezember 2018
Kelleher 720. Auktion
Lots und Posten aller Welt
10. - 12. Oktober 2018
Kelleher 719. Auktion
Briefmarken und Postgeschichte von U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
28. - 29. September 2018
Kelleher 718. Auktion
Lots und Posten aller Welt
27. September 2018
Kelleher 717. Auktion - Die Sammlung Loth
Seltene Briefmarken von U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee.
1. - 2. August 2018
Kelleher 716. Auktion
Briefmarken und Postgeschichte von U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
20. Juni 2018
Kelleher 714. Auktion
Luftpost aller Länder
15. - 18. Mai 2018
Kelleher 713. Auktion
Briefmarken und Postgeschichte von U.S.A., British Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee.
23. - 24. März 2018
Kelleher 712. Auktion
Sammlungen und Posten von aller Welt
27. Februar - 2. März 2018
Kelleher 711. Auktion
Briefmarken und Postgeschichte von U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
12. Februar 2018
Michael Rogers Online - Auction 5018
Internet-Auktion mit über 3600 Lose von USA und aller Welt
8. Februar 2018
Kelleher 710. Auktion: Deacon-Sammlung von Briefmarken und Briefen aus aller Welt
Die Deacon-Sammlung von Briefmarken und Briefen aller Welt
11. - 13. Dezember 2017
Kelleher 709. Auktion: U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
Briefmarken und Postgeschichte von U.S.A., Britisches Commonwealth, Europa und Übersee
8. - 9. Dezember 2017
Kelleher 708. Auktion: Lots und Posten aller Welt
Lots und Posten aller Welt
29. - 30. November 2017
Kelleher 707. Auktion: Die Thomas P. Knapp Luftpostsammlung
Die Thomas P. Knapp Luftpostsammlung
11. - 13. Oktober 2017
Kelleher 706. Auktion: USA & Weltweit
U.S.A. und Ausland, mit einem reichen Angebot von Deutschland mit Auslandspostämtern, Kolonien und Lokalausgaben
6. Oktober 2017
Kelleher 705. Auktion: Sammlung der Ryukyu-Inseln
Die Stan-Cutler-Sammlung der Ryukyu-Inseln
6. Oktober 2017
Kelleher 704. Auktion: Sammlung Kanalzone
Die "Best"-Sammlung der Kanalzone
8. - 9. September 2017
Kelleher 703. Auktion
Lose und Posten aus aller Welt
15. - 17. August 2017
Kelleher 702. Auktion
U.S.A. und Ausland, mit einem reichen Angebot von USA-Briefmarken und Britisch Commonwealth, Deutschland mit Auslandspostämtern und ...
20. - 23. Juni 2017
Kelleher 701. Auktion
USA und Ausland, mit einem umfangreichen Angebot von USA-Briefmarken sowie ...
16.-17. Juni 2017
Kelleher 700. Auktion
Sammlungen, Bestände und Zusammenstellungen weltweit
18.-19. Mai 2017
Kelleher 699. Auktion
Über 1200 Lose mit USA und Gebieten, klassische Postgeschichte, außerdem großes Angebot an schö ...
2.-4. Mai 2017
Kelleher 698. Auktion
Über 2800 Lose mit U.S., britische und weltweiten Briefmarken und Postgeschichte, darunter mehrere große und schöne ...
30. April 2017
Michael Rogers Online - Auktion 5015
Über 1100 Lose mit U.S., britische und weltweite Briefmarken und Postgeschichte, philatelistische Literatur und Aerophilately.
16. April 2017
Michael Rogers Online - Auktion 5014
Amerikanische, britische und weltweite Briefmarken und Postgeschichte
10.-11. März 2017
Kelleher 697. Auktion
Sammlungsverkauf mit nahezu 900 Losen aus den USA, Britisches Empire und weltweite Sammlungen, Lagerware und Posten ...
21.-23. Februar 2017
Kelleher 696. Auktion
Über 2100 Lose US, britisches Reich und weltweite Marken und Postgeschichte.
29. November - 1. Dezember 2016
Kelleher 695. Auktion
US, Britisch und Weltweite Briefmarken und Postgeschichte
18.-19. November 2016
Kelleher 694. Auktion
US, Britische und weltweite Sammlungen und Posten.
27.-30. September 2016
Kelleher 693. Auktion
30. August - 1. September 2016
Kelleher 692. Auktion
internationales Auktionsangebot mit Schwerpunkt USA.
19.-20. August 2016
Kelleher 691. Auktion
Amerkianische, Britische und Weltweite Sammlungen und Posten.
13.-14 Juli 2016
Kelleher 690. Auktion
Flagship sale. Weltweites Angebot mit Schwerpunkt USA.
2. Juni 2016
Kelleher 687. Auktion
Internationales Auktionsangebot ungebrauchter Briefmarken der ganzen Welt.
6. Mai 2015
Kelleher Fire&Ice Titanic und Zeppelin Auktion
Aerophilatelie und Flugpost mit Ephemera, von der Danner, Peckham, Phipps, Fitzhugh und Gunpowder Sammlungen.
12. Februar 2014
Kelleher 643. Auktion - Fire & Ice
Sonderauktion Titanic, Hindenburg; Flug- und Zeppelinpost einschließlich Memorabilien.
12. Februar 2014
Kelleher 642. Auktion - Tristan da Cunha
Die "Partridge" Sammlung von Tristan da Cunha
12. Februar 2014
Kelleher 641. Auktion - Russian Zemstvo Lokal Ausgaben
Russische Zemstvo Lokal Ausgaben
25.-27. Januar 2012
628. Kelleher Auktion
First Offerings from the 'Sacramento' Collection of Quality U.S. Singles and Plate Blocks
'Amberley' Collection of ...