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    P.O. Box 13
    26034 Piadena – CR

    E-Mail: mofil2002@libero.it
    Web: https://www.mofil.it
  • Über Mofil

    Die Firma Mofil ist seit 1989 im philatelistischen Handel tätig.
    Wir bieten weltweite Briefmarken und Postgeschichte.
    Unser Geschäft begann mit der Teilnahme an den großen Philatelieausstellung auf dem italienischen Markt, danach haben wir
    den Versandhandel als Kerngeschäft entwickelt.



Impressum und Information zur Online-Streitschlichtung


Mofil di Giancarlo Morandi,
Via Wiligelmo, 37
41126 Modena MO
VAT n. IT01819240365


There is no buyer's premium


All prices of our sale session are in Euro currency.

We don’t accept offers under base price, and this price represent the starting price of each lot.

We don’t accept offer “at best” or “under viewing condition” or similar.

In case of two or more equal offers, the one with earlier date is the winner offer.
The final lot price in case of two offers,will be obtained increasing of 10% of the lower offer received. .
All offers are always followed with best care in buyer’s interest.

All orders can be send via email to mofil2002@libero.it or (preferred) via philasearch.com platform.

With order submission all indicated condtions are completed accepted from the buyer.

All material is original and without hidden defects unless if these defects are indicated in the description.

Lots are described with best knowledge

Lots are sold at best price offered, and there are no buyer’s premium to be paid extra.

Invoices must be paid in full not after 10 working days starting form the date of selling.

Payment must be made in advance before lot shipping, after invoice receiving.

Payments must be made only via bank transfert to the indicated bank account (SEPA) shown in the invoice.

Postage and packing costs are on charge of the buyer, and they will be added on the buyer’s invoice under
separate section.

We collect, store and utilize your personal data as far and so long it is necessary in connection with the
execution of the business relationship.

Place of fullfilment is Modena, Italy. Place of jurisdiction for the full trading is Modena, Italy. Only italian law
shall apply. The UN Treaty for Contracts Concerning International Goods Sales (CISG) and the right of
rescission for consumers according German Distance Selling Act are not applicable. Changes of these
General Auction Conditions are only valid in written form.


Mofil Herbst Auktion
4. Dezember 2022

Philatelie und Postgeschichte von Italien bis weltweit


Es wird keine Provision erhoben.

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Philatelie und Postgeschichte von Italien bis weltweit
21. Mai 2023
Mofil Frühlingsauktion 2023
Philatelie und Postgeschichte von Italien bis weltweit
4. Dezember 2022
Mofil Herbst Auktion
Philatelie und Postgeschichte von Italien bis weltweit
26. Juni 2022
Mofil Spring Sale
Philatelie und Postgeschichte von Italien bis weltweit