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    Filatelia Sammarinese S.r.l.
    Piazza Enriquez 22/c
    47891 Dogana
    Repubblica di San Marino
    E-Mail: info@filsam.com
    Web: http://en.filsam.com/
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    Filatelia Sammarinese S.r.l. was established in 1995 operating, from the start, with public and correspondence auctions and with net prices sales.

    The covered sectors include new and used stamps, letters and postal history: for postal stationary, the Company became an immediate point of reference for all collectors.

    As of today over 100 auctions have been conducted (public or for correspondence) and sales with net prices. Catalogs have been sent to thousands of collectors in Italy and abroad.

    Public auctions - currently three a year - are held in San Marino, at Company offices, in the presence of a public notary.

    An e-commerce website was opened since 2000 in which thousands of philatelic items are proposed for direct sale in addition to the publication of auction catalogs.

    The Company is present in the most important philatelic events in San Marino, Italy and Europe.

    The offices are located in Dogana in the immediate vicinity of the border with Italy, 10 minutes by car from the highway exit "Rimini Sud".

    Currently, in addition to the Sole Administrator and the Attorney-at-law the staff is made up of two employees, Paola and Ramona, which are available for every collectors need.


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Filatelia Sammarinese


1 - All material is deemed authentic and free of any hidden defects, otherwise it would be indicated. The lots are described with utmost accuracy and good faith. Regarding photographed lots the reproduction is determinant for margins, centring, perforation, cancellation and general aspects of lots. The numeration is in conformity with Sassone catalogue for Italy, Italian territories and Europe while Yvert is used for countries abroad, with the Filagrano catalogue for the Interi Postali. Where appropriate other catalogues will be indicated in the description.
2 - The Auctioneer has the power, in his own unobjectionable judgement, to withdraw and divide the offered lots, and to refuse offers arrived.
3 - The base prices are expressed in euro. Offers lower than base prices will not be accepted.
4 - The lots shall be awarded to the highest bidder. In case there are several offers received by mail, the starting price in the auction-room shall be calculated by the last bid but one increased of the 10% for example: base price euro 100,00, received offers euro 150,00, 200,00, 300,00.The lot will start (in the auction-room) from euro 220,00). If there were two or more than two offers of the same amount in writing, the lot shall start in the auction-room from the sum itself and, where there are no offers in the auction-room, the lot shall be awarded to the first one received. Offers received in writing take precedence over the ones with the same amount bid in the auction-room.
5 - The bids increases will be at the auctioneer’s discretion but they will not be over the 10%. Bids stating such expressions as “the best” or similar phrases will not be taken into consideration.
6 - All bids mailed, faxed or otherwise received in our office of Dogana, Piazza Enriquez 22/c, will be able to be accepted only if received within and not later than May 03th , 2019 at 6:00 o’clock p.m.
7 - In addition to the price awarded the buyer shall pay a 15% commission on the amount plus mailing charges: 10,00 euro for Italy and 15,00 euro for countries up to 350 grams in weight, over weight that the reimbursement will be charged to the cost incurred.
8 - The awarded material is meant to be delivered to the buyer at the moment of the award and has to be collected in the auction-room or by our offices in Dogana (R.S.M.). All the buyers who want to receive their lots at home by registered post must indicate it in their offer stating all the formalities. It will be at their charge, at their own responsibilities and at their own risk. In this case the material will be delivered only after the payment has been done.
9 - Your payment must be made at the moment of your withdrawal, or in any case within 7 days from communication of your award. We prefer payment to be done into our post office checking account. # 10247476 (IBAN: IT52L0760113200000010247476) BIC/SWIFT: BPPIITRRXXX, by Bank swift into our bank account # IBAN: SM63C0303409800000060105882, BIC/SWIFT: BASMSMSMXXX at B.A.C. / I.B.S. S.P.A in Dogana, RSM., by Credit Card on our website www.filsam.com or by Paypal to email paola@filsam.com (+ 4% expense). Your ownership of lots shall be given only after your full payment. In case of non payment of the ordered or received lots, FILATELIA SAMMARINESE reserves, in its own unobjectionable judgment, the power to act for the forced execution of the consideration obligations, both of its own and of the buyer’s, or to impose the rescission of the contract with any consequent compensation.
10 - The Filatelia Sammarinese may allow extension of payment, which must be agreed before your offer, being understood and being confirmed the “ reserved domination” in favour of the buyer.
11 - Eventual claims must be made at the moment of your withdrawal in our office, otherwise within 7 days since the delivery date if delivered by mail or any other means. We do not accept claims neither for lots composed by more than 10 pieces nor for collections.
12 - Sales by auction as well as all its legal relations are subject to Sammarinese law. Regarding disputes, San Marino’s law-courts are competent.

Filatelia Sammarinese

15. September 2018
Filatelia Sammarinese Saalauktion
Auktion mit Schwerpunkt Italien und Gebiete, Postgeschichte und Ganzsachen.
5. Mai 2018
Filatelia Sammarinese Saalauktion
Auktion mit Schwerpunkt Italien und Gebiete, Postgeschichte und Ganzsachen.
27. Januar 2018
Filatelia Sammarinese Saalauktion
Auktion mit Schwerpunkt Italien und Gebiete, Postgeschichte und Ganzsachen.
16. September 2017
Filatelia Sammarinese Saalauktion
Auktion mit Schwerpunkt Italien und Gebiete, Postgeschichte und Ganzsachen.
29. April 2017
Filatelia Sammarinese Saalauktion
Mehr als 3.000 Lose - Briefmarken und Umschläge der italienischen Staaten und italienischen Gebiete.