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Für Iberphil hat die Kundenzufriedenheit oberste Priorität.

Wir möchten Ihren Einkauf zu einem einfachen und bequemen Prozess machen, bei dem Sie alle notwendigen Informationen haben.

Wir akzeptieren folgende Zahlungsmöglichkeiten


Sale Conditions (Auction)  
  1. All sales will be paid in euros (no cheques or charges), IVA included in the purchase price and subject to Spanish taxation on second hand items. According to European legislation IVA tax can not be detailed as all sales are made final inside the Spanish territory

  2. The total price of sale will include 20 % on the price of adjudication. The philatelic pieces will be envoys assured by their total value by means of certified mail or messenger company, the postage and handling and assurance correspondents will be at the expense of the buyer.

  3. For the clients who could not be present personally at the room we offer the service of order of bid, the lots sell at the as low as possible price, the order of bid prevails over the room. In case of coincidence with the orders of bid priority will be given to the received one in our offices previously.
    The increases will adjust as general norm of the following form:
    • Between 0 € and 50 € an increase of 2 is applied €
    • Between 51 € and 100 € an increase of 5 is applied €
    • Between 101 € and 200 € an increase of 10 is applied €
    • Between 201 € and 500 € an increase of 20 is applied €
    • Between 501 € and 1000 € an increase of 50 is applied €
    • Between 1001 € and 3000 € an increase of 100 is applied €
    • From 3001 € a minimal increase of 250 is applied €.

    Like explanation and in order that this condition turns out to be more explicit we include the following example. A lot with a starting price of 1000 € for that the one that receives an order of bid of 2500 €, does not mean that this one is going to be the price of adjudication but they will be compared with the orders received previously and with those of the room, let’s put as example that the highest out of 1600 €, thus the price of adjudication will be of 1700 €.

  4. The order of bid will have to be sent by post, fax, e-mail or telephonically, in the latter case we request him re-confirm it for some written way. Low amounts will not be admitted at the cost of exit and will have to be done these in Euros

  5. Any form of payment different from the cash payment must be negotiated before, in this supposition Iberphil it will support in his power the philatelic pieces up to his total liquidation.

  6. Only for the case of sales in auction 2% additional will be loaded in case of payment by means of credit card VISA or MARTERCARD.

  7. A commission of 0'50 % monthly will recover on the debit balance, in the moment to exceed thirty days of delay in the payment.

  8. All foreign currency will be subject to our domestic rate of change provided by our bank rates.

  9. Iberphil reserves the right to dispose of any material not paid for within the 30 day payment period, starting from the initial order date. Iberphil saves the right to annul the sale and to have the lots when the buyer has not satisfied the payment in thirty days later to the accomplishment of the auction, without this fact supposes the resignation to its rights and consequent claims.

  10. Iberphil saves the right of admission to the room of auction, as well as her of declining any order of bid that could alter the normal development of the auction. Iberphil will have legal authority to annul, to reunify or to alter the order of sale of those lots that to his criterion turns out to be more opportune.

  11. The descriptions of the present catalogue have been meticulously realized by our technical team which guaranteed his condition and genuineness, in any case, if some not mentioned fault was concerning someone of the pieces this one will be able to be returned in the space of ten days, if it was necessary to submit to the consideration of some Expert´s Committee someone of the pieces the term it will spread up to thirty days. The expenses of certification will be at the expense of the buyer. Iberphil offers his services and professional knolegde to make this work. Into the lots that avenge described by the expression "A EXAMINAR" returns will not be admitted, it is for it that bids ask to abstain from being expressed by them if it has not been checked previously and in addition one agrees in his state and in this condition.

  12. Iberphil offers the possibility of examining the philatelic pieces in a particular domicile, for it the possible buyer will have to credit a bank guarantee or commercial reference, taking charge of all the inherent expenses and promising to return the material the following day of the receipt for the same way of parcel used by Iberphil.

  13. Any litigation will be submitted to the courts of Madrid, and the buyer resigns expressly any other jurisdiction that could correspond him.

  14. The present conditions will be considered to be accepted in the moment of the receipt of the order of bid or of the participation in the auction.