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Thomas Juranek Briefmarken-Auktionshaus
Briefmarkenauktionshaus Thomas Juranek
Sieveringer Straße 9/9
1190 Wien

Telefon: +43-664-32 66 669
Telefax: +43-1-486 77 76
About Us:

Stamp auction house Thomas Juranek
Your specialist dealer for stamps, covers and picture postcards.

We buy, sell and estimate your single items and collections. Please talk to us in order to figure out the right selling concept for your collection.

2-3 auctions a year.

We gladly accept your consignments at any time.

Competence, reliability and discretion
are our highest commands.

Order and Shipping:



  1. The auction will be conducted in Euro.
    Please be aware that in accordance to the EU-guidelines, in case of cash payment over 15.000,- Euros, personal identity has to be proven by identification card.

  2. The minimum bid increase shall be as follows:
    up to € 100,- ................................... € 5,- up to € 200,- ................................. € 10,-
    up to € 400,- ................................... € 20,- up to € 1000,- ................................. € 50,-
    over € 1000,- .................................. € 100,- and so on.
    Biddings not corresponding to these rates of increase will be brought to a round figure. Orders, such as „by all means, at the best possible bid, at any rate“, will be carried out up to the tenfold bid price.

  3. We reserve the right to withdraw, regroup or put together certain lots.

  4. The lots to be auctioned are described with greatest care. With regard to photographed stamps and covers the illustration is important concerning the margin, postmarks, perforation, centring etc. and thus represents an integral part of description. We guarantee the authenticity of all stamps sold at our auction. Collections and large items cannot be subject to any claims. Any complaints concerning quality have to be made within 8 days after receipt of the lots. The time-limit for making a complaint is considered as exceeded if the lots in question have not been taken over within the period prescribed. In case of any complaint the buyer must prove that the description in the catalogue is wrong. All other claims - being purely arbitrary - will not be recognised. Justified complaints will be accepted but the lots in question must be unchanged and in their original condition of take-over. Examination cost for lots purchases are to be paid by the buyer.

  5. The lots will be knocked down to the highest bidder, which is one rate of increase over the second-highest bid. In case of two or more identical bids the first one received shall have priority. In addition to the knock-down sum a commission of 21 % will be charged. Lots marked with „D“ (for difference taxation) immediately preceding the lot number are consignments from private persons. The fee for each lot amounts to € 3,00.

  6. With the knock-down a contract of purchase is reached between the seller and the buyer by which the bidder is obliged to purchase. The lots are sold in the condition in which they are at the moment of the knock-down. The ownership of the goods bought at the auction is transferred to the buyer after full payment of the total purchasing price only, the risk, however, already with the knock-down.

  7. The bidder is obliged to collect the lots purchased within 14 days and pay in cash or keep to a term of payment of 10 days after the information of a purchase done by him. The purchased lots will not be handed over to bidders unknown to us until they have paid the full auction invoice. If payment is overdue, the buyer will be charged 1 % interest for delay per month.

  8. Stable value clause:

The outstanding amount of debits (plus additional charges) shall be subject to a stable value clause. The consumer price index 2005, monthly announced by the Statistik Austria and/or the index officially stepping on its place, shall be the basis for calculation. The reference value for adjustments shall be the index number of the month before the knocking down. base of the recalculation of the amount of debits as well as the base of the calculation of the new range. Every rate of change is rounded to one decimal place.

  1. The lots purchased are dispatched by mail in a privately insured registered letter at the expense of the buyer. The postage rate for letters to foreign countries amounts to at least € 8,-.

  2. Place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction for both parties is Vienna, we reserve the right, however, to sue a defaulter at his place of residence.

  3. We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and PayPal. For payments with Credit cards and PayPal we will add an additional 4,8 % surcharge to the invoice total.

  4. The total amount resulting from surcharges and any other additional expenses (commission, lot fees, shipping charges, bank fees) are subject to differential taxation according to §24 of German tax law (UStG 1994).

  5. By making any bids the terms of auction are fully accepted.

Sincerely yours Thomas Juranek

We accept the following pay options:

VISA-Card, Master/Euro-Card, Paypal

Auction Results at Philasearch:
September 17, 2011
Speziell Österreich mit vielen Abarten und Besonderheiten, Klassik, Aushilfsausgaben, Flugpost, FDC`s, Bosnien, aber auch Interessante Partien und Teilsammlungen aus einem grossen Nachlass, dabei auch einiges an Ausland, Zeppelin, Motive, ....
December 2, 2011
15. Auktion: speziell Österreich mit vielen Abarten und Besonderheiten, Klassik, Aushilfsausgaben, Bosnien, aber auch Interessante Partien und Teilsammlungen aus einem grossen Nachlass. Dabei auch besondere Raritäten wie TOKAYER DURCHSTICH; 1852, 3 KR. ROT IN DER TYPE IIIA, HP. auf Brief aus der Jerger Sammlung, 1858, 1,05 KR.(SOLDI), ZEITUNGSMARKE IM 3-ER-STREIFEN MIT 23,5 MM ZWISCHENRAUM, ZW. DER LI. MARKE UND DEM RE. PAAR, sowie die nichtverausgabte Niki Lauda Marke, etc.
April 26, 2012
Schwerpunkt sind: Aushilfsausgaben, Flugpost, Abarten, klassisches Österreich sowie interessante Partien aber auch Raritäten
September 15, 2012
The 17th auction sale with more than 1900 world wide lots, including scarce single items, collections and covers. As always the main focus is Austria and areas.
April 27th 2013
The focus of the 19th Stamp auction is the liquitation of very interessting and substantial country collections. Austria Classic with beautiful cancellations and frankings, with for example a 140 Soldi franking, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Marine World War, airmail, evidence from the 2nd World War temporary issues and commerical letters, rare varieties including the 2nd Republic.
September 21st 2013
The Focus of this auction is Bosnia, Levante and beautiful airmail and commercial covers, including beautiful postcards also from overseas.
December 6th, 2013
Focus of this auction are 2nd Rep. provisionals and local issues, airmail, in particular postal stationery with the particular rarity of the picture postcard printing sheets 1936/37, (lot 989), freaks and errors with a rare block of 4 printing error of the "white mouth" (lot 1537) as well as two fine collections Olympics and Richard Wagner
April 26th, 2014
Highlights: Airmail, censorship, Austria including Classic and interesting collections
September 20th, 2014
Focus of this auction is the dissolution of a Germany collection and a Austria collection with classical, Bosnia Herzegovina with proofs, and airmail, zeppelin, etc.
December 5th, 2014
Auction with a focus on Austria Classic, Bosnia, Levante and beautiful commercial covers from the period 1946-1950, as well as interesting Switzerland Lots
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