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Chiani Auktion
Internationale Briefmarken-Auktionen
Hochschorenstrasse 31
Postfach 140
CH-9201 Gossau

Tel. ++41 (0)71 385 85 66
Fax ++41 (071) 385 97 36
About Us:

We are one of Europe's leading auction houses. Our regular major auction sales include a large selection of classic and modern rarities as well as important collections. We will help and consult you for in all philatelic questions. Experience over decades and absolute discretion.

Online Live Bidding in Chiani-Auction

Chiani-Auction automatically grants you a bid limit of CHF 20'000. If you know in advance that this standard bid limit will be insufficient for your bids, please let us know in due time.

Information on the Placement of Online Live Bids
Chiani-Auction offers you the opportunity to place your bids live through the world wide web wherever you are. Bid live, even from afar, as if you were sitting in the auction room. All you need for participation is a web access and a JAVA-capable computer. If this is the first time you intend to place online live bids in an auction, we suggest that you use the simulator to get used to the system. You can enter the simulator, after you checked your system. (Just follow the yellow arrow further down)

Technical Requirements
When you register for the live auction, we will check automatically if your computer fullfills all technical requirements. (Cookies need to be activated and java must be installed)

Online Live Bidding - Step by Step
1. Before you actually start online live bidding, get acquainted with the system and the way it works. We recommend a short practice session with the simulator on this site.
2. Register for participation and assign yourself a user name and a password. Please also communicate to us the number(s) of the lot(s) or the range of lots you intend to bid for. Registration must be effected one day before the auction commences. For later registrations, access cannot be guaranteed. Your registration must be approved, and access to the bidding system must be authorized by Chiani-Auction. Therefore, you will receive an e-mail confirmation in due course, which must be re-confirmed by you. Please register only once for the auction.
3. Upon confirmation, each online live bidder will be granted a bid limit of CHF 20'000. If you wish to raise that limit, please send us an e-mail accordingly. That new bid limit is also subject to approval and confirmation through e-mail.
4. Your computer must be active in time for the scheduled auction dates and times. Please take possible time differences into account. Insert your user name and password to register for actual participation in the auction.
5. Each auction lot will be called out and auctioned individually in the auction room.
6. As soon as "your" lot is up for auction and displayed on your computer screen, press the "BID" button. This sends a signal to the auction room indicating your interest in placing an online live bid.
7. GOING, GOING, GONE will be sequentially displayed on the computer screen. As soon as you see the first GOING, you must send your bid.
8. If several internet bids are placed simultaneously, only the one received first will be shown. Should your bid not be the first one, it won't be shown on your screen. You then would have to place a new, higher bid immediately.
9. The full GOING, GOING, GONE display indicates that the respective lot has been knocked down to a floor, phone or internet bidder. If your bid is shown on the screen then - congratulations, you won the lot!

Just in Case
For the unlikely case that there will be any technical or other problems during the auction, make sure to have your phone number registered beforehand. This enables us to give you a call during the auction, if necessary.

Phone Hotline
If you experience any problem on your side during the auction, please give us a call on ++41-71-385 23 36

May 15-19, 2006
International major auction sale. Switzerland from classic up to modern issues. Many rarities incl. Strubel issue in units mint, varieties, postal-history, airmail (incl A. Newall collection), Germany specialized Bavaria, Saxony, Wuerttemberg, empire, Saar, post war issues, France, Great Britain incl. colonies, Italy with scarce color varieties, Liechtenstein with new found forerunners, Netherlands incl. Suriname, Austria, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, Hungary, Cept, USA (scarce plate blocks), Chile, Taiwan, Airmail and Zeppelin mail, Space thematic (including moon cover) topics and a very comprehensive worldwide section of lots and collections from old estates. Over 5000 albums.
Nov 12-15, 2007
May 11-14, 2009
November 8-11, 2010
May 7-9, 2012
Major International auction. Switzerland, classic to modern including postal history. Germany, Europe, overseas, Zeppelin, thematic, coins, etc. High-quality single lots with many international rare and unique items. Hundreds of pristine objects in all price ranges. Many of them awarded exhibition collections, estates, dealers holdings and "old stock" with some tremendous substance. Wide range in thousands of albums and large bulky objects in more than 500 large boxes.
November 10th - 13th, 2013
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