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Corinphila Auktionen AG
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Switzerland - 8034 Zürich

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About Us:

Corinphila Auctions Ltd. is one of the world's leading auctioneers specialising in first-class stamp auctions. Our discerning international clientele has put its trust in us since 1925.

Order and Shipping:
Corinphila Auktionen AG: Conditions of Sale

1. The auction will take place publicly and voluntarily. Participation means acceptance in full of the Terms of Auction, considered as known, of Corinphila Auktionen AG (hereafter referred to as the Auctioneer) by the Purchaser (hereafter also referred to as the Bidder or Buyer).

2. All lots mentioned in the catalogue may be inspected by Bidders before or during the auction. The Bidder will be held responsible for any damage caused during the viewing. The Auctioneer has absolute discretion to deviate from the lotting order, to combine two or more lots or to withdraw any lot from the auction. The estimated prices in the catalogue are not binding. The Auctioneer is also authorized to refuse any person’s attendance at the auction without giving any reason.

3. The lots are described with greatest care and to the best of the Auctioneer’s knowledge. The descriptions do not, however,
constitute any particular guarantee. The catalogue illustration prevails as regards the margin, centring, separation and postmark
of the stamps. Claims concerning quality and authenticity of single lots must be made immediately by the Buyer being personally present. In the case of written bids for single lots, claims must be made in writing within three days after receipt of the goods. In the case of collections or collective lots containing two or more stamps which are not described individually, no claims will be accepted regarding quality and authenticity.
Complaints must also be refused if the stamps are not returned in the original condition, or if they have been altered afterwards by the Buyer, except in the case of marks made by a recognised expert who is responsible for his errors.

4. The Auctioneer is liable for the authenticity of all single lots sold for a period of 5 years. This guarantee is expressly excluded in respect of collections, accumulations or collective lots containing more than two stamps which are not described individually - those lots are excluded from any claims. The bidding for single lots which have been newly certified by an expert denotes the acceptance of the certificate by the Buyer, and in this case the Auctioneer cannot be held liable. If a prospective buyer wishes to bid with an extension on any single lot, the auctioneer must receive notice in writing at least 24 hours prior to the day of the auction; this written notice must give the reason why an extension is required and whose expert opinion is to be sought; the latter must be agreed by the auctioneer. Extensions for expert opinion will normally only be considered for reasons
of genuineness or classification; requests for extension for reasons of condition will be decided by the auctioneer on behalf
of the vendor prior to the sale. The auctioneer reserves the right to cancel any bid with an extension (notifying the bidder of
his action) if in his opinion the item is not as described within the terms of the request for extension. All extensions must be
cleared within 20 days of the auction, after which time the right of return is forfeited. Extensions are not granted on mixed lots
or collections. All costs and charges for expert opinions are the responsability and liability of the buyers.

5. The lots will be sold to the highest Bidder upon three calls. The Buyer shall pay a commission of 20% added to the hammer
price. Bidders are bound to their bids if a subsequent higher bid is invalid or immediately refused by the Auctioneer.

6. The minimum bidding increments are as follows:

up to CHF 200 = CHF 10
from CHF 200 up to CHF 500 = CHF 20
from CHF 500 up to CHF 1’000 = CHF 50
from CHF 1’000 up to CHF 2’000 = CHF 100
from CHF 2’000 up to CHF 5’000 = CHF 200
from CHF 5’000 up to CHF 15’000 = CHF 500
from CHF 15’000 up to CHF 30’000 = CHF 1’000
from CHF 30’000 up to CHF 50’000 = CHF 2’000
from CHF 50’000 up to CHF 150’000 = CHF 5’000
over CHF 150’000 = CHF 10’000

Start prices, bids, hammer prices and invoices exclusively in Swiss Francs (CHF).
Start prices in Euro (EUR) indicated in the catalogues are only for information.

7. Written bids which are higher than the best bid of a Bidder present will be considered carefully and in the Bidder’s interest
but without prejudice. Written bids received later than 2 hours before the start of the auction sale session may not be processed.
In the case of two or more identical bids, the first bid received will be deemed to be the succesful bid. In case of doubt, disputes
or misunderstandings, the lot will be auctioned again. This decision will be made by the Cantonal authority.

8. Upon the fall of the Auctioneer’s hammer, a sales contract is entered into between the Auctioneer and the Bidder. The Buyer is obliged to accept the goods. The risk passes to the Buyer with the fall of the hammer; title of ownership, however, passes to the Buyer only after full payment of the total amount due.

9. The total amount due is payable in Swiss Francs (CHF). Foreign currencies will be accepted to the extent of the amounts credited by a principal Swiss bank; any costs arising from exchange rate differences will be borne by the bidder. In addition
to the hammer price including the 20% commission, the Swiss value-added tax (VAT) of 8% is payable. VAT is not payable by
Buyers from abroad possessing a legal direct export declaration.
If Buyers from abroad wish to export the lots themselves, VAT will be debited and refunded upon presentation of the legal export declaration.

10. Payment of lots is due on the day of auction unless the Auctioneer has granted terms of payment of 5 days thereafter. Bidders who do not personally pick-up their lots are obliged to transfer the amount due immediately on receipt of invoice. The
handing over of lots can only be claimed after payment in full. Upon delay of payment the Auctioneer reserves the right either to sue the Buyer for payment or to cancel the sales contract without granting any further grace period and to claim for damages
(including lost profits) according to article 107-109 CO. If payment is more than 30 days overdue, a surcharge of 5% and interest in the amount of 1% per month will be payable.

11. The lots sold will be forwarded by mail or by other means of transport at the Bidder’s risk and expense.

12. Any Bidders acting on account and behalf of a legal person must submit proof of their representation right (power of attorney, certificate of registration). They are personally liable, especially regarding the obligations entered into during the auction. Bids made for unnamed persons or for persons named later or for not yet legally existing persons cannot be considered.

13. Claims for damages against the Auctioneer for delay, nonperformance, positive infringement of contract, fault in breach of contract are not permissible unless the damage was caused deliberately or through gross negligence.

14. The auction will be held under the supervision of the Zurich 8 City Council as participating authority. Neither the Councillor nor his representative nor the City and Council of Zurich are liable for the Auctioneer’s actions.

15. The auction and any subsequent legal relationship are subject to Swiss law. Place of execution and place of juristiction is Zurich 1. The Auctioneer, however, reserves the right to sue the Buyer at his place of residence. Unless any special regulations have been made in these terms of auction, the rules under the decree passed by the Zurich Court of Appeals on actions relating to voluntary public auctions dated 19.12.1979 shall apply.

The Corinphila Organization

Karl Louis: Managing Director

Antoine Clavel: Head of Philately

Walter Brühlmann: Philatelist

Thomas Berger: Philatelist

Gregory C.G. Todd, A.I.E.P.: Philatelic Consultant

Valentino Ferri: Philatelic Consultant

Vesna Kusigerski: Accounts

Dorette Schär, Fabienne Walter, Margit Pfäffli: Secretarial Services

Martin Maeder, Tonya & Thomas Rhein: Catalogue Production and Design

Wiesenstrasse 8
CH-8034 Zurich (Switzerland)
Phone +41-(0)44-389 91 91
Fax +41-(0)44-389 91 95
Bank account:
UBS, Bahnhofstr. 45, CH-8001 Zurich
IBAN: CH54 0023 0230 3423 3201B
Postal account No.: 80.20219-2 Zurich
We accept the following pay options:

By request

Current auctions at Philasearch:
November 18th - 22nd. 2014
In the upcoming November-Sale we proudly present the following with International Large Gold awared collections of Mexico formed by Peter W. Broennimann and Part 2 of Julio Lugon's Peru collection. Besides these we have the honour to present several collections formed by John Simon (GB) as there are Spain with Cuba and Philippines as well as classic Denmark, Austria and Romania. In our All World catalogue 191 we offer Dr. Hugo Goeggel's 'Never Exhibited' collections of Brazil, Colombia with Scadta and Ecuador together with Mr. John Lea's Ukraine and as usual we present in another special catalogue a strong offer of Classic Switzerland.

Show lots

Tuesday Nov. 18, 2014

Catalogue 191: EUROPE & OVERSEAS

14.00 h

Los 1 - 433

Colombia & Scadta, incl. Dr. Hugo Goeggel collections
(part 4) and Mexico


Catalogue 192: MEXICO 

18.00 h

Los 4001 - 4242

The Peter W. Broennimann Collection
Mexico First Issues 1856-1861

Wednesday Nov. 19, 2014

Catalogue 191: EUROPE & OVERSEAS

10.00 h

Los 434 - 622



Los 623 - 728

Collections & Accumulations

13.30 h Los 729 - 1005 Latin & Central America: Argentine - Venezuela,
incl. Dr. Hugo Goeggel collections (part 4)



Catalogue 193: CLASSIC PERU

16.00 h

Los 3001 - 3226

The Julio Lugon Badaracco Collection (part 2)

Thursday Nov. 20, 2014

Catalogue 191: EUROPE & OVERSEAS

09.00 h

Los 1006 - 1590

EUROPE: Albania - Yugoslavia



Catalogue 194: The John Simon Collections

14.00 h Los 5001 - 5449

Denmark, Österreich & Levante, Rumänien
sowie Spanien mit Cuba und Philippinen

Friday Nov. 21, 2014


09.00 h

Los 8001 - 8110 

Sitzende Helvetia gezähnt 1862, Ganzsachen,
Stehende Helvetia, UPU, Ziffernserie


Los 8111 - 8293

Schweiz ab 1907

13.30 h

Los 8294 - 8395

Flugpost Schweiz


Los 8396 - 8568

Fürstentum Liechtenstein, inkl. Flugpost

15.30 h

Los 8569 - 8798

Diverse Schweiz (inkl. Altschweiz):
Sammlungen & Posten

Saturday Nov. 22, 2014


09.00 h

Los 6001 - 6086

Vorphilatelie und Briefe ohne Marken


Los 6067 - 6362

Die Ing. Pietro Provera Sammlung (Teil 2):
Kantonalmarken - Sitzende Helvetia


Los 6363 - 6501

Kantonalmarken, Ortspost, Poste Locale

14.00 h

Los 6502 - 6726



Los 6727 - 6854

Spezialsammlung 'Strubel'


Los 6855 - 7028    


Auction Results at Philasearch:
4.-8. October 2001
129. Auction: Austria & Old Italian States, Italy and Colonies
130. Auction: Europe & Overseas incl. Cihangir collection (Part IV)
131. Auction: Latin & Central America
6. - 9. June 2002
133rd. Auction with a large selection of offers from all over the world. Specialised collections include the "Quadriga" Collection of German Empire and Colonies, the Bulgaria Collection and Swiss Soldier Stamps.
5-6 April 2003
Kaiserreich Oesterreich Ausgaben 1850-1858
Dir Sammlung "Donau" (Teil 1)

The Sibelius Collection of classic Finland.
20th-24th May 2003
Sale includes:
Scadta & Airmail Colombia
All World Airmail / Luftpost weltweit
European countries A-Z / Overseas countries A-Z
Turkey - The Otto Hornung Large Gold Medal collection
North, Central & Latin America including the Dr. Alfred Guggisberg Gold Medal collection of Guatemala
Accumulations and lots Europe & Overseas, Literature
Altdeutsche Staaten/Old German States
Deutsches Reich & Deutsche Kolonien / German Reich & German Colonies
Altschweiz: Kantonals - Stehende Helvetia / Classic Switzerland
Schweiz ab 1862 / Switzerland from 1862
November 8-9, 2003
Abstempelungen Kaiserreich Österreich & Lombardei-Venetien ex Sammlung Dr. Anton & Elisabeth Jerger. Kaiserreich Oesterreich.
Die Sammlungen "Donau" und "Deutschmeister"
May 15-19, 2004
Corinphila is proud to announce that it has been entrusted to sell by auction during its Spring Sale from 15-19 May 2004 a further part of the famous collection of Austria, Lombardy-Venetia and Austrian Post in the Levant formed by the late Dr. Anton Jerger and his wife Elisabeth Jerger of Vienna. This sale with more than 1'500 individual lots from the ultimate collection of Classic Austrian Empire includes many items untouched since the sales of Baron Rothschild's collection in 1947. Eagerly awaited and anticipated by keen collectors of classic philately this world famous collection features Austrian Empire material with Stamps used and unused, Cancellations, Bisects, Multiples and Mixed Frankings (many illustrated in Dr. Jerger's handbooks), Coloured Cancellations and Combination covers. The breathtaking collection of Austrian Post in the Levant last exhibited at Ameripex in 1986 and awarded a large Gold Medal in the Postal History class, with items from every office from Adrianople to Widdin reveals frankings and combinations not seen on the philatelic market for over 50 years ? just a few are illustrated here. Both the Austria and Lombardy-Venetia collections feature cancellations on the first issues struck in blue, red, and green; including rare Multiples and Mixed issue frankings of the greatest importance and in the highest exhibition quality. Many of these important philatelic gems of the highest calibre and in outstanding quality are considered to be the finest known. The provenances of many items can be traced to the wonderful collections formed by such philatelic luminaries as Felix Brunner, Maurice Burrus, Arthur Caspary, Dale-Lichtenstein, King Farouk of Egypt, Baron Ferrari de la Renotire, Marc Fitch, Arthur Hind, Hans Kropf, Josiah K. Lilly, Arthur Linz, Pietro Provera, Dr. Achille Rivolta, Baron Rothschild from Vienna, and Franz See. This sheltered collection features many items that have not been on the philatelic market for decades, collected over 50 years ago and ever since hidden in the philatelic treasure vault of Dr. Anton Jerger. Other highlights of our May 15-19 auction sales: Rare stamps and covers Classic Switzerland, Old German States and German Colonies, GB & Colonies, Finland, Gold Medal collection Ionian Islands, Turkey, Latin America, Airmail worldwide specialised with DO-X and Rocket Mail, as well as an appealing variety of lots and collections Europe & Overseas.
January 15, 2005

Corinphila has been entrusted to sell by auction the fantastic Grand Prix d'Honneur collection "The Hanseatic City of Hamburg" formed by Edgar Kuphal. This sale features over 500 individual lots with a range of philatelic gems including rare and exotic Destinations Worldwide, exceptional Colour and Mixed Frankings, Combination covers, Postal Stationery, Transatlantic Ship Mail to North and South America, Rural cancellations, Foreign Post Offices in Hamburg, as well as used and unused blocks, largest multiples known, full sheets or part of sheets. The Kuphal collection of Hamburg is the most comprehensive and important of its kind and features many rarities which once crowned the famous collections of Ferrari, Rothschild, Caspary, Burrus, C.H. Lange, W. Traber, Sammet, and Boker. The Edgar Kuphal collection has received many philatelic awards, such as Large Gold in Singapore 1995, Istanbul 1996, Moscow 1997, as well as 1998 in Tel Aviv the highest award achieveable, the Grand Prix d'Honnneur. The collection was afterwards presented in a special show at IBRA 1999 in Nrnberg and exhibited last time at Belgica 2001 in the Court of Honour where it received another Large Gold Medal. Many items have not been on the philatelic market for a long time and some are offered for the first time ever.
May 18-21, 2005

Corinphila has been honoured to sell by auction the third part of the famous collection of Austria, Hungary, and Lombardy-Venetia formed by the late Dr. Anton Jerger and his wife Elisabeth Jerger of Vienna. This sale with more than 400 individual lots from the ultimate collection of Classic Austrian Empire includes many items untouched since the sales of Baron Rothschild's collection in 1947. Eagerly awaited and anticipated by keen collectors of classic philately this world famous collection features Austrian Empire, Kingdom of Hungary, and Lombardy-Venetia with Stamps and Multiples used and unused from the issues 1850-67, rare Bisects, Multiples and Mixed Frankings (many illustrated in Dr. Jerger's handbooks) including Kreuzer + Soldi on covers, First Day covers, rare Cancellations and Combination covers, Andrew Crosses as well as Tokay rouletted issues. The absolute highlight and a philatelic top gem is the cover franked with the 3 Kreuzer Error of Colour (red instead of green). Many of these important philatelic gems of the highest calibre and in outstanding quality are considered to be the finest known from the Austrian Empire. The provenances of many items can be traced to the wonderful collections formed by such philatelic luminaries as Felix Brunner, Maurice Burrus, Arthur Caspary, Dale-Lichtenstein, King Farouk of Egypt, Baron Ferrari de la Renotière, Marc Fitch, Arthur Hind, Hans Kropf, Josiah K. Lilly, Arthur Linz, Pietro Provera, Dr. Achille Rivolta, and Baron Rothschild from Vienna. This sheltered collection features many items that have not been on the philatelic market for decades, collected over 50 years ago and ever since hidden in the philatelic treasure vault of Dr. Anton Jerger.

April 5-8, 2006
CORINPHILA Stamp Auction Sale with nearly 5000 lots from all philatelic areas. Highlight is the sale of the famous CORINPHILA BERKINSHAW-SMITH collection French maritime mail.
Oct 14-18, 2008
154-156 Corinphila auction sale including special catalogues for Switzerland and classic Austria. International offer including many rarities.
June 09-13, 2009
157-160 Corinphila auction sale including raritis from the collections of Fritz Kirchner, Klaus Eitner and Thomas Höpfner
March 02-06, 2010
161-164 Corinphila auction sale including rarities from the collections of Fritz Kirchner (2), special catalogues for Austria, Switzerland as well as Anglo-French Occupation of Togo 1914-15.
Nov 29 - Dec 04, 2010
September 6-10, 2011
International auction offer including special catalogs Austria & Italy (including the grand prix collection Silvain Wyler), classic Romania the collection "Moldau" and classic Switzerland the "Seebub" collection.
April 24-28, 2012
Auction catalogues with rarities from all over the world.
The "Severin" collection with the history of the U.P.U. (Union Postale Universelle).
The 'Seebub' collection (part II) of Classic Swiss stamps with rare cancellations on early Swiss stamps
The ‘Alba’ collection with scarce Switzerland varieties.
The 'Urania' collection with early Balloon Mail from the ‘Spelterini’ cards to Prof. Piccard’s Stratospheric balloons to the rare Moon cover of Apollo 15.
Also a special collection of St.Petersburg City Post or the Italian Post offices in Egypt and Tunisia in the 19th Century. Another Highlight is GB & Colonies with a special section of imperforate Canada stamps as well as many scarce sets and values.
February 26th - March 2nd 2013
177. Corinphila Auktion - Europe & Overseas
- The Barry Scott FRPSL collection Imperial Airways Ltd. 1924-1939,
- Saudi Arabia
- Denmark Incoming Mail
- GB-Colonies
- Lots and Collections

178. Corinphila Auktion
- Collection of Dr. Hugo Goeggel Südamerika
- Brazil the Bull's Eye Stamps 1843
- Colombia Colonial Postal History 1514/1810, Colombia 1859/1864 and Colombian Airmail 1919/1930
- Ecuador the First Issue 1865/1872

179. Corinphila Auktion Classic Romania
- The Moldau Grand Prix International Collection (Part 3)

180. Corinphila Auktion UPU, Switzerland & Liechtenstein
- The Severin Collection: From Uniform Penny Postage in 1840 to UPU 1875/1995 (part 2)
- Pre UPU Transatlantic Mail Europe
- USA and vice versa
- Classic Switzerland
- Bernd Vogel Sammlung: "Postkarten Schweiz 1870-1900" (Part 1)
June 13th 2013
The Luis Alemany Indarte Collection
BRAZIL BULL’S EYES 1843 – 1854
Discover the fascinating world of Brazil’s First Issue of the American continent with rare cancellation as well as large multiples to the unique complete sheet of the 60 reis.
September 18-21, 2013
The Dr. Hugo Goeggel International Large Gold Collections (Part 2):
“Brazil – The Bull’s Eye stamps of 1843”
"Colombia – Colonial Postal History 1514-1810”
“Colombia 1859-1864”
“Colombian Air Mail 1919-1930”
‘All World’ – Rarities, Postal History and Collections
Austrian Levant - The Smith Collection
Switzerland – Rarities, Postal History and Collections
The Karlheinz Wittig Collection: Brazil Postal History 1802-1936
The Luis Alemany Indarte Collection: Brazil "Dom Pedro" Issue 1866-1879
May 20th - 24th, 2014
The 186th - 190th Corinphila auction takes place from Tuesday the 20th May to Saturday 24th May in Zurich. We present over 5000 lots in five auction catalogs. We have the honour to auction off the special collection Austria-Hungary by Ing Pietro Provera in cooperation with Chiani auction in Gossau in the special catalog 189. The collection contains several rarities such as complete Andrew's crosses, stamps and rare franking with bisections, all in exceptional quality.

Catalogue 186:  EUROPE & OVERSEAS including special collections "Queen Elizabeth II Printing Varieties & Errors", Turkey Airmails, International Exhibit Egypt as well as Southamerica.         
Catalogue 187:  CLASSIC PERU - The Julio Lugón Badaracco Collection (Part 1)
Catalogue 188:  COLOMBIA The Dr. Hugo Goeggel Collection (Part 3) including prestamp period and airmails with William Knox, C.C.N.A and SCADTA.         
Catalogue189: AUSTRIA & HUNGARY 1850 - 1885 - The Ing. Pietro Provera Collection, in cooperation with Chiani-Auction
Catalogue 190:  SWITZERLAND & LIECHTENSTEIN including Swiss Classic, the Ing. Pietro Provera Collection, Special Collection of Sitting Helvetia (Strubel) as well as Airmail Liechtenstein.

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