13th Darabanth Auction
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Auction Date: May 14, 2011

Darabanth Philatelic and Numismatic Auctions Co. Ltd.
Andrássy street 16., Budapest - 1061
P.O.Box Nr. 979. Budapest, 1244
Phone: +36 1 317-4757, +36 1 266-4154
Fax: +36 1 318-4035

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13th Darabanth Auction

The auction consist of two parts:

Hungary, Austrian post in Hungary: floor auction.
Online bidding also possible on our website until the item is called in the auction room.

Philately other countries, postcards, numismatics, art and other collectibles: Online auction.
Online bidding at www.darabanth.hu (site available in German too) until 18:00 14 May 2011.
Bids in email are accepted until 17:00. ×

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions


Bidding and purchasing

You can bid after logging in. New clients must register first. We kindly ask our clients to provide all data correctly so that we can send the items without delay. On logging in first you have to choose how you would like to receive your items and the methods of payment. Should you have any questions, please write an e-mail to info@darabanth.hu . If you want your items to be delivered by post, you have to pay the costs of the postage.
You can also bid for the items in mail, therefor in some cases there can be two similar highest bids for the same item. In this case the bid that we received first is the winning bid. Please note that all bids have to be rounded up to hundreds! (e.g. 5600 HUF)
You can bid at the current auction until 18.00 on the last day of the auction. The bidding works according to the following bidding increments:

to 5.000 HUF 200 HUF
to 10.000 HUF 500 HUF
to 20.000 HUF 1.000 HUF
to 50.000 HUF 2.000 HUF
to 100.000 HUF 5.000 HUF
to 200.000 HUF 10.000 HUF
to 500.000 HUF 20.000 HUF
to 1.000.000 HUF 50.000 HUF
from 1.000.000 HUF 100.000 HUF

Buyer's commission: 17 %

You can bid for an item in the following way: Next to the chosen item there is a "View" button. By clicking on it you can reach the page of the item. Under the photo of the item there is an empty box for your bid. By typing the sum and pressing the enter you send your bid. The system will indicate the position of your bid immediately. In the field "minimum bid" you can see the price increased by one bidding increment calculated according to the second highest bid. In case there is only one bid on the item the price shown is based on the next bidding increment. This sum is not necessarily the winning price.
For example: the starting price is 1000 HUF. If in this case there is only one bid (which must be equal or higher than the starting price) the bidder will win the lot at the starting price. (However he made a higher offer.) There are two bids: one at 1000 and another at 4500. In this case in the "minimum bid" which is 1200 HUF can be seen. This is of course not enough for winning the item but it is for the benefit of the highest bidder because if no one makes an offer than the highest bidder will get the item at the price shown in the "minimum bid" box. If there is another bidder who makes an offer at the minimum price the system will automatically inform him that there is a higher bid and at the same time the minimum bid goes up by one bidding increment. This continues until the bid reaches the highest bid plus one bidding increment.
By clicking on "my bids" at the present aucition's page you can check your offers. Here you can bid as well and when you send your offer the page will refresh automatically. The page does not refresh by itself if you do not make an offer so we kindly ask you to often use the "refresh" button in the last minutes of the auction so that you can see if someone overbids you.
The result of the auction can be seen right after the end of the auction and you can also buy from the remaining items. The winning prices increased by comission and the total sum of your purchase can be seen from 18.15 at the "won items" page. (on the client's page) You can also download the full results in chart form from the main page.
The remaining items can be bought by clicking at the button next to the item. This way you put the item in your basket. Would you rather not buy the item you can take it out from the basket by clicking at Delete purchase. By sending the purchase you can finish buying. In case there are two persons wanting to buy the same item we will accept the one who executed the purchse first. (by clicking on the "send purchase" button.) The methods of payment and receiving are the same as declared on logging in.The system automatically sends an e-mail about the purchase to your e-mail address. After the remainder sale period we upload the full result of the auction in form of a chart.
In the International Auction the bidding rules are the same although there are some differences. The bidding increments can differ according to the Auctioneer's decision. In case of equal bids decision is made by coin-tossing. In the meantime you can bid for an item on our webpage but only until it is announcedin the auction hall. If you are present at auction you can of course continue bidding until the lot is knocked down. You can also bid via telephone if you can not take part personally but in this case you have to indicate your absence well in advance.
You can buy a remaining item in the auction hall before the end of the auction if the lot has already been announced and there was no bid on it.
The price of the won items is the hammer price plus 17% commision. In case of delay in payment we charge our clients 10% delay-comission every month. When the client buys the lot on the spot we do not accept any complaints later. Complaints can be accepted in 72 hours after handling the item in case of postal delivery. We do not accept any complaints about the items that contain more than 5 items.
According to the 211. § of Civil Code the bidder is tied to his bid until the end of the auction. The bidding commitment can not be legally denied by definition of "auciton services", The bidding commitment lasts until the end of the aucition. The Aucitioneer can not be forced to erase any offers only in exceptional and justified cases. The comission is 17% of the price. In case of postal delivery the client must pay for the postal costs which are calculated according to the fees of registered, ensured and COD (collect on delivery) letter.
If you have any comments or request please do not hesitate to contact us at info@darabanth.hu.