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Philaclassica AG
Philaclassica AG
Martin Eichele
Birseckstr. 99
Postfach 608
4144 Arlesheim

Tel. +41 (0)61 261 73 79
Fax +41 (0)61 261 73 77
About Us:

Philaclassica AG was founded in 1985 by company owner Martin Eichele.

We offer a diverse range of philatelic services:

  • Estimates and grading of collections for private clients, estates offices and executors, non-profit organizations, financial institutions, insurance companies etc.
  • Direct purchase and sale of stamps from all over the world.
  • Connections to the world's grand auction houses as an ideal sales channel for stamps.
  • Consultants and assistants for important customers; assistance with building and maintaining new collections.
  • Regular fixed price sales in cooperation with Jean-Paul Bach AG, Basel.
  • Authenticity tests and professional reports by Briefmarkenprüfstelle Basel BP

April 9, 2011
Switzerland prephilatelic items especially from Waadt, Geneve, Graubünden, cantonal issues on cover including the "Doppelgenf", the "Basler Taube", rarest frankings, poste locale and rayons, strubel with special frankings, destinations, incoming mail especially from Italy and France, "Sitzende Helvetia", "Stehende Helvetia" and numeral issue, late frankings, frankinks from various boards, postage due frankings, Railway mail specialised (including cancel from Wuerttemberg on "Sitzende Helvetia" franking, Spanish "Brötli Bahn", varieties, scarcest Liechtenstein forerunners. Foreign issues including highlights: Antarctic issues, Denmark cover to swedish officer in Milano, Greece, Great Britain, Netherlands, Crete, Forwarded cover Brasil/NDP, Hong Kong, Holyland, fournier forgeries Switzerland and other worldwide. Literature from Switzerland and all over the world.
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