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Rölli-Schär AG is a personally managed, independent business with an international reputation.

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Rölli-Schär AG

  1. The auction takes place voluntarily and against immediate cash payment. The starting prices are minimum prices. "Maximum" bids are taken into account up to five times the starting price. R+B Rölli-Schär AG has the right to withdraw or refuse to knock down any lot. Additionally, it may exclude persons from the auction.
  2. The sequence, combination or withdrawal of lots is decided by the auctioneer.
  3. Lots are awarded to the highest bidder by knockdown. Written bids are executed by Rölli-Schär AG in strict conformity with the principal's interests. In the event of identical bids, the first one received takes precedence. We cannot be made liable for technical problems in connection with the online auction (i.e. delay, new start, etc.).
  4. A commission of 20% is added to the purchase price. The Swiss Value Added Tax (VAT) of 8% will be added to the grand total of the auction invoice.
  5. Knock-down obliges to take delivery. The purchased lot must be paid within 5 days upon receipt of the invoice. In case of advance payment the lots are despatched upon receipt of the payment. In the event of payment delay on the part of the purchaser or refusal to take delivery, Rölli-Schär AG reserves the right to charge interest (1% per month).
  6. The lots on auction have been described with greatest care. Offset pleas of any type are precluded. For photographed stamps, the photograph is determinative as to margins, perforations, cancellations, etc. Complaints as to quality must be received not later than 5 days upon receipt of the stamp involved. Complaints regarding genuineness, proof of forgery must be presented with a certificate of an official expert. The original lots which are the subject of the complaint must be submitted in the original condition. Complaints do not have the consequence of extending the time limit for payment and we have to be informed immediately. Expertization marks of recognized experts who are liable for their errors are not considered to be alterations. Rölli-Schär AG declines any warranty for collections, mixed lots and accumulations. Indications of catalogue prices with the note "n.A." (indication by the supplier) are not relevant for the auctioneer.
  7. Until full payment of the invoice all purchased lots remain in possession of the auctioneer. The purchaser is liable for transportation, customs declaration, loss as well as for any deficiency.
  8. With the submission of bids or purchase requests, the above terms of auction sale are accepted to their full extent. In case of dispute, the original German version of the Terms of Auction Sales applies. 
  9. The terms and conditions usual in the trade apply as well as the rules according to OR 229-236. Place of performance and exclusive court venue is Lucerne, Switzerland.
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