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We are one of Europe's leading auction houses. Our regular major auction sales include a large selection of classic and modern rarities as well as important collections. We will help and consult you for in all philatelic questions. Experience over decades and absolute discretion.

Online Live Bidding in Chiani-Auction

Chiani-Auction automatically grants you a bid limit of CHF 20'000. If you know in advance that this standard bid limit will be insufficient for your bids, please let us know in due time.

Information on the Placement of Online Live Bids
Chiani-Auction offers you the opportunity to place your bids live through the world wide web wherever you are. Bid live, even from afar, as if you were sitting in the auction room. All you need for participation is a web access and a JAVA-capable computer. If this is the first time you intend to place online live bids in an auction, we suggest that you use the simulator to get used to the system. You can enter the simulator, after you checked your system. (Just follow the yellow arrow further down)

Technical Requirements
When you register for the live auction, we will check automatically if your computer fullfills all technical requirements. (Cookies need to be activated and java must be installed)

Online Live Bidding - Step by Step
1. Before you actually start online live bidding, get acquainted with the system and the way it works. We recommend a short practice session with the simulator on this site.
2. Register for participation and assign yourself a user name and a password. Please also communicate to us the number(s) of the lot(s) or the range of lots you intend to bid for. Registration must be effected one day before the auction commences. For later registrations, access cannot be guaranteed. Your registration must be approved, and access to the bidding system must be authorized by Chiani-Auction. Therefore, you will receive an e-mail confirmation in due course, which must be re-confirmed by you. Please register only once for the auction.
3. Upon confirmation, each online live bidder will be granted a bid limit of CHF 20'000. If you wish to raise that limit, please send us an e-mail accordingly. That new bid limit is also subject to approval and confirmation through e-mail.
4. Your computer must be active in time for the scheduled auction dates and times. Please take possible time differences into account. Insert your user name and password to register for actual participation in the auction.
5. Each auction lot will be called out and auctioned individually in the auction room.
6. As soon as "your" lot is up for auction and displayed on your computer screen, press the "BID" button. This sends a signal to the auction room indicating your interest in placing an online live bid.
7. GOING, GOING, GONE will be sequentially displayed on the computer screen. As soon as you see the first GOING, you must send your bid.
8. If several internet bids are placed simultaneously, only the one received first will be shown. Should your bid not be the first one, it won't be shown on your screen. You then would have to place a new, higher bid immediately.
9. The full GOING, GOING, GONE display indicates that the respective lot has been knocked down to a floor, phone or internet bidder. If your bid is shown on the screen then - congratulations, you won the lot!

Just in Case
For the unlikely case that there will be any technical or other problems during the auction, make sure to have your phone number registered beforehand. This enables us to give you a call during the auction, if necessary.

Phone Hotline
If you experience any problem on your side during the auction, please give us a call on ++41-71-385 23 36

Payment Options

  • bill
  • Bank transfer
  • Euro checks
  • U.S. $ checks
  • Cash on delivery

Chiani Auktion

Terms of Auction

1 The auction will be conducted in Swiss francs, against immediate cash payment. Foreign currencies will be accepted at current rates of exchange or as credited by cheque drawn on a major Swiss bank. The date of receipt or of crediting shall be valid.

2 Each lot is awarded to the highest bidder. In addition to the bidding price a commission of 20 % is invoiced. Furthermore, bids are subject to the Swiss value added tax of 8% and this percentage is levied on all final invoice amounts (bidding price, commission, postal and insurance charges) except for lots directly dispatched abroad by Chiani auctions. To buyers resident outside Switzerland who are personally exporting the lots purchased the Swiss value added tax is refunded if they submit a valid export declaration legally stamped by the Swiss customs authorities. If payment is overdue, a surcharge of 5% will be charged plus interest at the rate of 1% per month.

3 The knock-down price obliges purchase of the goods. Beneficial ownership of all lots knocked down shall be retained and is only transferred to the Buyer on payment of the total purchase price, the risk however commences with the knock-down. Bidders present at the auctions are personally liable for misuse of their bidder-card by third parties.

4 The Auctioneer reserves the right to deviate from the sequence, to withdraw, regroup, divide or refuse to knock down any lot. In the event of identical bids, the first one received will take precedence and in case of a misunderstanding the lot shall be auctioned again.

5 The lots are described conscientiously and with great care. The descriptions do not however constitute any particular guarantee. Any and all claims are to be made in writing at the latest three days after receipt of the goods. The lots in dispute must be returned unchanged and in their original condition of take-away. Complaints will be refused if the stamps have been altered.

6 The Auctioneer is personally liable for the authenticity of all single lots sold for a period of five years subsequent to the knock-down. In the event of a complaint concerning authenticity proof of any forgery must be furnished by means of a certificate from a competent, recognized expert for the respective specialty area. The cost of a re-expertise shall be borne by the Buyer. However, in the event of a justified complaint, such costs shall be borne by the Seller. In the case of expertised stamps, the Buyer shall accept as binding the certificates and certification marks referred to in the lot descriptions, in particular also with regard to the authenticity and the quality of the lots; the Buyer shall likewise accept the integrity of the certificates with regard to their content. Any other liability on the part of the Auctioneer is excluded. Extensions by a prospective buyer must be received by the Auctioneer in writing at least five days prior to the day of the auction. This written notice must give the reason why an extension is required and the expert from whom an opinion is to be sought (subject to the Auctioneer’s consent). All extensions must be cleared within 20 days of the auction, subsequent to which the right of return is forfeited.

7 For photographed stamps the reproduction is the criteria for margins, perforations and cancellations etc. Collections, accumulations and lots which comprise three or more stamps and are not separately described, cannot be subject to complaints, i.e. any liability is excluded. A Buyer who is in arrears with payment shall have no right of complaint. All lots may be examined before and during the auction at times stated in the catalogue. On request mail bidders will receive precise information regarding content and condition of the lot as well as photocopies of certificates.

8 The lots will be handed over after full payment of the auction invoice. The privately insured lots are sent to the Buyer by the Auctioneer, by mail or by other means of dispatch, at the expense of the Seller. Compliance with foreign customs and currency regulations is the Buyer’s responsibility.

9 Selling price plus commission are to be paid immediately by personal bidders. For written bids payment is due five days after receipt of pre-invoice. Customers personally known to us will receive the lots together with the invoice. An extension of the date of payment can be arranged upon written request with appropriate references. Such special arrangements have to be agreed upon in writing, prior to the auction. Bidders on behalf of third parties are jointly and severally liable debtors. Upon delay of payment the Auctioneer reserves the right to sue for payment or to cancel the sale and to dispose of the lots elsewhere, without notifying the Buyer. Any price difference resulting therefrom will be charged to the Buyer. In such a case, the Auctioneer is not obliged to deliver, however the Buyer is obliged to accept the purchase.

10 Written orders are handled by the auction firm conscientiously and in the bidder’s best interests, but without liability. By handing in a bid or purchase order all terms of auction are accepted unconditionally. ‘Bids at best’ will be considered up to a multiple of ten times the starting price. The Auctioneer reserves the right to exclude persons from the auction without giving a reason.

11 Claims for damages against the Auctioneer for delay, non-performance, positive infringement of contract, fault in breach of contract are not permissible unless the damage was caused deliberately or through gross negligence.

12 The auction is held under the supervision of the town council of Gossau as the cooperating official government authority. The participating head of council, the council and the country refuse any liability.

13 In the event of a dispute the Law Courts of Gossau SG shall have jurisdiction. The Auctioneer however reserves the right to sue a debtor at his place of residence. The auction is solely subject to Swiss law. The German original text shall be authoritative in the interpretation of the present Terms of Auction.


Auction Results

  • Auction
    • Results
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    • Timetable
    • Auction Schedule

      Monday, 11th November
      10.00 Switzerland: Vorphilately, old Switzerland,
      Cantonal – Local / Poste Locale Lots
      1 – 243
      13.30 Switzerland: Rayon I–III, Strubel,
      old Switzerland collections,Sitting Helvetia
      – Jubilee1900, postage stamps
      244 – 948
      Tuesday, 12th November  
      10.00 Switzerland: concentrationcamp,
      Airmail, Pro Juventute
      949 – 1194
      13.30 Switzerland: Pro Patria, Blocks,
      official stamps, postage due,
      cancellations, picture postcards, various
      1195 – 1387
        Liechtenstein: single lots, collections 1388 – 1464
        Germany: old Germany – BRD/Berlin 1464 – 1614
        Europe: Albania – Latvia 1615 – 1838
      Wednesday, 13th November 
      10.00 Europe: Luxemburg – Vatikan, Cept 1839 – 1967
        Oversea: Afghanistan – Yemen 1968 – 2038
        Various Countries: Topics, Various 2039 – 2097
      13.30 Various Countries: Coins, Medals 2098 – 2117
        Various Countries: Lots and Collections 2118 – 2346
        Switzerland:  Lots and Collections 2347 – 2586
      Thursday, 14th November.
      until 11.00 Auction lots can be collectioned until 11:00 in the Fürstenlandsaal.
      Friday, 15th November        Office closed
  • Auction Live Auction
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    • Chiani-Auktion

      Internationale Briefmarken-Auktionen

      6. –9. Mai 2012 im Fürstenlandsaal, Gossau SG

      Besichtigung der Lose   Exposition des lots, viewing arrangements, esposizione dei lotti
        18. April - 1. Mai   In unseren Geschäftsräumen: Hochschorenstrasse 31, CH-9200 Gossau. Nur nach telefonischer Vereinbarung. 12.00 - 13.30 Uhr geschlossen. Gross-Boxen können aus Platzgründen nur während der Auktionswoche im Fürstenlandsaal besichtigt werden.
        6. - 9. Mai   im Fürstenlandsaal, Gossau (Auktionswoche)
        6. Mai   Sonntag 8.30 - 19.00 Uhr (durchgehend)
        7. - 9. Mai   Montag - Mittwoch 8.00 - 19.00 Uhr (durchgehend)

      Auktionsprogramm   Programme de la vente, auction programme, programme dell'asta
      Montag, 7. Mai 10.00   Schweiz: Altschweiz, Kantonal - Rayon 15II Lose  1  -  258
        13.30   Schweiz: Rayon 16I - 20, Strubel, Sammlungen Altschweiz, Sitzende Helvetia - Jubiläum 1900, Freimarken, KZS, Pro Juventute, Pro Patria, Blöcke Lose  259  -  947
      Dienstag, 8. Mai 10.00   Schweiz: Dienstmarken - Hotelpost, Abstempelungen, Ansichtskarten, Diverses, Flugpost inkl. DOX Lose  948  -  1242
        13.30   Zeppelinpost: Länder A - Z Lose  1243  -  1331
            Liechtenstein: Einzellose und Sammlungen Lose  1332  -  1421
            Deutschland: Altdeutschland, Deutsches Reich, Kolonien, Zonen, Deutschland ab 1945 Lose  1422  -  1602
            Europa: Albanien - Vatikan (ohne Italien), CEPT Lose  1603  -  1838
      Mittwoch, 9. Mai 10.00   Italien: inkl. Lombardei Abstempelungen Lose  1839  -  2110
        13.30   Übersee: Ägypten - USA Lose  2111  -  2138
            Verschiedene Länder: Diverses, Flugpost, Motive, Münzen Lose  2139  -  2184
            Verschiedene Länder: Sammlungen und Posten Lose  2185  -  2401
            Schweiz: Diverse Sammlungen und Posten Lose  2402  -  2652
      Donnerstag, 10. Mai bis 11.00   Auktionslose können bis 11.00 Uhr im Fürstenlandsaal abgeholt werden
      Freitag, 11. Mai     Büro geschlossen
  • Auction Live Auction
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    • Auction Info
    • Timetable
    • Auktionsprogramm Programme de la vente, auction programme, programme dell’asta
      Dienstag, 9. November 13.30 Schweiz: Altschweiz, Kantonal – Strubel 1–533  
          Schweiz: Altschweiz, Sammlungen u. Posten   534–579  
      Mittwoch, 10. November 10.00 Schweiz: Sitzende Helvetia – Jubiläum 1900, Freimarken 580–808  
        13.30 Schweiz: KZS, Pro Juventute, Pro Patria, Blöcke, Dienst, Lose 809 – 1232
      Porto, Hotelpost, Abstempelungen, Ganzsachen,
      Soldatenmarken, Diverses, Flugpost
          Liechtenstein: Einzellose u. Sammlungen 1233–1305  
          Zeppelinpost: Länder A–Z 1306–1398  
      Donnerstag, 11. November 10.00 Deutschland: Altdeutschland, Deutsches Reich, Zonen,
      BRD, Berlin, DDR
        13.30 Europa: Albanien – Vatikan, CEPT 2501–2791  
          Übersee: Ägypten – USA 2792–2807  
          Verschiedene Länder: Diverses, Münzen 2808–2851  
          Verschiedene Länder: Sammlungen u. Posten 3001–3149  
          Schweiz: Diverse Sammlungen u. Posten 3501–3725  
  • Auction Live Auction
    • Results
    • Auction Info
    • Timetable
    • Auktionsprogramm   Programme de la vente, auction programme, programme dell'asta  
      Montag, 11. Mai 13.30 Schweiz: Altschweiz, Sammlung «Lugano» Sonderkatalog Los 5000
        Schweiz: Altschweiz, Sammlung «Vindonissa» Sonderkatalog Lose 5001 – 5590
      Dienstag, 12. Mai 10.00 Schweiz: Altschweiz, Kantonal – Übergangszeit 1 – 243
        13.30 Schweiz: Ortspost, Poste Locale, Sammlung «Bally», Rayon I–III, Strubel Lose 244 – 996
      Mittwoch, 13. Mai 10.00 Schweiz: Sitzende Helvetia – Jubiläum 1900, Freimarken Lose 997 – 1271
        13.30 Schweiz: Pro Juventute, Pro Patria, Blöcke, KZS, Dienst, Porto, Hotelpost, Diverses, Soldatenmarken, Flugpost Lose 1272 – 1817
          Zeppelinpost:: Länder A–Z Lose 1818 – 1899
          Schweiz: Heimatsammlungen inkl. «Graubünden», Abstempelungen, Ganzsachen inkl. «Tüblibriefe», Ansichtskarten, Diverses, Münzen Lose 1900 – 2128
      Donnerstag 14. Mai 10.00 Deutschland, Altdeutschland – BRD/Berlin Lose 2129 – 2373
        13.30 Europa: Andorra – Vatikan, CEPT Lose 2374 - 2867
          Übersee: Ägypten - USA Lose 2868 - 2911
          verschiedene Länder: Diverses Lose 2912 - 2935
          verschiedene Länder: Sammlungen und Posten Lose 2936 - 3079
          Schweiz: Sammlungen und Posten Altschweiz. Lose 3080 - 3134
          Schweiz: Diverse Sammlungen und Posten Lose 3135 - 3378
      Freitag, 15. Mai bis 12.00 Auktionslose Lose können bis im Fürstenlandsaal abgeholt werden.
  • Public Auction
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    • Timetable
    • Auktionsprogramm   Programme de la vente, auction programme, programme dell'asta  
      Dienstag, 13. November 10.00 Schweiz: Altschweiz, Kantonal - Rayon III Lose 1-285
        13.30 Schweiz: Strubel, Sitzende Helvetia - Jubiläum 1900, Lose 286-498
          Postgeschichte: Kt. Aargau, Kt. Luzern, Knonaueramt,  
          Kt. Thurgau, Kt. Graubünden Lose 499-955
      Mittwoch, 14. November 10.00 Schweiz: Freimarken, Pro Juventute, Pro Patria, Blöcke Lose 956-1188
        13.30 Schweiz: KZS, Dienst, Porto, Hotelpost, Kocher-, Soldatenmarken    
          Flugpost, Abstempelungen, Diverses, Münzen (inkl. Ausland) Lose 1189-1377
          Deutschland, Zeppelinpost A-Z Lose 2001-2263
          Europa: Belgien - Italien (inkl.Deutsch-Französischer Krieg 1870-71 u. Brit. Commonwealth Lose 2264-2517
      Donnerstag, 15. November 10.00 Europa: Jugoslawien - Westukraine, CEPT Lose 2518-2750
        13.30 Uebersee: Aegypten - USA Lose 2751-2795
          Verschiedene Länder: Diverses, Motive Lose 2796-2841
          Verschiedene Länder: Sammlungen Lose 2842-3062
          Schweiz: Sammlungen u. Posten Altschweiz   Lose 3063-3098
          Schweiz: Diverse Sammlungen u. Posten Lose 3099-3373
  • Public Auction
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    • Timetable
    • Auktionsprogramm

      Auction programme, programme de la vente, programma dell'asta

      Dienstag, 16. Mai   13.30 Schweiz: Altschweiz, Kantonal, Rayon, Strubel Lose 1 - 614
      Mittwoch, 17. Mai   10.00 Schweiz: Sitzende Helvetia, Ziffern, Stehende Helvetia,        
            Jubiläum 1900, Freimarken Lose 615 - 855
          13.30 Schweiz: Pro Juventute, Pro Patria, Blöcke, KZS,        
            Dienstmarken, Porto, Hotelpost, Soldatenmarken,        
            Abstempelungen, Diverses, Münzen Lose 856 - 1143
            Schweiz: Flugpost Lose 1144 - 1488
      Donnerstag, 18. Mai   10.00 Deutschland Lose 1489 - 1748
          13.30 Zeppelinpost: Länder A - Z Lose 1749 - 1832
            Europa: Albanien - Oesterreich Lose 1833 - 2272
      Freitag, 19. Mai   10.00 Europa: Polen-Vatikan, CEPT Lose 2273 - 2378
            Uebersee: Aegypten - Venezuela Lose 2379 - 2451
            Verschiedene Länder: Diverses, Motive, Weltraum Lose 2452 - 2488
          13.30 Verschiedene Länder: Sammlungen Lose 2489 - 2660
            Schweiz: Kantonal - Rayon, Sammlungen Lose 2661 - 2717
            Schweiz: Diverse Sammlungen Lose 2718 - 3001

      Besichtigung der Lose
      Viewing arrangements, exposition des lots, exposizione die lotti    
      27. April - 10. Mai   In unseren Geschäftsräumen: Hochschorenstrasse 31, CH-9200 Gossau.
          Nur nach telefonsicher Vereinbarung. 12.00 - 13.30 geschlossen.
          Gross-Boxen können aus Platzgründen nur während der Auktionswoche
          im Fürstenlandsaal besichtigt werden.
      15. - 19. Mai   im Fürstenlandsaal, Gossau (Auktionswoche)
      15. Mai   Montag 10.00 - 19.00 Uhr (nur Besichtigung)
      16. - 19. Mai   Dienstag - Freitag 8.30-19.00 Uhr (Besichtigung und Auktion)