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About Us:

Hong Kong-based Interasia Auctions is a pre-eminent auctioneer of China and Asian stamps and postal history, building upon principals Jeffrey Schneider and Cecilia Vong's 30 years of experience, expertise and marketing acumen in China and Asian philately, proven track record of obtaining the best material and highest prices for China, Hong Kong, Thailand and other Asia, and long-standing personal relationships with the major collectors throughout the World. This along with its twice a year auctions in Hong Kong -- the centre of Asian philately -- bringing together buyers and sellers from Asia and North America and Europe, are vital elements in making Interasia Auctions the leading auction firm for China, Hong Kong and Asian stamps and postal history. Dr. Schneider, an internationally recognised expert in Chinese and Asian stamps and a senior member of the BPA Expertising Committee, has handled many of the noteworthy collections to come to market in the last generation, including the renowned Beckeman, Hock, Ireland, Ellery Denison, Richard C.K. Chan, and M.F. Huang collections. Ms. Vong, who speaks Cantonese and Mandarin as well as English, has developed many personal contacts with important collectors in Mainland China, one of the world's fastest growing stamp markets, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

6th-7th Dec 2008
The 1300 lot sale includes many rare and important items and features China with Large and Small Dragons including the definitive study of the unknown Settings of the Large Dragons, Dowagers and surcharges, important Red Revenues with an almost complete reconstruction of the small figures 2c. on 3c. inverted surcharge, the first part of the W.S. Kong Imperial Dollar Daters, Republic of China with proofs, rare 1914-25 inverts (including three of the Four Treasures of the Republic in extremely rare used condition) and specialised Airmails, Postage Dues, Express Letter stamps and Booklets from the Beckeman collection, People's Republic of China, early Taiwan rarities, Local Posts and Foreign Post Offices; Hong Kong and Treaty Ports with extensive postal history; Macau; Thailand with J.M.S. Roberts' definitive collection of Railway cancellations offered intact; and the first portion of the Beckeman Gold Medal Mongolia.
September 23-26, 2011
People’s Republic
occupying the first day and a half of the sale. Its 1,300 lots, by far our largest offering ever of this immensely popular subject, are noteworthy both in terms of the great rarities, as well as the abundance and depth of popular sets and miniature sheets. The pristine marginal block of four of the 1968 unissued “Great Victory of the Cultural Revolution” 8f. and the 1953 Military “Blue Navy” $800 in both an extraordinarily rare pair and a single (ex Lin Song) in exquisite condition are true highlights.
Besides the great rarities, all the popular sets and miniature sheets are included – usually in abundance – complemented by blocks and large multiples, as well as first day covers. This presentation culminates with the Y.Y. Chen complete collection of the “C” and “S” series in mint blocks of four, including the Mei Lanfang imperforate set in magnificent corner blocks, offered as one lot.

The Ching Dynasty and the Republic-period China offering continues these two themes of both comprehensiveness and noteworthy rarities. The stamps and postal history of the Ching Dynasty and Republic of China will be offered from the Saturday afternoon through Monday and is highlighted by many of the great rarities, as well as some of the most select covers of each issue, sprinkled throughout, constituting spectacular and exotic usages, including unique franked postcards and rare post offices.For example, the almost 150 lots of the highly sought-after Red Revenues include the small figures surcharge 4c. on 3c. double surchargeand the large figures surcharge $5 on 3c. in a superlative unique used sheet margin pair. The Republic of China is highlighted by an unmounted mint 1941 Dr. Sun Yat-sen $2 inverted centre and the Sinkiang 1915 $1 transposed characters surcharge error in a se-tenant strip of three (ex Sir Percival David and Mizuhara Meiso).

Hong Kong
Preceding the main sale’s Hong Kong is the “Nostalgia” collection of Hong Kong and China Printed Matter Mail, an original study presented to exhibition standard of these scarce usages, offered in a separate catalogue. The Hong Kong section in the main catalogue includes one of only eight recorded examples of the 1880 5c. on 8c. double surcharge, one of only two existing sets of proofs of the 1954 Queen Elizabeth II Definitives (with the other in the Queen’s collection), and Nick Halewood’s International Gold Medal Hong Kong Airmails exhibit is being offered intact.
April 28-30 & May 1, 2012
December 15-18, 2012
June 29 - 1 July, 2013

The China commences with two great classic collections: the second part of the extensive and important study of the Large Dragons issue cancellations formed by the late Wen Sun Kong and a further portion of Huang Ming-Jeng's International Grand Prix Exhibit of 19th Century Imperial Postal History.

An important section of Ching Dynasty is highlighted by an outstanding example of the Red Revenue Small One Dollar.

Republic of China includes a magnificent array of essays and proofs and an extensive range of stamps, including both the Hall of Classics $2 inverted centre and the 1923 2c. on 3c. inverted surcharge. The Chinese Provinces feature an outstanding collection of Sinkiang postal history. The sale includes a specialised Postal History section and superb Postal Stationery.

Taiwan features five fabulous 1884-85 covers from the early Customs Post in Southern Taiwan and a very fine collection of Flying Geese issues. Local Posts boast splendid proofs and rare combination covers, including a number of usages through the U.S. Postal Agency. Foreign Post Offices also have U.S. Postal Agency usages among its many fine combination covers.

The strong offering of the important subject People's Republic includes multiple examples of the popular sets and miniature sheets, as well as an unused set of the 1958 Student Congress errors of inscription, Cultural Revolution complete sheets and two complete sheets of the ever-popular 1980 Year of the Monkey.Hong Kong and Treaty Ports

There is a select group of Queen Victoria multiples in outstanding condition, rare cancellations, and unusual Treaty Post covers.

There is much Korea and Thailand, as well as Macau, Japan, Ryukyu Islands, and Philippines.
January 11th - 14th, 2013
Asian Stamps & Postal History
The Elling O. Eide Collection of Local Posts
The Nostalgia Collection of Tombstone Cancellations
The Official Postal Seals and "Republic of China" Overprints
The People's Republic of China and Liberated Areas
The Hugh Lawrence Collection of East China
The Wen Sun Kong Cancellations of First Customs Issue Part 3