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Every two months, in the heart of New York City, Cherrystone holds a major international auction sale, featuring over 3,000 lots including: Important Rarities, Postal History and elusive items of the world.

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Terms of Sale

All bidders (including auction agents) are subject to the following Conditions of Sale. Feel free to print out this page for future reference. Thank you.

1. On all lots sold a commission of 15% on the hammer price is payable by the buyer.

2. The terms of sale are strictly cash on delivery to the highest bidder unless special arrangements have been made prior to the sale. The fact that an item is placed on extension (submitted to an expertising committee for certification) does not relieve the successful bidder from this condition of sale.

3. All bids are per lot as numbered in the catalogue unless otherwise announced by the auctioneer at the time of sale. The right is reserved to group two or more lots; to withdraw any lot or lots from the sale, or to act on behalf of the seller. Cherrystone will bid on behalf of clients, but will not be responsible for any errors in the execution of bidding instructions. The auctioneer shall regulate the bidding and in the event of any dispute his decision shall be final.

4. All lots are offered subject to a reserve price. The auctioneer may implement such reserve price by bidding on behalf of the seller. It may also be inferred that all sellers have been given advances against the sale of their material and therefore we have a financial interest in such lots over and above the sellers commission they are charged.

5. Any lot, the description of which is incorrect, is returnable, but only within 14 days of receipt. All disputed lots must be returned intact as received. The following lots may not be returned for any reason whatsoever: Lots containing ten or more stamps; Lots from buyers who have had the opportunity to examine them before the sale; Lots described as having defects or faults may not be returned because of any faults. No illustrated lots may be returned because of centering, margins or other factors shown in the illustrations.

6. Successful bidders, unless they are known to us or supply acceptable references are expected to make payment in full before the lots are delivered. Mail bidders will be notified of the amounts of their purchases. All mail bidders who have established credit with us must make payment within three days after receipt. We reserve the right in our sole and absolute discretion to demand cash payment at the time a lot is knocked down to any bidder who has not previously established credit with us or whose account is in arrears. In the event any buyer refuses to pay cash for any lot at the time it is knocked down to him, the auctioneer reserves the right to reoffer the lot immediately for sale to the highest bidder. Sales tax will be added to purchases where applicable.

7. If the purchase price has not been paid within the time limit, nor lots taken up within seven days from date of sale they may be resold and any loss arising from such sale will be charged to the defaulter. Any account more than thirty days in arrears is subject to a late payment charge of 2% per month so long as the account remains in arrears. If the auctioneer, in his discretion, should institute any action to secure payment of a delinquent account the defaulting purchaser shall pay all expenses incurred by the auctioneer and such charges will be added to the amount owed.

8. All lots are sold as genuine, but should any lot be proved otherwise by written opinion of any competent, responsible authority acceptable to us, immediate refund of the full purchase price will be made, provided that such claim is made in writing within 25 days from date of sale. If claim is not made within this period, no lots are returnable for any reason at any time. So long as we are notified within the 25 day period that an opinion is being sought and the material is submitted to an acceptable authority within that period the matter will remain open until such opinion is rendered. All "Extension" lots will be considered cleared and satisfactory to the buyer if we are not notified to the contrary within six months from date of sale. We will not be responsible for any charges incurred by the buyer for expertization fees and costs unless the opinion states the item is not genuine, in which case we will pay actual costs up to a maximum of $50.00. In the event an item is proved "not as described" it is returnable for full refund, and the buyer will be paid interest (at the prevailing Treasury Bill Rate) for the time his funds have been on deposit with us during the extension period.

9. Until paid for in full, all lots remain the property of Cherrystone Stamp Center, Inc. on behalf of the seller.

10. Some consignors have been advanced monies against the sale of their properties.

11. All forwarding and handling charges will be added to the purchase price. The mode of shipment shall be at our option unless we are given specific instructions.

12. Lots may be sent for inspection to buyers known to us upon written application. All such lots must be returned to us by registered mail, adequately insured and within 24 hours after receipt. The applicant assumes all responsibility and will provide insurance against all risks from time of receipt until they are actually received back by us, and is to pay all expenses of postage and insurance. No lots can be sent for inspection within ten days from date of local viewing. Large lots and collections cannot be sent for inspection. Photocopies of lots are available at 50c per page.

13. Agents are responsible for all purchases made on behalf of their clients unless other arrangements are made prior to the sale.

14. The placing of a bid shall constitute acceptance of the foregoing conditions of sale.

PAUL BUCHSBAYEW, Licensed Auctioneer
New York City License No. 732052 4

We accept the following pay options:

By request

Current auctions at Philasearch:
November 18th - 19th, 2014
We are pleased to present our November 18-19 sale, with over 1,500 lots, including the Abraham Siegel stock of postal history of the world, as well as properties of numerous other vendors and estates sold by their order.  There are selections of attractive United States, Europe (with better Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, etc.) Great and Britain and British Commonwealth (highlighted by Canada 12p Victoria, as well as an unused London-London 25c green & yellow, followed by the only known example on cover), Eastern Europe (including Poland and Russia), as well as Asia, South America and the rest of the world.  As always, the sale concludes with 140+ large lots and collections, which range from single country collections to multi-carton worldwide groups of stamps and covers.

Show lots
Auction Results at Philasearch:
Sep 16-24, 2009
Auction including major sections US & worldwide singles, the Vladivostok collection of Russia and the Andrew Cronin collection of postal history
Juni 9-10, 2010
Special sales including USA, South America, Russia and Worldwide
February 8-9, 2011
Rare Stamps of the World
February 10, 2011
Sale of the Aurora Collection - Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1918-23). This collection contains unique proofs and essays, varieties.
September 7-8, 2011
A comprehensive selection of  Russian stamps with varieties, including many never offered  before at auction. 
September 13, 2011
Highly specialized collection of Lithuania including many errors, varieties, proofs and postal history. As well a section of German occupation of Lithuania.
September 14-15, 2011
The US and Worldwide part including many rarities like China 2$ hall of classics centered inverted, Austria red Mercury and  Postal history St. Miquelon. Strong sections Nw Foundland Liberia, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, Switzerland Hotel post and much more.
November 7-8, 2012

Due to Hurricane Sandy and the damage caused, our October 31-November 1 sale will be rescheduled for Wednesday-Thursday, November 7-8, 2012. Thank you for your understanding.

Paul & Josh Buchsbayew.

Our Sale features 1,650 lots of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World - properties of over 50 vendors from all over the globe. With a pre-sale estimate well above $2,500,000, the sale offers United States, British Commonwealth, Asia, Germany, Russia (highlighted by the "Inverted Levanevsky with small "f", with pre-sale estimate of $500,000), South America, maritime mail, as well as 100+ large lots and collections including further offerings from the Charles Russ stock.
November 28, 2012
May 8 - 9, 2013
Cherrystone's May 8-9 sale consists of 1,625 lots, comprised of properties of various owners and estates sold by their order, with United States, Great Britain and British Commonwealth; Arnold Engel's collection of Latvian Air Post, Zona Libre collection of Peru, Russia including ex-Baughman Zemstvo covers, Postal History of the Spanish Civil War, further selections from Bruce Anderson's WWII Germany, the stock formed by Charles Russ, plus many others.
July 10 - 11, 2013
We are pleased to announce our July auction, featuring a number of important properties, including United States, France and Colonies, Germany and Colonies, Great Britain and British Commonwealth, with QEII errors and varieties; Italy and Colonies, Russia with perf. and imperf. rarities from the Soviet Union; Switzerland; South America and rest of the world. As always, there are a number of Large Lots and Collections, many offered intact.
September 11 - 12, 2013
We are pleased to announce our September 11-12 sale of Worldwide Stamps and Postal History. You are invited to browse through this select offering representing virtually every philatelic area. The United States selection ranges from Hawaiian Missionaries to Inverted Candles including a block of four. Highlights of the Foreign section include a newly discovered and storied selection of Danzig overprints,  specialized Great Britain and British Commonwealth, Germany & Colonies, Stefan Karadian's collection of Armenia, various gems of Italian philately, Newfoundland Air Post Error of Color as well as Pioneer flights including the iconic Martynside on cover to London, plus China with several "Treasures of the Republic" and unsurcharged Red Revenue.  In addition, there are rarities from South America and the rest of the world. As always there are over 130 large lots and collections, balances of estates and much more.  Please note this is a public auction taking place live and over the internet -  Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. each day.  All lots are on view September 9-10, or by appointment at our galleries during normal business hours.
November 6th - 7th, 2013
We are pleased to present our November 6-7 sale of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World. You are invited to browse through this select offering of 1,627 lots representing virtually every area of International Philately. The United States section ranges from Special Printings to better cacheted FDCs. Foreign Countries include Western Europe, with Austria, France and Colonies, and specialized German Area (with excellent Locals and Occupation Issues). Great Britain and British Commonwealth are also well represented. In addition, there are numerous rarities from South America, Asia, including China and Japan, Eastern Europe with Poland (highlighted by two examples of 10kr Krakow) and Russia, including the scarce unused 1932 souvenir sheet bearing a three line inscription (one of only 25 printed). As always there are over 130 large lots and collections, balances of estates and much more.
December 4th, 2013
Auction specialized in Russia
January 14th - 15th, 2014
Cherrystone's January Sale is comprised of 1433 lots of important stamps and postal history of the World, including United States, British Commonwealth, Europe, Asia and South America.  There are numerous rarities from China, France, German World War II Occupation Issues, Italy and Italian Colonies, Peter Chavis' collection of Lithuania, Russia and Soviet Union, Switzerland, Turkey including Imprime and Turkey in Asia (mostly ex-Max Platinga), the Boris Fessak collection of Ukraine, Spain and Colonies, with Civil War Issues (ex-Robert Graham, chairman of the Philatelic Foundation in the 1960s), a nice section of large lots and collections, and much more.  A limited number of printed catalogues are available.
February 20th, 2014
For a philatelist, the stamps of R.S.F.S.R are fascinating and challenging in many respects. During a period of five years, less than 200 stamps were issued, but postal rates changed at least 23 times. Some of the newly printed stamps were obsolete by the time they reached the post offices. Postmasters throughout the land had to contend not only with political strife, floods, epidemics and hunger, but also with staggering inflation and postal economics. Mr. Gorski assembled the most elusive varieties, errors and rarities available for each issue, along with properly used stamps on cover. Many of the items in this collection are illustrated in referenced handbooks (R.S.F.S.R, Specialized Catalogue of Postage Stamps 1918-1923, Standart Collection, 1997; Catalogue of Postage Stamps, Russia, R.S.F.S.R and U.S.S.R 1857-1940, A.V. Zverev, 2013; Postage Stamps Catalogue 1856-1991, Victor Liapine, 2010; and others). There are numerous items described as being only known examples or unique. At Cherrystone, we have been privileged to offer many great collections of Russian Philately (including those formed by Z. Mikulski, Gordey Denisenko, Leonard Tann, Patrick Campbell, Andrew Cronin, Dr. Adolph Ackerman, Shlomo Shtern, Patrick Eppel, Alexander Sadovnikov, Dmitry Nikitin, and the Aurora and Vladivostok collections). We now present the world renowned Gorski Collection. Recipient of Large Gold Medals at numerous FIP World and other stamp exhibitions, this monument to Russian Philately contains many iconic treasures, offered here for the first time.
March 18th - 19th, 2014
The sale contains 1,608 lots, with notable United States, extensive Great Britain and British Commonwealth (475 lots), including many seldom seen items; European countries include Austria, Belgium, France & Colonies, Germany, Iceland, Italy and Colonies, Poland, Russia and Switzerland; Asia features better China, Japan and Korea; there are also selections from South America and as always, the sale contains 100+ large lots and collections.
April 29th - 30th, 2014
Cherrystone is pleased to present our April 29-30 sale of important stamps and postal history of the world. The sale contains over 1,400 lots, with notable United States, Great Britain and British Commonwealth, South America with Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico; Europe with Austria, Belgium, France & Colonies, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain and Switzerland; Asia features better China, Japan and Korea.  As always, the sale contains 100+ large lots and collections.
June 10th - 11th, 2014
Cherrystone is pleased to present our June 10-11 sale of Important Stamps and Postal History of the World. This four-session auction commences with quality United States, including unused examples of Scott's Nos. 2 and 12, each with original gum, Special Printings, inverted Candle and Stock Exchange errors, Zeppelin Plate Blocks, Postage Dues and Revenues.  Other countries include China (good selection of Dowagers, ex-Holcombe), Scandinavia with Denmark, Finland and Sweden; France & Colonies, Germany & Colonies, Great Britain (with unused 10sh Edward I.R. Official), British North America (Newfoundland with unused De Pinedo, Balbo double impression and Martynside flight covers), other British Commonwealth,  Italy & Colonies, Korea, Poland, Russia (with an exceptional collection of Imperial Postal History offered intact) and Soviet Union, Switzerland and many others. As always, there are 120+ lots of Large Lots and Collections, many offered intact.
September 9th - 10th, 2014
Welcome to our September 9-10 sale, with 1228 lots of Rare Stamps and Postal History of the World.  This four-session auction commences with quality United States, including unused examples of Scott's Nos.1 and 2 (both with original gum) Special Printings, 1869 and Pan-American Inverts as well as a Jenny, flight covers and more. The foreign section includes specialized Egypt Zeppelin covers, Scandinavia with Denmark, Finland and Sweden, France and Colonies, Germany and German Colonies, Great Britain (with many rarities, all with BPA certificates), British North America (excellent group of postal history ex-Wilkinson), British Commonwealth, Baltic Countries, Italy and Italian Colonies, Korea, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and many others. As always there are many Large Lots and Collections, with an exceptional selection of Reference material and cover lots
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