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Terms and Conditions for Auctions

      1. Auctions are voluntary and public. The auctioneer acts in the name of a third party and for a third-party account. The auctioneer is empowered to enforce the rights of the seller from his order and the acceptance of a bid in the name of the seller. With the acceptance of a bid, a purchase agreement is concluded between the seller and the bidder.

      1. The auctioneer reserves the right to combine or separate catalog numbers as well as to offer them externally to the sequence or separate them from it during the auction while safeguarding the interests of the seller.

      1. The items to be auctioned can be viewed and inspected before the auction. The auctioneer does not provide any guarantees in a legal sense for catalog descriptions made according to good faith and fair dealing. The information about them for collective lots does not refer to a contractually agreed-upon property in terms of lawful purchasing, and consequently complaints are excluded. For single lots, the purchaser – if he is an entrepreneur – cannot fault the auctioneer due to material defects if the latter has fulfilled his responsibility to take due care. However, the auctioneer shall assert his claims for defects against the seller if there are well-founded complaints, which are announced to him at the latest three weeks after the auction closing, within a period of 12 (twelve) months. In the case of a successful claim, he shall reimburse the purchase price to the purchaser, including surcharge as well as inspection and postage expenses. A more far-reaching claim is excluded.

      1. The highest bid wins the bid after three calls for another bid. The auctioneer can reject a bid in justified cases or accept it with reservation. He can cancel acceptance of a bid and again auction the item if a bid submitted on time is overseen or if the highest bidder does not want to exercise his bid acceptance or otherwise doubts concerning the acceptance of a bid exist. The increase amounts are between 5% and 10% of the opening bid or according to the currently submitted bid depending on the circumstances. The auktioneer has got the right to differ from this.

      1. The danger of risks of loss or damage of the item shall pass to the buyer with the acceptance of the bid. The ownership of the auctioned item shall only transfer the auctioned item after complete payment receipt by the auctioneer.

      1. The auctioneer shall provide the name and address of the seller or bidder to the other respective party on request.

      1. The acceptance of bid obligates acceptance. Possession of the items is to be taken immediately after the auction. If the buyer wants shipment, the costs and risks are incurred by him.

      1. The auctioneer shall receive acommission of 20% of the bid price as well as € 2.– per lot. When shipping the auction lots, the postage and insurance costs will be charged. The legally applicable value added tax of currently 19% shall be added to the commission and incidental costs (surcharge, lot fee, postage, insurance, etc.) only. The legal VAT is not charged on goods shipped to countries outside of the EU if the corresponding export certificate is submitted. The procurement services for customers from the EU, no German value added tax is charged under application of the reverse-charge mechanism if it concerns company customers and these customers can prove their identity as a business enterprise via submission of their national VAT ID number with the bid.

      1. There is no value added tax added to the commission and incidental costs in the case of individual pieces of investment gold or lots, which only contain investment gold.

      1. The invoiced amount is due with acceptance of the bid and payable in cash or by a certified bank check. Payments of buyers not present, who bid in writing or on the phone, are due within 10 (ten) days after the invoice date.

      1. In case of delay in payment, interest in the amount of 2% per month shall be charged as damage due to delay in performance. In addition, the auctioneer can optionally demand partial fulfillment or claim for damages after setting a grace period due to non-fulfillment; the claim for damages can be calculated in that the item is auctioned again in a new auction and the defaulting buyer is responsible for a possibly lower price compared to the previous auction and for the special costs of a renewed auction, including the fees of the auctioneer.

      1. Written purchase bids are handled with strict observance of interests. The best or highest bids remain in the bidding until the fifth call. “Bid" lots are awarded to the highest bid. Customers, who want to bid by telephone during the auction, must register in writing before the auction. In the case of inability to reach the person, the auctioneer will execute the order at the estimated price. The auctioneer does not provide any guarantee for establishment of telephone connections.

      1. As long as catalog owner, auction participants and bidders do not state anything to the contrary, they assure that the catalog and the items depicted in it from the time of the Third Reich are only purchased for purposes of civic instruction, defending against unconstitutional endeavors, art or science, research or teaching, reporting about historical events or similar purposes (Subsection 86a, 86 of the Penal Code). Gert Müller GmbH & Co. KG and seller only auction and surrender these items under these prerequisites.

      1. Place of performance and legal venue for the business transaction is Ettlingen. German law shall be in effect. The United Nation's Convention concerning International Sale of Goods (CISG) is not applicable.

      1. Should one or more of the provisions above be or become wholly or partially ineffective or inapplicable, the validity of the others shall not be affected by this. The provisions above apply by analogy to after sales. The provisions concerning after sales in distance selling do not apply.

      1. This translation of the “Allgemeinen Versteigerungsbedingungen” is provided for information only; the German text is to be taken as authoritative.

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