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Philagenta GmbH - Auktionen
Philagenta GmbH
Camerloherstr. 90
80689 München
Tel.:+49 89 726 30 121
Fax:+49 89 726 30 123
About Us:

Our company: After 25 years of trading in the stamp business we took all our experience to found "Philagenta" in 1998. We consider ourselves as the "missing link" between people who want to buy stamps or postal history and those who would like to sell their collections (or part of it).

Our services: You have a problem with stamps? Let's try to solve it. The range of our possibilities is wide. First of all: We have contacts all over the world. That means with "Philagenta" you enter the world market. Either as a buying or selling collector (or dealer) or someone who, for instance, inherited a collection. Another advantage of dealing through an agency: If you want to act anonymous it's only us who knows your identity. Besides we found that many people who don't know what they can charge for their stamps feel insecure. To make sure to get (or pay) the fairest price - just contact us. As we don't buy directly we are neither interested in dumping the price for sellers nor do we push it for buyers. We call that objective.

Our system: Every item of our offering lists is marked with the numbers of all major stamp catalogues and linked with a scan. This will make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. As you can see - at "Philagenta" each client is the client.

Our recommendation: We are members of German APHV, British PTS, American ASDA, Life member of APS - any further doubts?

So just contact us and let us know, how we can help you. At "Philagenta" you will meet the whole world of philately.

Our specialities:

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Laos
  • Thailand
  • China

Order and Shipping:
Terms and conditions of our public auction Philagenta GmbH

1. The auction sale takes place publicly and with the exception of our own lots we act as an agent and for third-party account. Participation is voluntary.

2. The highest bid wins the lot. The auctioneer reserves the right the decline the bid, to withdraw, regroup or break down lots. In the case of equally high bids the first bidder wins the lot. The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw the won bid and offer the lot again, if a valid bid has been overlooked or other doubts exist about the winning bid. The auctioneer acts under reservation of the permission of the consignor.

3. The minimum increase of the bids are:
up to 100,- EUR  = 5,-EUR , from 100,- EUR  to 500,- EUR  = 10,- EUR , from 500,- EUR  to 1.000,- EUR 
= 20,- EUR, from 1.000,- EUR  to 2.000,- EUR  = 50,- EUR, from 2.000,- EUR  to 5.000,- EUR  = 100,- EUR, from
5.000,- EUR  to 10.000,- EUR  = 200,- EUR, over 10.000,- EUR = 500,- EUR

4. We charge a 18% purchaser's commission on the final bid. 7% VAT on the goods and 19% VAT will be added only to the buyer's commission and additional costs. VAT does not apply to shipments outside of the EU and to dealers with a valid VAT identification number within the EU (Germany excepted).

5. Written orders are always executed carefully and in your interest but without limit or warranty.

6. By winning a bid you are obligated to accept the goods. Bidders that are present in the auction room are obligated to settle their bill right away. In the case of written and online bids payment is due upon reception of the invoice. If the payment is not effected to the auctioneer or the obligatory acceptance of the goods is denied, the buyer forfeits his rights to the goods and the lot can be sold freehand without any further notice or auctioned again at the buyer's costs.

7. Philagenta GmbH reserves the right to extend or shorten the bidding durations for each lot.

8. The lot descriptions are made with the utmost care and in all conscience, but they do not constitute warranted characteristics. Complaints concerning open faults have to arrive at Philagenta within 10 days after delivery of the goods. Complaints of any kind concerning collections, collection lots or other lots of that nature, especially about quality and/or quantity are excluded. Complaints for lots with further smaller faults, that were already described as faulty cannot be accepted. Faults that result of depictions/scans (cut, perforation, cancels, centering etc.) cannot be the subject of a complaint. Every complaint is excluded if the lot or stamps have been tampered with. Considered tampering in particular is the removal of hinges, hinge or paper remnants, watering, treating with chemicals and application of marks of any kind. If the complaint is justified the buyer is entitled to a refund. Other claims are excluded.

9. Shipping and handling is charged at net cost. The goods are ensured up to the winning bid. If the buyer is a business, the risk transfers to the buyer at the moment to goods are handed off to the post office or another delivery service in mailable condition.

10. When bidding for III. Reich lots that bear NS emblems and NS symbols, the bidder commits himself to do this with the intent to buy these goods solely for historic and/or scientific collecting purposes and in no way use them in a propagandistic fashion in terms of § 86 StGB.

11. Place of jurisdiction is Munich. German law applies. This text is a translation. Only the German original is legally binding. Philagenta GmbH, GEO Franz Fedra,Camerloherstr. 90, 80689 Munich, Tax No. 143/170/70226 Finanzamt Munich. Ust ID DE 812550531

Accepted payment methods:
We are accepting the following payment methods without additional charge: Credit cards (VISA/MC), direct bank transfer to our German bank account in Euros. Credit Card  fees will  be accounted with 3%. Other payment methods like paypal and payment in other currencies is possible, but an additional charge might occur.

We accept the following pay options:

VISA-Card, Master/Euro-Card, Euro-Schecks, Überweisung

Auction Results at Philasearch:
May 30, 2010
200 worldwide lots, stamps and postal history. All lots can be viewed at the international stamp exhibition London 2010 at the Philasearch booth 19.
October 16, 2010
237 worldwide lots, stamps and postal history.
March 13, 2011
Stamps and Postal History World Wide
October 30th 2011
Live online auction with main focus on international postal history. Also excellent selection of illustrated covers.
December 15, 2012
6th Philagenta online auction with a special offer of Gulf States and "India used abroad". Scarce postage combinations, postmarks, proofs and varieties, part of which are ex Donaldson. You can place live bids on all lots. All lots are up for daily viewing during the 28th Asian International Stamp Exhibition in Sharjah Mega Mall from November 20 to November 25, starting 10:00 AM.
February 16, 2013
Let us direct your attention to some especially beautiful parts of our collection, most notably considerably old items from Japan, China, Macau, Hong Kong and India. Matchbox labels from numerous manufacturers with various topics and themes await you. The centerpiece of this auction is a big Japan section with many beautiful artists’ collections from the Ukiyo-e woodblock print era, some of them diligently assembled by the Tokyo Association of Match Label Friends.

当オークションでは、日本、中国、マカオ、香港やインド、その他、多種多様な時代と題材ラベルを取りそろえ、多くのコレクターをお待ち申し上げております。当オークションのメインは、「東京マッチレッテル友の会」監修による、木版画時代の浮世絵アートコレクションの 逸品です。
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