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Edgar Mohrmann & Co Internat. Briefmarkenauktionen GmbH
Edgar Mohrmann & Co Internat. Briefmarkenauktionen GmbH
Bärenallee 43
D- 22041 Hamburg
Telefon : 040 / 68 94 70 - 0
Fax: 040 / 68 94 70 - 19
About Us:

Company history

Since the year 1840, when stamps began to fascinate mankind, millions of collectors throughout the world have spent much of their time with these little precious, colourful objects. The habits and the preferences of the collectors have been changing continuously, depending on the current trends.

Some topics became suddenly popular, while others were neglected and forgotten.

The ability to sense and respond to these changing trends, combined with the highest level of expertise are unconditional prerequisites for anyone wishing to operate successfully in this specialised field.

When in 1929 Edgar Mohrmann, a businessman from Lübeck, Germany, founded a stamp auction company nobody could forsee that his firm would gain international recognition within a decade, despite all the political upheaval and world instability at that time.

After 180 auctions over the past 70 years, where many valuable rarities have changed hands, a specialised market-place now exists in which both buyers and sellers can have the upmost confidence.

Edgar Mohrmann's work  has helped the stamp to become known as "the small man's investment shares".

In 1962 the well known magazine "Der Spiegel" dedicated a 12 page cover story to Edgar Mohrmann.

After his death in October 1964 the company was run by other well-known names in the branch, such as Wolfgang Jakubek, Manfred Mylius and Ekkehard Lambrecht all of whom were fascinated by and dedicated to this field.

Today the firm is being run in the same tradition by Hans-Peter Bahr.

70 years after the company began, it is still a market leader and its name stands for good auction results, professionalism and discretion.

Order and Shipping:

G e n e r a l C o n d i t i o n s o f Sale

    1. The auction occurs publicly, voluntarily, on behalf of and for the account of a third party or third parties against immediate payment in € (euros) on the basis of the German Auction Regulation in the respectively valid version thereof in force.

    2. The highest bidder shall win the bid. The auctioneer reserves the right to refuse to accept a bid, withdraw, regroup or divide up lots. Tied bids shall be decided by drawing. In the event of disagreement, the auctioneer shall havethe right to re-offer lots. The auctioneer is not obliged to follow the order of the catalogue. Bids shall increase by a minimum rate of 5 % and a maximum rate of 10 %.
    3. The auctioneer receives a commission from the buyer amounting to 20 % of the hammer price. Original costs incurred for postage, packaging and insurance shall be charged to the buyer and invoiced. The currently valid rate in effect for value-added tax (VAT) amounting to 19 % shall be levied on this surcharge as well as on ancillary costs incurred. On those lots in the auction catalogue marked with a "*", the statutory value-added tax shall be additionally levied on the hammer price. Clients from countries within the European Union pay the value-added tax in Hamburg, except for dealers holding a registered VAT identification number. For purchases made from abroad outside of the EU that we ship abroad directly, the value-added tax is omitted.

      Re: European Community: Buyers from partner countries within the European Community that have identified themselves as entrepreneurs must tax the purchase made within the Community in the respective partner country. In the case of non-entrepreneurs, the German statutory sales tax shall be invoiced when the situation deals with dealer merchandise subject to the regular VAT regime/system (provided that our delivery threshold or quota for the respective purchasing country is not exceeded). The reversed-charge-method is to be applied for the abovementioned commsission.

    4. The winning bid shall oblige the bidder to accept the goods. The risk shall pass to the buyer upon the fall of the gave!. The purchased lots shall be forwarded for the account and at his risk. The stamps shall remain our property until payment in full of the entire auction invoice. There shall be no right to surrender of the purchased lots until payment has been effected.
    5. The price of the winning bid and commission shall be due for payment immediately in the case of room bidders and upon receipt of the auction in the case of outside bidders. The invoice is in principle an account rendered beforehand. Whoever bids for third part/es shall be liable as a co principal debtor! Any agreement on payment must in principle be arranged in writing with the management prior to the auction. Checks shall be accepted: however, only confirmed checks shall be accepted from customers unknown to us (and/or the goods surrendered after presentation of an irrevocable credit note). Foreign currency shall naturally be accepted at the bank settlement rate.
    6. lf the buyer is in arrears the buyer loses his right out of the auction 14 days after receipt of preinvoice. In addition the auctioneer is entitled to charge 3 % of the sales value as a one time charge as weil as 1,5 % additional interest for every month or part there of that the payment is late. This additional fee may be higher or lower if the auctioneer can prove higher costs especially higher interest or if the buyer can prove, that additional charges were lower .In addition, if the buyer is in arrears the lots he acquired shall be sold privately or put up for action again after a time warning for refusal has been announced by the auctioneer. If the buyer is in arrears with payment or refuses to accept the lots, the lots he acquired shall be sold privately or put up for auction again after a time warning for refusal has been announced by the auctioneer. All accounts rendered beforehand which have not been settled within 10 days after the auction and/or delivery of the auction shall be subject to a default surcharge of 2 %. In addition, interest on arrears of 1 % per commenced month shall be charged. In this case he shall, at the discretion of'the auctioneer, be liable for any deficiency in proceeds or damages amounting to 25 % of the price of the winning bid. He shall not be entitled to any excess proceeds.
    7. Bids submitted in writing shall be treated conscientiously and in the interest of the bidder, but without any commitment. Bids such as "best price", "in any case" and the like shall have no unconditional claim to acceptance. We bid along up to ten times the estimated value.
    8. The auction lots are carefully and conscientiously described. Catalogue values in the case of collections and large lots are always approximate. Large lots and collections can contain used and unused stamps. Collections, accumulations and lots of duplicates shall not be subject to claims. Errors resulting from the illustrations (margins, perforations, cantering, cancellation) cannot be the basis of claims. For lots containing more than 3 stamps no claims can be made on account of minor defects. When possible, valuable stamps are examined by competent experts and, as the case may be, provided with a certificate. The buyer shall recognize the "examiners" certificates and signatures mentioned in the lot descriptions as authoritative, in particular the descriptions of quality as weil. Any claim shall be precluded if the lots or stamps have been changed. Changes are deemed to include in particular the removal of hinges, rests of hinges and paper, washing, treatment with chemieals etc. "False" signatures of examiners are not considered a change. Stamps or lots which are described as having defects shall not be subject to claims in the event of any further defects. Stamps sold without a description of quality shall not be subject to claim. this applies analogously to letters, postcards with printed postage stamps and postcards.
    9. In principle room bidders buy as "viewed" and can only claim for hidden defects but not the margins, perforations, cancellations, light spots etc. This shall also apply to purehases by third parties (authorized representatives, and commission agents). Whoever buys viewed stamps or has them bought does not buy "as described" but "as viewed".
    10. Any claims must be received within 10 days after surrender or forwarding of the lots by the auctioneer. If the buyer wishes to have the goods inspected, the auctioneer must be informed beforehand. The claim-time will be prolonged. Buyer's obligation to pay for the claimed lot according to agreed conditions is not effected. The cost for an inspection, the price and provision will be returned to the buyer if a claim is justified. If claims are recognized, the buyer shall be entitled to the purehase price and commission. Further claims shall be precluded. The auctioneer can demand that for each claim certificates shall be obtained fram two different, mutually independent and recognized examiners.
    11. Claims of any kind against the auctioneer or the deliverer of the stamps shall expire after aperiod of six calendar months, beginning on the first day of the calendar month following the month in which the auction was held.
    12. Collections, large lots, duplicates and mint stamps cannot be se nt for inspection. /n the case of stamps provided with a certificate only photostats of the certificates shall be sent. In this connection we refer to our extensive tables of photographs! Stamps can only be sent for inspection if they are asked for in writing and € 12,-- in cash or in stamps. New clients are requested to make a deposit or provide first-class, verifiable reference. The condition on which stamps are sent for inspection is return within 24 hours by the same route. Consignments shall be insured by the auctioneer at the expense of the prospective buyer. If the consignment is not returned by the beginning of the auction, the lot shall in any case be knocked down to the recipient as the last and highest bidder.
    13. The auctioneer reserves the right to exclude persons from the auction without specific reason.
    14. Our conditions of Sale are recognized in full upon submission of bids or purehase orders. The same applies analogously to all transactions concluded outside of the auction.
    15. Value and place of performance for all parties shall be exclusively Hamburg. The place of jurisdiction is Hamburg. German law is applicable. In case of doubt the German version is binding.
    16. Should one clause of the above terms prove not to be binding, partly or wholy, the remaining clauses shall not lose their validity.

Edgar Mohrmann & Co. Internat. Briefmarkenauktionen GmbH
Auctioneer: Hans-Peter Bahr

We accept the following pay options:

Nachnahme, Euro-Schecks, US-$ Schecks, Überweisung

Auction Results at Philasearch:
September 16-18 2004
75 years Edgar Mohrmann. Jubilee Auction Sale.
September 22-24 2005
International auction sale with a special offer of scarce and unique frankings from the German Empire, spectacular new finds like the Zeppelin issue German EMpire Michel No 424X, rarities fro Austria and Hungary, a huge Danzig cover stock of over 4000 covers, a large cover collection P.R. China and a traditional strong section of untouched estated and collections.

On Friday Sept. 23 and Saturday Sept. 24 you can participate "live" and in real time at the auction with Philasearch
April 28-29, 2006
The 197th Edgar Mohrmann & Co auction sale offers a wide variety of scarce issues like Germany "1 Reichsmark Burg Rheinstein", Federal republik Michel X, 2 special sheets from the traffic exhibition 1953 and a strong section fieldpost WW-II and Austria with early issues and varieties. Like always there is an excellent section of lots and collections including a specialized collection of the town "Wolfenbuettel", comprehensive collections of numeral cancels from prussia, a third Reich collection in 28 volumes, collections German colonies and occupation zones during ww-II, comprehensive Danzig collections, classic collections Denmark, Greece with hermes heads, Austria, Switzerland and general collections Europe and Worldwide.
Nov. 24.-25., 2006
The annual autumn auction sale includes an excellent Brunswick collection including over 400 scarce covers, Saxony Michel No 1c with first day cancellation, rare flight and Zeppelin covers, good fieldpost from WW-II as well as a large sections of untouched coin and stamp collections and estates.
May 21.-22., 2007
unsere diesjährige Frühjahrsauktion bietet die gewohnte Vielfalt an Sammlungen und Einzellosen aus allen Bereichen der Philatelie. Wir bieten Ihnen u.a. den ersten bekannt gewordenen gestempelten Viererblock Thurn und Taxis Mi.-Nr. 23 auf Briefstück (Fotoattest Sem), Deutsche Post in China die amtlich nicht ausgegebenen Markwerte der Reichspost-Ausgabe mit dickerer Schrifttype (Fotoattest Jäschke-Lantelme) oder Bundesrepublik Deutschland Mi.-Nr. 292 U postfrisch aus dem einzig bekannt gewordenen Bogen zu 50 Marken (Fotoattest Schlegel). Die Schwerpunkte dieser Auktion sind die ca. 300 Lose Großbritannien aus der Auflösung einer fantastischen Sammlung mit hunderten von klassischen Briefen und das wohl einmalige Angebot an kassenfrischen Geldscheinen vom Deutschen Reich, Nachkriegsdeutschlands und Europas.
Nov 08.-10., 2007
Jubilee auction sale inclduing a large offer of interational rarities and huge collections.
Dec 01-04, 2008
Large international auction sale with a traditional huge selection of lots, collections and untouched estates. Included are specialized collections shipmail, old german states and much more. Well worth to mention also an interesting section Great Britain as well as a section golden jewelry.
September 16th to 18th 2010
Die 203. Edgar Mohrmann Auktion beginnt am Donnerstag den 16.September 2010 mit der Versteigerung von über 140 Sammler-Nachlässen und 241 Münz-Positionen, darunter über 100 Münzsammlungen und- Posten u.a. mit guten Betsänden von Goldmünzen. Am Freitag den 17. September 2010 folgen die Einzellose von Bayern bis Übersee darunter Qualitätslose der „Parksammlung“ mit Bayern und der Schweiz, die „Raritäten aus München- Schwabing“ mit der Auflösung eines alten Händler-Lagers, sowie eine Vielzahl von Briefen u.a. Königreich Hannover, Notmassnahmen nach 1945, Russland und USA. Der Sonnabend – 18. September 2010, der traditionelle Sammlungs-Tag, beginnt mit den Sammlungen von Willi Ammon aus Marktredwitz incl. der beiden fantastischen Kollektionen „Pionier-Raketenpost 1931-1935“ und „Bezirks-Handstempel“, gefolgt von einer enormen Bandbreite gehaltvoller Sammlungen von allen deutschen Gebieten, darunter die erstklassige „Otavi“-Sammlung Deutsche Kolonien, von europäischen Staaten, Übersee mit China und VR China, Britischen Kolonien, USA u.a.m.
Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st 2011
The upcoming Edgar Mohrmann-sale from 29th September til 1st October, 2011 offers a wide range of single lots and collections especially Bavaria, Hanover, Germany 1872 – 1945, German colonies, Danzig, letters WWII, Europe, impressive collections of Russia/Sowiet Union and China, as well as an outstanding collection of German Banknotes in 150 lots, including many high quality rarities.  In the coin section you will find many collections and single lots of All World, including valuable gold and silver coins.
October 4th - 6th 2012
The 205th Auction with high-quality collections and lots of the Old German States, German Empire, Memel, SBZ, the British colonies and from Mexico.
Particularly noteworthy is the stock of mint Memel sheets, including the legendary inverted overprint sheet, which was newly discovered - a great rarity of German philatelie.
The auction includes also world wide collection with two of them are outstanding "all world" - collections, each with 50.000 Euro starting price. 
November 21st - 23rd 2013
Large international auction offer including special section "the collection of Günter Ansorge", also a large section lots and collections and last but not least coins and medals.
November 13th - 15th, 2014
The 207th Mohrmann auction offers numerous philatelic rarities from a large collection of ship mail, the UK,  Australian States, China, overseas and much more.
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