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Collections and Lots Japanese Occupation II. WK
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JAPANESE OCCUPATION OF MALAYA RANGE.  One man’s lifetime accumulation of 1000+ of the Dai Nippon overprints and similarly the same in Japanese characters of the definitive and the postage dues of Malayan States, mint and used. There are a few dozen stock cards present most with many dozens of stamps and lots of different multiples, pairs and blocks from different denominations, as well as scarce plate number singles. There is particular strength in Perak, Johore and Straits Settlements, especially in the definitive with values go up to $5 with multiple format, i.e. plate numeral pair, plate number wing corner marginal block of 4, as well as useful postage dues such as Johore to 12cts and duplication other values, making sets. The Straits Settlements is particularly interesting for the KGVI defins with the used often on piece, revealing the complete postmark on the different chops of different sizes and colors and of course character varieties, usual mixed condition and a few dubious oveprints/ cancels may have crept in but overall F-VF and aperfect project for the specialist. 


H.R. Harmer


Opening Bid:

3000.00 US$
(app. 2214 EUR)

Current time:  Saturday 25th of October 2014 - 16:35h MET (S)