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Horst Engel
Postfach 2406, (Kirchgasse 251a)
84028 Landshut

Fon: 0871/924 79 20 International +49 871/924 79 20
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About Us:

I have already retired from taking care of the business I have established 1965 in Landshut, Germany that is Briefmarkenhaus Engel and signed it over to my son Stefan Engel who takes care of it completely on its own and to my total satisfaction. However being connected with stamps so deeply has urged me to take up collecting German occupation issues from 1939 to 1945 for a few specialist collectors again. Especially Sudetenland issues with its numerous liberation cancellations as well as Bohemia and Moravia with highly sought empty spaces, sheet miniatures, cancellations, documents, sheet numbers and variations made me start doing business once again (yet without a shop). I am happy to offer a wide range to aficionados of said stamps that is of great and almost unique size.

I'm glad to fulfill your wishes as well. Please find further offers on our web pages as well as in numerous single special lists which can be ordered at manufacturing prices or will be included for free with each delivery.

Our specialities:

Stamps special trade for German Occupation Issues 1939-1945 especially Bohemia and Moravia + General Government special. Kirchgasse, Landshut city center next to St. Martin's Church

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